Bold colors for wearable lips!

October 4, 2012 § 1 Comment

Hello, lovelies!

Last weekend I had to have my hair done (nothing special) and run some errands in town. I didn’t want to wear too much makeup (one coat of brown mascara was just enough), but I felt like I needed some more color to my face. I had no brushes near me so instead of blush I opted for lipstick.
I’m deeply in love with red lipsticks and I guess that red is my favourite color ever for the lips, even if I tend to wear it less than ten times during a year. It’s a hard color to go out with if you just have to attend classes or do groceries shopping. 😛
Anyway, I still enjoy having a sheer red tone on my lips.

So, I was saying, last weekend I found my red #306 precision lip-pencil by Kiko and decided to work with it to get a nice red tint on my lips. The point was not too sharpen (that’s a must for this look or you’ll end up with polka dots lips!) and I started dotting it lightly on my already moisturized lips, first going on the edges and then filling the lips, but never doing lines, only simple dots. The dots weren’t noticeable because I tried to make them pretty even on all the lips and because, again, the pencil wasn’t pointy. I stopped dotting the lips until I reached the color intensity I was looking for. You can go for a very light and sheer touch or a more intense look (maybe in this case it’s better if you simply apply the lip-pencil with little strokes to get out of it more color).

Then, I gently rubbed my finger on the lips, just to make the color a little bit more even and finally, I ended with a sheer red lipstick (I don’t remember the name of it, but it was in a limited edition by Kiko -I guess every sheer red toned lipstick can work as well) that I dabbed on, just to set everything and add a little shine.
As a result, my lips looked extremely natural, but with the nice pop of color I needed.

Here are the swatches of the red lip-pencil, the lipstick and an example of dotting texture.

This trick I’ve just shared can be used also with any other lipstick. Dabbing them with a lip brush can make the lips way more natural even if not natural colored.
Plus, depending on how good the lip-pencil/lipstick is, this trick helps with the longevity. Mine lasted for the entire afternoon without smudging or fading. The sheer lipstick was almost gone, but the pencil was still there! You can guess my happiness! aha 😉

Hope it was helpful!
Stay beautiful.


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