You Tube-r of the Moment: TRUKarategirl96

November 29, 2012 § Leave a comment

Here it’s me introducing you to the super cute TRUKarategirl96!
Yes, I know she’s class 1996, 7 years younger than me’s weird looking girls that young putting of makeup way better than I did at their age (or even now! LOL).
Anyway, she’s not that “old” on YouTube, but she definitely is a keeper.

I first discovered her thanks to her sister (SarahHeartsSparkle) and I fell in love with her more than her sister. She has a skin tone quite similar to mine and I like to follow girls with complexion close to mine! 😉

I like every of her tutorials. She’s the main reason why I want to buy more e.l.f. products and the Naked 2! ahah (and that I want blonde hair!)
She knows how to keep it natural, but also build up makeup when needed. Anyway, you’ll never see her wearing too much visible makeup, I find her very soft and natural. After all she’s a teenager, it’s right that way! 😉

Speaking of her style, she’s quite casual, but again, she’s a teen so it’s legit wearing sneakers, jeans or comfy clothes.

Her personality is sunny and she always puts a smile on my face. She’s very spontaneous and I find her eyes true.
She’s very religious and I admire how she truly believes in the Bible’s words, even if I don’t. She seems to me that she knows how to live in the right moral way, God or not.

So, do you like her?

Stay beautiful.



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