Review: Yves Saint Laurent Nail Polish #7 “Surprising Rose”

January 21, 2013 § 3 Comments


Back with another nail polish review!
Today it’s Yves Saint Laurent nail polish in Surprising Rose‘s (#7) turn.


Color&Pigmentation. Definitely the name suits this polish, I couldn’t describe this old-rose color with better words. It’s darker in the bottle, but it can be easily build up on the nails to have the same “dark” shade. The pictures show only one coat and so, it appears lighter than the bottle. The pigmentation is perfect for a pearly finish.


Application. I have to be honest with you all and say that this polish is between 6 and 8 years old (I KNOW!) so my judgment concerning the application isn’t very reliable. I don’t know about *new* YSL polishes, but this one is quite sticky and it needs to pay a lot of care while stroking it. I am sure this depends on its age and it’s definitely not about quality. I remembered this polish was extremely easy to work with, years ago.

Longevity. As usual with no top coat, it lasted more than 5 days. Pretty awesome for a 6-8 years old polish! 😛

Packaging. I love it. Gold colored cap and square bottle. Very elegant and timeless. Plus, golden box!

DSC00734 DSC00736 DSC00738

Store&Price. I literally don’t have a clue. It was a polish that my momma bought back in the days when makeup wasn’t that hyped. She told me she remember buying it on sale (maybe for 10€). YSL is sold at Sephora, though and the YSL polishes are about 20€.

Overall: 8/10. Definitely a keeper. I am extremely sad that it got so old and that this color is probably discontinued (I should check at my local makeup shop, though). Plus, I feel like it’s a very classic color and even if years have passed it can be easily worn without looking “old-fashioned”. I really love it and I love the fact that it gives timeless and elegance to my hands. It reminds me of my long and stunning grandma’s hands.

So, YSL polishes. Have you tried any? Are they any good like this one?
Stay beautiful.


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§ 3 Responses to Review: Yves Saint Laurent Nail Polish #7 “Surprising Rose”

  • jesslan says:

    I’ve neer tried YSL! I’ve a similar polish…I don’t remember the number, but it’s a Kiko polish…it’s not a color that I really like, because it’s quite “sad”, I like this color mostly for eyes.

  • swlabrmakeup says:

    6/8 anni, non credo di avere smalti così vecchi ancora “funzionanti” 😀 Come sai non amo gli smalti perlati, ma questo è molto elegante!

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