My favourite perfumes: Givenchy Very Irresistible

October 12, 2012 § 1 Comment

Hello! ❤

Let’s start with this series of my Favourite Perfumes!

I’m not a big fan of changing perfumes. I generally stick with one and use it until the very last drop and then look for another one. Bear in mind that a bottle of perfume (I generally buy the 30ml size) lasts (for me) at least four or five years. Yeah, I don’t wear perfume everyday, just on special occasions or at night. Mostly because in the morning I always forget to spray it on. 😛

Today I’ll introduce you to my very first perfume I ever bought.
I’m talking of the Very Irresistible by Givenchy, whose representative was (and still is, I guess) the stunning Liv Tyler.

The reasons why I discovered this perfume are still very clear to me, and they make me smile.
It was back in 2001-2003, in The Lord of the Rings movies era. I was completely in love with Arwen and Liv Tyler, her eyes, her skin, her stunning long hair. She was my girl crush, back then. And still, now she own a piece of my heart! 😉 So, reading magazines it was pretty common to find pictures like this one:

(I used to have this picture of my wall too. Crazy, I know.)
So, I started going to the drugstore to find this perfume and from the moment I tried it I simply fell in love. I had to have it!
I guess I bought it as a Christmas or birthday present, I don’t remember. I used to wear it quite rarely because I was too afraid of running out of it! 😉
Anyway, some drops are still there, I was too scared of actually finishing it and I admit that sometimes I go back and breathe in that bottle just to remember those ten years ago’s feelings. Lovely. It literally brings so many pleasant memories. Oh, to be young! ;P
I fell in love with it also because of the stunning package. Back in 2001/2002 there weren’t any brilliant perfumes packages, this one stole my heart.

Since I don’t have any ability of describing smells, here’s what the perfume says:

An homage to Givenchy‘s early days when fashion and cinema were intertwined, Very Irrésistible Givenchy, unites the elegant tradition of French style with the energy and pop-culture pizzazz of American film. Bursting with roses and infused with star anise, and verbena leaf, Very Irrésistible Givenchy is a fresh departure from the traditional floral fragrance.
Notes: Centifolia Rose, Peony Rose, Fantasia Rose, Passion Rose, Emotion Rose, Verbena Leaf, Star Anise.
Style: Vibrant. Brilliant. Captivating.

No other words could describe this perfume better. I can sense the “early days” scent in it. Maybe I don’t agree much on the “vibrant” and “brilliant” style of it: to me it’s way softer and sweeter. Definitely a very girly perfume that suits daytime as well as romantic night dates.

On a side note, I used to receive so many compliments on it! It’s the only perfume I own that people asked about. It was loved by everybody.  ❤

Can’t say anything more. I’ll leave you to my pictures!

Stay beautiful.


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