YouTube-r of the moment: LillianMasie

October 24, 2012 § Leave a comment

Hello! 🙂

The title says all, no other words to add.
Maybe I should’ve written “Favourite Beauty YouTube-r ever“, though. Because, yes, she is.

I’m talking about the delightful LillianMasie.

She’s 21, if I’m not mistaken, and she’s studying to be an actress. Of course she does beauty videos on YouTube (that’s how I found her) and she impressed me from the very first time I saw her because of her calming and soothing voice tone. Then I realized how down to earth she is and I just fell in love. She looks like (and is, to my eyes) an old-times girl, so gentle, so sweet and so polite&graceful. Rare stuff, you know.

The reason why I really like her (and I suggest you all to watch her videos) is because of her personality. She seems extremely sweet, caring and at the meantime real and genuine. She inspires me to be better and sweeter. I love that about her.
I trust what she says and I don’t ever question her opinions. The fact that when she became affiliated with Sigma she posted a video, is a super plus. Most gurus don’t even bother to say that the links are affiliates!

She does mainly reviews and makeup tutorials (if I’m not wrong, she mainly uses drugstore products, I rarely see her work with high-end makeup), but I’ve loved her hair tutorials as well. Plus she briefly reviews her monthly boxes and does makeup&fashion hauls. She has a way of explaining how to put on makeup that doesn’t get me bored even if the video is more than 5 minutes long. She often makes videos out of requests, too. Another plus, right?
After I discovered her I had to watch all of her videos, she’s simply a keeper!

She doesn’t have much viewers if compared to other beauty gurus, and I really think she deserves more. She doesn’t post often, and for this reason her videos are always special. She seems to actually have something to say whenever she uploads a video and not just “for the views”. I literally get happier whenever her vids pop on my subscribers list! 🙂

I would define her style of makeup and fashion very classy, timeless and feminine, elegant and simple. So if you’re looking for colorful and extremely unusual makeup she’s not for you, I guess.

Gosh, and then, let’s say it: she is simply s-t-u-n-n-i-n-g.
I really wish her the best. She deserves it!

Here are some of her best videos, but really..go watch her!!! 😉

Review: Revlon Lip Butter” & “Classic&Elegant Prom Makeup

Let me know what do you think, people!

Stay beautiful.


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