Season trend: ombre hair!

July 26, 2012 § Leave a comment

Hello, deary readers! ❤

I was thinking about writing a post here and thousands of nice ideas started to pop in my mind.
I thought going for the one that inspired me the most, the Ombre-Hair Trend.

The “ombre-hair” term stands mostly for “hair gradually lighter” towards the tips. A trend that has been seen also reversed with hair gradually darker on the tips or coloured up having fun with pops of colours on the end of the hair.

If you want to go just as the trend suggest, it’s necessary that your hair is healthy and ready to get the shock of bleaching/dying. It’s also true that if your hair gets too much damage you can always chop off the ends and you’re done.
And here comes one other thing that can make the ombre trend work well: your hair must be longer than shoulder-lenght. Obviously it’s not necessary, but with long hair this trends works better, plus, as I was saying before, if you’re not satisfied with how the dying turned out you can still short your hair cutting the lenghts.

Coming to your hair colour.
– If you’re a lucky really light blonde head this trend will work if you want to do the “reversed ombre” technique, which means darken your tips or, the most fun of all, the coloured ombre hair. Pick a colour you like, pink, blue, green and colour the tips! I find the prettiest looks are those which have more than just a harsh colour on the tips but those which gradually change colours. For example: from blonde you can go to a nice orange colour and then end with a really bright red! Awesome, right?
– If your hair is blonde/light brown you can go for every ombre technique you like. Colour, lighter or darker hair! You can go crazy! 😉
– If you are instead a brunette, you’ll probalby need to bleach to a very fair blonde before dying, otherwise the colour of your choice won’t show up at all.
– If you are the luckiest (in my opinion), a red head, this trend might be a little bit tricky. To be honest, I’ve seen thousands of pictures of girls (even guys love it!) with blonde or brunette hair, so I don’t have many suggestions for you. :/ But don’t give up. Maybe you can go easily for a ombre hair of lighter red on the tips or an orange-to-blonde! Possible colours don’t come up to my mind, though. :/

Since ombre-ing your hair requires generally permanent dye and stress for your hair, you might think you’ll never be able to go for it, if you don’t feel confident to permanent colour your hair.
Well, you can be wrong.
It’s been weeks that hair-companies are advertising coloured hair-mascaras and hair-shadows! You can simply try the trend for a day and see how it goes. Then, with just a simple wash your hair will come back as before!
It can definitely be a way to try if you like yourself with coloured tips and then maybe decides to go for the actual dye! 😉

Another fun way is to use coloured chalk. Yes, you’ve heard right! Simply wet your hair and pass on it the chalk, then set everything you heat and a nice hairspray. It might not be healthy for your daily hair routine, but for a fun night out..why not?

Concerning the style of ombre hair, you can really show them off in all the ways! I find it works a little better with curly/wavy hair, but straight hair works well too! And why not try a fun coloured bun? 🙂 Just be creative! Even a simple braid can completely change if done with ombre hair!

Coming to me, I’m really tempted by this awesome ombre hair trend. Too bad I still have short hair and I don’t feel like dying it for the first time when it’s still so short! :/

Talk to you in the next post!
Stay beautiful.





ps. A treat for you: why don’t try “ombre” in makeup too? Here’s a video on how to achieve this gradient look! 😉


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