The tip that saves your lashes

September 5, 2012 § Leave a comment

Hello, beauty junkies! ❤

I’m back for a life-changing tip.
I’ve never liked my lashes since 11th or 12th grade, when I started to wear mascara now and then, but I began to really hate them after the first year of college, just when I started watching beauty gurus on YouTube with amazing lashes, even without mascara.

When I finally managed to use the eyelash curler, everything seemed better.
So, my first advice is: use an eyelash curler. If your lashes aren’t curled enough, if you want to give them more definition. And if they are extremely stubborn, warm the eyelash curler with a blow-dryer and then use it -be careful, it shouldn’t be too hot to burn you eyes, though!

And now, the real trick revealed.

You want naturally thick, longer and fuller lashes? No mascara is needed.
Baby oil is the answer.

I started applying it this Spring, initially with a cotton pad and then with an old (cleaned) mascara wand.
The amount of product must be really little: I usually dip it in the bottle and clean it on the edge of the bottle to remove the most oil possible, otherwise it’ll end up in your eyes and it’s not a pleasent feeling (it doesn’t hurt, but it’s oil so it kind of stays there for a bit).
I always apply it right before going to bed (remember to remove your makeup before!!!) so that I won’t have any residue of product during the day or mixed with actual mascara. Try not to rub your eyes right after or the oil will fall on your entire face.
By the end of the night, you’ll wake up with your lashes oil-free.

But where does it get using this trick?
Well, I really have noticed the difference when I stopped wearing it because of laziness. My lashes fell off pretty much everyday and they definitely weren’t fuller as I used before.
I started to use baby oil again and the magic was back there!!! =)
My lashes now are naturally thicker, fuller, longer and they hold curl better! Plus, they are good enough for me to feel confident going out to college without using any mascara!
Awesome, right?!

What I can also suggest is..don’t get grumpy if your lashes won’t grow stronger after only one night of using the baby oil. It’s a trick that needs daily (well, nightly!) regularity and you’ll see the results in two or three weeks!
It works very well also on eyebrows. My thin ones are now bigger and I feel like I need to shape and pluck them every other day!

I know that vaseline works great too and, if you want to go naturally, use an organic vaseline (they sell it at the Lush stores!).

The truth is I’m not beauty-smart enought to come to a trick like this all by myself, so my thanks go to the wonderful SineadyCady, from TheMakeupChair YouTube channel.
Here’s the video in which she talks about the benfits of baby oil -it’s an awesome waterproof makeup remover too!!!

Hope it’s helpful!

Stay beautiful.


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