Review: Pupa Glitter Nail Polish in Silver (#817) + Essence Peeling-Off Base thoughts

January 14, 2013 § 8 Comments

Hello, world!

Here’s a new review. I’m talking about the Pupa Milano Glitter Nail Polish in Silver #817.

DSC00729 DSC00724

Color&Pigmentation. As the name says, the polish is a clear one with silver glitter. It’s not a glitter top-coat kind of nail polish, it’s actually a polish of mere glitter.  The pigmentation is quite good, but not awesome: as you can see from the picture, some of the nails are still visible. It’s definitely better than other glitter polishes I’ve tested. Plus, in the picture I have on only one coat of it and I decided to stop coating the polish to avoid the “3D” effect.


Application. Not that easy, unfortunately. The fact that it’s a clear polish mixed with glitter makes difficult to paint the whole nail properly. I guess, it’s something quite common for glitter polishes, though.

Longevity. It lasted 4 days without chipping, but then I decided to remove it. I think it would have lasted longer.

Packaging. Classic Pupa bottle. I like the silver cap on this one: it matches perfectly the polish color! 😛

Store&Price. I found it at Acqua&Sapone (an italian drugstore) and I paid it 3.90€.

Overall: 7/10. I like it. At least I’m not disappointed by it. I think it can be made better, but there are tons of “fake” glitter polishes on the market and this one is definitely the best I ever tried. Plus, I love silver, I’ve always did. I find it very festive, but also very elegant. I wore this polish for New Year’s Eve and I was feeling so happy on how my nails shined! 😛 I may not wear it on daily basis, but it’s a great color to show off on special parties/occasions. Plus, the nice thing about it is that it can easily used for nice and elegant nail arts, just using nail dotters (or toothpicks, as I do) or french manicure sets. Just to add a little bit of sparkle!

On a side note, I was wearing the Essence Peeling-Off Base (the Limited Edition one) under it and a clear top coat above the polish by Kiko. I’ve read good reviews about the peel-off base, but mine doesn’t work at all. I applied everything quite easily, but when I decided to remove the polish, I find it almost too dry and it wouldn’t peel-off at all. It was stuck on the nails as a normal polish.
Can’t lie, I was going to cry. 😦 The only thought of removing a glitter polish with a regular nail polish remover was scaring me. X°D I found the courage to use it and, lucky me, I realized that the polish would actually peel-of after putting come nail polish remover soaked cotton on the nail for less than a minute. So, at the end, I managed to remove it completely in about 15 minutes.
Do you happen to know why this base doesn’t work properly? I remembered that somebody said that the Limited Edition base wasn’t as good as the Essence regular peeling-off base, is this true? Help me! 😦 Because, if it is, I’ll buy that one!

Anyway, any of you tried good glitter polishes? Let me know!

Stay Beautiful.


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