My favourite perfumes: Emporio Armani Diamonds

October 26, 2012 § 4 Comments


My second post dedicated to my favourite perfumes! Check the first one here.

So, meet my Diamonds perfume by Emporio Armani.

I bought this perfume back in 2007, maybe some months later than it came out. It had so much hype around it and  it was talked about in every magazine I read. Why the hype? Well, you’ll surely remember Beyoncè being the face of this perfume and the commercial of her performance.

This time I didn’t buy the perfume because of being a fan of its representative (even though I know how deeply talented is Miss Beyoncè), but simply because of the scent.

An audacious and sexy fusion of scents that reflect the strong, modern woman. Featuring the freshness of raspberry and lychee, and invigorated with the pure femininity of rose and the sensual rhythm of patchouli and amber. A unique indulgence for your senses.

Less sweater than the Ginvenchy one, I wear this during the day, but I find it very suitable for fun nights out. I definitely smell the “sexy” in it, if it’s something that has a scent. XD It’s not strong at all, though. Which is something I tend to look for daytime perfumes.

I still have enough of it to last maybe another year, but I don’t think I’ll be repurchasing it, even if I like it quite a lot.

If you are interested, I paid for it between 37 and 38€.


Stay beautiful.


YouTube-r of the moment: LillianMasie

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Hello! 🙂

The title says all, no other words to add.
Maybe I should’ve written “Favourite Beauty YouTube-r ever“, though. Because, yes, she is.

I’m talking about the delightful LillianMasie.

She’s 21, if I’m not mistaken, and she’s studying to be an actress. Of course she does beauty videos on YouTube (that’s how I found her) and she impressed me from the very first time I saw her because of her calming and soothing voice tone. Then I realized how down to earth she is and I just fell in love. She looks like (and is, to my eyes) an old-times girl, so gentle, so sweet and so polite&graceful. Rare stuff, you know.

The reason why I really like her (and I suggest you all to watch her videos) is because of her personality. She seems extremely sweet, caring and at the meantime real and genuine. She inspires me to be better and sweeter. I love that about her.
I trust what she says and I don’t ever question her opinions. The fact that when she became affiliated with Sigma she posted a video, is a super plus. Most gurus don’t even bother to say that the links are affiliates!

She does mainly reviews and makeup tutorials (if I’m not wrong, she mainly uses drugstore products, I rarely see her work with high-end makeup), but I’ve loved her hair tutorials as well. Plus she briefly reviews her monthly boxes and does makeup&fashion hauls. She has a way of explaining how to put on makeup that doesn’t get me bored even if the video is more than 5 minutes long. She often makes videos out of requests, too. Another plus, right?
After I discovered her I had to watch all of her videos, she’s simply a keeper!

She doesn’t have much viewers if compared to other beauty gurus, and I really think she deserves more. She doesn’t post often, and for this reason her videos are always special. She seems to actually have something to say whenever she uploads a video and not just “for the views”. I literally get happier whenever her vids pop on my subscribers list! 🙂

I would define her style of makeup and fashion very classy, timeless and feminine, elegant and simple. So if you’re looking for colorful and extremely unusual makeup she’s not for you, I guess.

Gosh, and then, let’s say it: she is simply s-t-u-n-n-i-n-g.
I really wish her the best. She deserves it!

Here are some of her best videos, but really..go watch her!!! 😉

Review: Revlon Lip Butter” & “Classic&Elegant Prom Makeup

Let me know what do you think, people!

Stay beautiful.


A video you should watch

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She’s one of my favourite YouTube gurus (I’ll talk about her soon, hopefully), and she’s really talented in short films.

A video to make you believe more in yourself and in your power in your life.

A bag for all-year-round?

October 19, 2012 § 2 Comments

Hello, pretties!

I bought this bag during the first week of September, if I’m not mistaken. I feel in love as soon as I saw it, and know that this doesn’t happen often for purses (except if they are high-end designed :P). Maybe it was because it reminded me of the Mulberry bags (here and here) I admire from so long!

Here it is:












It’s by an Italian brand of bags, suitcases, wallets & other stuff called Carpisa. I’ll link you to their website.

I wasn’t completely sure about the color, because I generally buy black bags, so I know I can pair them with everything. Truth is, the color was too perfect to me to be switched to black. 😉
I realized that this neutral taupe color is suitable almost for every season. Fall, Spring or Winter. Name it, and you can wear this bag pretty much everyday. Since it’s a (fake) leather bag it’s maybe not that great for summer, but I really think everything depends on the fabric of your outfit! 😉 I’ve worn it with simple black flat sandals, a pair of jeans and a clear white shirt and it’s awesome!
You can wear it with a more classic outfit, maybe with heels or with comfy clothes, it really suits every daily style!

I love this purse especially for its size: it’s perfect to be stuffed with thousands of things, but it’s still small enough to be carried without much stress! 😉 As you can see from the pictures it closes with a cute system and it has three different pockets (with other pockets inside) so that you avoid loosing things in just one big pocket.
The fact that you can wear it on your shoulder or in a crossing-body way or just with a hand makes it extremely practical. I found myself carrying it all the ways, depending on what I am doing! 🙂 Plus, the shoulder strap can be taken easily off.

It was something between 35 and 40€, maybe 38€, if I’m not wrong. Definitely a purchase I didn’t regret!

Stay beautiful.


NOTW: nails of the week

October 15, 2012 § 4 Comments

Hello, beautiful readers!

Here’s my weekly mani for you!

I’m not that proud of how it turned out. I was quite puzzled even before doing it. I love both colors alone, but maybe together they have too much shimmer and metallic tones, I don’t know. Plus, I did the silver french manicure using the brush of the polish so it’s not even for every nail. I’m not that good in doing thin lines! 😛


Here are the polish I used. A Pupa Long Lasting Color and a super old Deborah Silver metallic polish I bought years ago (maybe ten, but it works perfectly!).

Stay beautiful.


My favourite perfumes: Givenchy Very Irresistible

October 12, 2012 § 1 Comment

Hello! ❤

Let’s start with this series of my Favourite Perfumes!

I’m not a big fan of changing perfumes. I generally stick with one and use it until the very last drop and then look for another one. Bear in mind that a bottle of perfume (I generally buy the 30ml size) lasts (for me) at least four or five years. Yeah, I don’t wear perfume everyday, just on special occasions or at night. Mostly because in the morning I always forget to spray it on. 😛

Today I’ll introduce you to my very first perfume I ever bought.
I’m talking of the Very Irresistible by Givenchy, whose representative was (and still is, I guess) the stunning Liv Tyler.

The reasons why I discovered this perfume are still very clear to me, and they make me smile.
It was back in 2001-2003, in The Lord of the Rings movies era. I was completely in love with Arwen and Liv Tyler, her eyes, her skin, her stunning long hair. She was my girl crush, back then. And still, now she own a piece of my heart! 😉 So, reading magazines it was pretty common to find pictures like this one:

(I used to have this picture of my wall too. Crazy, I know.)
So, I started going to the drugstore to find this perfume and from the moment I tried it I simply fell in love. I had to have it!
I guess I bought it as a Christmas or birthday present, I don’t remember. I used to wear it quite rarely because I was too afraid of running out of it! 😉
Anyway, some drops are still there, I was too scared of actually finishing it and I admit that sometimes I go back and breathe in that bottle just to remember those ten years ago’s feelings. Lovely. It literally brings so many pleasant memories. Oh, to be young! ;P
I fell in love with it also because of the stunning package. Back in 2001/2002 there weren’t any brilliant perfumes packages, this one stole my heart.

Since I don’t have any ability of describing smells, here’s what the perfume says:

An homage to Givenchy‘s early days when fashion and cinema were intertwined, Very Irrésistible Givenchy, unites the elegant tradition of French style with the energy and pop-culture pizzazz of American film. Bursting with roses and infused with star anise, and verbena leaf, Very Irrésistible Givenchy is a fresh departure from the traditional floral fragrance.
Notes: Centifolia Rose, Peony Rose, Fantasia Rose, Passion Rose, Emotion Rose, Verbena Leaf, Star Anise.
Style: Vibrant. Brilliant. Captivating.

No other words could describe this perfume better. I can sense the “early days” scent in it. Maybe I don’t agree much on the “vibrant” and “brilliant” style of it: to me it’s way softer and sweeter. Definitely a very girly perfume that suits daytime as well as romantic night dates.

On a side note, I used to receive so many compliments on it! It’s the only perfume I own that people asked about. It was loved by everybody.  ❤

Can’t say anything more. I’ll leave you to my pictures!

Stay beautiful.


Review: Rimmel London PRO nail polish

October 8, 2012 § 5 Comments

Hello, pretty peeps!

I bought this nail polish about an year and a half ago, just when all of taup-y/brown-y colors were invading makeup lines after the beautiful Particuliere by Chanel was launched. It was “on sale” with a Matte Top Coat by Rimmel that I will hopefully review soon.

We are talking about the Rimmel London PRO nail polish in #397 Beige Babe.

Color&Pigmentation. The color is warmer than the Particuliere, it has a bit of mauve and more brown in it and I find this polish suitable for the Fall season and maybe even for the Winter.

Application. And here come the bad stuff. I don’t know if it actually is the large brush or the bad texture/pigmentation of this color, but I couldn’t apply this polish evenly on the nails. I did two coats and it really tends to leave stripes. It’s hard to work with because the amount of product you can actually put on the nails change from application to application. Some of the nails have more products and some don’t, plus even on the single nail itself there are places with more color. (I don’t know if you can see it from the photo, but live it’s awful) Basically, it pretty sucks. I don’t know if it’s me or if it’s the polish or if I didn’t want to load the polish on the nails, but really, I was extremely disappointed by it.

Longevity. On my nails, with no top coat, it started chipping after just one day.

Packaging. Love it. It’s round and cute. And I must say the large brush it’s quite a nice thought too, it allows you to cover a nail with just two/three strokes. Too bad it sucks in putting the color on the nails.

Store&Price. I believe you can find it in any drugstore, but I don’t remember how much I paid for it. Surely less than 10€.

Overall 5/10. It’s a polish I wanted to use quite often (since I love its color) and every time that I wear it I blame myself for doing it. I hate watching my nails with uneven color. 😦

Let me know what do you think about this line of polishes, maybe it’s just this one that doesn’t work on me!
Stay beautiful.


Bold colors for wearable lips!

October 4, 2012 § 1 Comment

Hello, lovelies!

Last weekend I had to have my hair done (nothing special) and run some errands in town. I didn’t want to wear too much makeup (one coat of brown mascara was just enough), but I felt like I needed some more color to my face. I had no brushes near me so instead of blush I opted for lipstick.
I’m deeply in love with red lipsticks and I guess that red is my favourite color ever for the lips, even if I tend to wear it less than ten times during a year. It’s a hard color to go out with if you just have to attend classes or do groceries shopping. 😛
Anyway, I still enjoy having a sheer red tone on my lips.

So, I was saying, last weekend I found my red #306 precision lip-pencil by Kiko and decided to work with it to get a nice red tint on my lips. The point was not too sharpen (that’s a must for this look or you’ll end up with polka dots lips!) and I started dotting it lightly on my already moisturized lips, first going on the edges and then filling the lips, but never doing lines, only simple dots. The dots weren’t noticeable because I tried to make them pretty even on all the lips and because, again, the pencil wasn’t pointy. I stopped dotting the lips until I reached the color intensity I was looking for. You can go for a very light and sheer touch or a more intense look (maybe in this case it’s better if you simply apply the lip-pencil with little strokes to get out of it more color).

Then, I gently rubbed my finger on the lips, just to make the color a little bit more even and finally, I ended with a sheer red lipstick (I don’t remember the name of it, but it was in a limited edition by Kiko -I guess every sheer red toned lipstick can work as well) that I dabbed on, just to set everything and add a little shine.
As a result, my lips looked extremely natural, but with the nice pop of color I needed.

Here are the swatches of the red lip-pencil, the lipstick and an example of dotting texture.

This trick I’ve just shared can be used also with any other lipstick. Dabbing them with a lip brush can make the lips way more natural even if not natural colored.
Plus, depending on how good the lip-pencil/lipstick is, this trick helps with the longevity. Mine lasted for the entire afternoon without smudging or fading. The sheer lipstick was almost gone, but the pencil was still there! You can guess my happiness! aha 😉

Hope it was helpful!
Stay beautiful.


e.l.f. nail polish “Innocent” Review

October 1, 2012 § 3 Comments


My very first review ever! 😉
I’m going to talk about the e.l.f. nail polish in Innocent (#00119).

I bought this polish a really long time ago, maybe it was my very first e.l.f. purchase. I’m still in love with it. Deeply.

Pigmentation&Color. It’s one of the palest pink I’ve ever seen. I’d say it’s a mix between white and an already pale pink. It’s maybe more old-rose than pink. Since it’s that fair I wouldn’t recommend it to dark-skinned people, there are better light pinks for you. Instead, I find it extremely elegant for fairer skin tones. It’s a color wearable all year around, it suits every other color and any weather outside! The pigmentation isn’t a 10, because you have to place at least two coats to get the color as the one in the bottle.

Application. Extremely smooth, maybe even too much. It’s a pretty liquid polish, but I’ve never found it hard to work with. It’s better than lots of other more expensive nail polishes.

Longevity. On my nails, without wearing any topcoat, this polish lasts usually 4 to 6 days without loosing shine and without any chipping. Awesome.

Packaging. I really love the design of the bottle. Maybe the glass right at the bottom is a little bit too thick, but I don’t mind that much. The real problem is the cap. As you can see it doesn’t close in line with the bottle (but it comes like that, though) and that’s something that have always bugged me.

Store&Price. I bought it at the e.l.f. online store for 1,70€ (don’t ask me why it’s 3,00€, it sucks), but I know that some big supermarkets (Target, to name one) sell this brand as well.

Overall: 9/10. As I was saying before, it’s a product I’m in love with. I’ve never found any other cute pale pink polish that I love like this one. The fact that it’s extremely cheap helps a lot too! 😉


Have a nice Monday and Happy October!!!

Stay beautiful.



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