The first of many TAG entries

July 22, 2012 § Leave a comment

Hello, again!

This TAG is taken from YouTube videos. I thought it was nice to leave it here!
Blush or Bronzer I’m too pale to wear bronzer without noticing it, plus I’m not a big fan of bronzer in general, I’ll go with blush!
Lip gloss or Lipstick Depends mostly on how I am styling my hair: if it’s up, lipglosses are allowed, if not I’ll go with the lipsticks so my hair won’t stuck on my lips! 😛
Eye liner or Mascara Mascara, forever.
Foundation or Concealer Concealer, I don’t wear foundation anyway.
Neutral or Color eye shadows Depends on my mood, I love both for different reasons, but I’ll say Neutral since it’s the ones I wear the most.
Pressed or Loose eye shadows Definitely pressed.
Brushes or Sponges Brushes, I guess, but I’m not a brushes-freak!

OPI or China Glaze I tried none of them, here in Italy it’s pretty difficult finding those polishes. I might say OPI because of the colour range.
Long or Short I really like round long nails, but I never wear them, so..short it is!
Acrylic or Natural Natural, natural, natural!
Brights or Darks Brights for spring/summer and darks for fall/winter but a good pink or black are never wrong!
Flower or No flower Maybe no flowers, but sometimes (once or twice a year, aka when I have time) I draw something on the nails.

Perfume or Body Splash Perfume!
Lotion or Body Butter Lotion, but if I’m extra dry I’ll go with the butter.
Body Wash or Soap Body Wash, definitely!
Lush or Other bath company I haven’t tried enough Lush products to say “it’s a ten”, but since now I’m pretty happy with it.

Jeans or Sweat Pants Jeans, all the way!
Long Sleeve of Short Long
Dresses or Skirts Both, but only during fall/winter
Stripes or Plaid Plaid
Flip flops or Sandals Sandals, I kind of hate flip-flops!
Scarves or Hats I like hats better, but scarves are easier to wear
Studs or Dangly none
Earrings, Necklaces or Bracelets mmmh..earrings
Heels or Flats Heels for pleasure, but I rarely wear them. Flats are the best thing in the world!
Cowboy boots or Riding boots Riding boots.
Jacket or Hoodie Jackets.
Forever 21 or Charlotte russe Too bad there aren’t any stores in Italy. Don’t know!
Abercombie or Hollister Read up above
Saks 5th or Nordstrom Read up-up above

Curly or Straight Curly, but in a Taylor Swift kind.
Bun or Ponytail Ponytail, I don’t remember wearing a bun since elementary school!
Bobby pins or Butterfly clips Butterfly clips. I guess I’m the only human being on this world who can’t use properly bobby pins. Too bad.
Hair spray or Gel Hair spray
Long or Short Long because my hair styles easily that way, but I really like bobs or male cuts too!
Light or Dark Light, but mine is a medium brown
Side sweep bangs or Full bangs Both, depends on your face shape. I don’t wear them, anyway, because they need too much styling and..I’m not that good! 😛
Up or Down Down

Rain or Shine Rain!
Summer or Winter Winter all the way!
Fall or Spring Fall, I guess
Chocolate or Vanilla I don’t even have to think about it, chocolate.
East coast or west coast East coast, but I’ve never been to the States so..I judge on the “Broadway” side!

Feel free to comment back with your picks! 😉


Stay beautiful.





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