Curls: mind how you curl your hair!

December 6, 2012 § 1 Comment

Hello, dearies!

So, the other day I was watching the TV show “New Girl” and I couldn’t stop staring at Zooey Deschanel’s hair. She always has stunning style and I love how her hair is always curled and voluminous. I love it.
I don’t know if I just paid more attention or not, but in the episode 2×08 I noticed a different style of curls.

As a result I decided to talk a little about how to achieve curls in general.

As you all know, you can get curls either with rollers or with straightener/curling iron. I want talk about that because you’ll find online tutorials that explain everything pretty greatly. Of course, you’ll have different results depending on the tool you use, but maybe what people tend to forget is how to choose the direction of the curls.

There are two ways of curling hair: away or towards your face.

Of all the thousands of hair curls tutorials I’ve seen, all of them tell you to curl away from your face. Well, the look you’ll get curling your hair like that is similar to this one in the picture.

Kind of the style Victoria’s Secret models wear all the time. I call it “a bombshell look” and it definitely is a more sexy and fun look.
Curling your hair away from your face, in fact, reveals more of your jaw line and neck and exposes your face framing it by wonderful waves, as if there’s a wind machine blowing to you.


Instead, the hair style that caught my attention during the episode of New Girl I was talking about is completely different.
Here’s a picture (I couldn’t find any better shot, sadly).

Zooey Deschanel’s hair, this time, was curled towards the face, as you can see very well on the left side. See how the look changes completely?
This is a more vintage-y style that might suit fewer occasions, but that I love even more than the bombshell look.
To curl your hair like that, I would suggest to split the hair in a half and curl both sides towards your face. Every curl (per side) should have the same direction, don’t change it from piece to piece!
Then, you can brush the hair with your fingers or with a brush (for a softer look) to make the curls fall in one (or more, if you want more volume) big curl per side.
As a result, you’ll have two big inward curls framing your face, just like old vintage hair looks.

See how curling hair differently changes the style? Keep that it mind next time you do it! 😉

Hope it was helpful!

Stay beautiful.


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