Rome&Sunday haul!

March 4, 2013 § 7 Comments

Hello everybody and happy Monday!

I should be able to post by the book in the next weeks. I’ve done with my three exams (the last one wasn’t that satisfying as the others, but it’s done, so I can’t complain much!) and today is officially when lectures start again. It’s my last semester, I still can’t believe it!

Anyway, the point of this post is to show you what I’ve bought this weekend.

On Saturday, as you already know, I went to Rome with my sister and..well, looking at the things I bought I wish I got more of them. I left at the shops a lot of products I wanted but didn’t get. Like the UD Naked 2 palette, Yes To skin care products, the Lush Fun, a stunning MAC lipstick, the Natural Eye Too Faced palette and so on. Looking at my wallet..well, he’s definitely not happy so I guess I’m done with buying new stuff for a few months! Who knows if I’ll stick to that plan?! πŸ˜›

The first stop at Rome was Sephora. I wanted to get a Urban Decay primer potion, but Sin and Greed were too colorful and Eden wasn’t as fair as I though it was, so I ended up getting no one. I spent like good 15 minutes at the Benefit stand and decide to get the TropiCoral kit because I’ve always wanted to try the cheeks/lips tints, the Coralista blush and High Beam highlighter. The set has sample sizes of those products and a gloss in Coralista, as well. For 29.50€ I though it was a deal.
Then I stumbled on the OPI stand of nail polishes but none of them caught my attention so I decided to pick the highly raved Essie polish in Mint Candy Apple, after trying some of them on. It was a hard one to pick because all the Essie polishes where extremely stunning.
I was quite disappointed that Sephora didn’t have the Taylor Swift perfume. I’ve been wanting to test it since it first came out, but I don’t trust the simple description on the website to just buy it online! So..bummer for that. 😦
Oh, and I hated the fact that I totally forgot to ask for samples while paying!!! Thinking about it still pisses me off. :/

Then, we walked through Via del Corso to get to the Lush store. They modernized the shop with my surprise! Now it’s bigger and wider, I love it! Anyway, Lush shop assistants are always super nice and they helped me to pick up a hand soap (Honey I Washed The Kid), a toner (Eau Roma Water) and an acne treatment (Grease Lightning). I asked for a sample of a hair mask (R&B)** and I also got a sample of a hand soap (Bohemian). I got the chance to try the Fun (blue) soap – definitely writing it down on my future shopping list!
Honestly, I left my heart at the store. I really wanted to buy everything!!!

My sis wanted to get some jeans so we entered in Tally Weijl, but found nothing that was appealing to her. I ended up buying the cutest owl necklace that I’ve been wanting for ages!
Then we took a break and eat at McD’s – not that anyone cares – and I tasted a delicious chocolate muffin. It was like heaven!

After lunch I was ready to hit the MAC Pro store. The shop was full as usual (even at 1:30PM!), but I managed to get helped by one of the MAC makeup artists. I got (after several minutes of waiting because they couldn’t find my earlier booking for it!) the Face&Body Foundation in White as I was telling you last week and two samples: the Chartreuse pigment and the N1 Face%Body Foundation (which my mom wanted to test). Sadly, they were out of stock of the Mineralize Foundation (the fluid one) in NW15, the one that my mom wanted me to buy for her.
Do you want my honest opinion about the whole “shopping at MAC experience“? I was extremely disappointed. It’s not the first time that I entered in that store and I’ve always had the same girl (I don’t fancy her at all) helping me, but I’ve never been treated like customers should. This time, incidentally, I opted for another shop assistant, but, sadly, it was exactly the same. It’s like I was talking and they weren’t even listening to me. Plus, the samples? Well, it’s almost like I had to beg for them.
Customer care is very important to me and I don’t care if you sell cheap or high-end products, you still have to treat the customers kindly. I wasn’t being bitchy about anything and they had no right to treat me like me being there wasn’t appreciated.
Let me remind you that they got out of me 36€, not just a cent.

Anyway, disappointing stuff aside, we went to the GAP store for the first time and I fell in love with polka dots regular and colored denim. They were between 50 and 60€ (not too pricey for GAP stuff), but I didn’t buy any because I was too tired to even try them on. I plan to buy a pair of jeans like that during Spring!

& that concludes my Rome shopping trip! As I told you is nothing too much, but the fact that now I have a white foundation to use with the too dark ones makes me the happiest girl in the world! πŸ˜‰
This slide-show shows you all the products in details: HERE!

Yesterday, not happy enough of all the things I bought the day before, I dared to walk into our italian brand Kiko store. I had a 20% discount to use and it would have expired just yesterday..I simply had to use it, it was calling me for days, haha! πŸ˜›
I went quite crazy, I can honestly say I didn’t need any of the stuff I bought, but..well, I decided to call the past weekend as a “shop and don’t think weekend“.
I bought two nail polishes (a lime green and a turquoise) which should give a “mirror” effect, but to me they are better described as “metallic” ones, a nail polish pen remover, a nail polish remover (the one you slide your finger in it and it removes the polish completely thanks to a soaked sponge inside the container – I’ll have to show it to you soon because it’s pure geniality!), two concealers (one in light rose and one in green) and a 10 ml jar where I plan to mix my foundation with the MAC white.
This slide-show shows you all the products: HERE!

& that is all!
How was your weekend? Any recent purchases? Let me know! πŸ™‚

Stay beautiful,


** UPDATE March 7th 2013: I noticed just now that our “Radici” by Lush IT translates in “Roots” (duh!) by Lush international! Sorry for the bad info!

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§ 7 Responses to Rome&Sunday haul!

  • jesslan says:

    Quante belle cose! Brava!

  • Rome! I wish! Fantasy travel plan! πŸ™‚ Well, here’s the thing – MAC customer service sucks in GENERAL. I swear it’s like they are paid to walk around and gossip to each other and look pissy. Have never had genuine, friendly MAC associate experience. Of coursse, they are always swamped with customers. Their stuff sells itself but whose to say friendlier SA’s wouldn’t add a bit more to the bottom line? Good luck with the results of your exams!

    • satine89 says:

      On one side I’m glad that I’m not the usual looser that gets the worse treatment ever, on the other..this thing you are saying sucks really bad. I really don’t get how these people do their job so bad. You can be the greatest makeup artist of all time, but if you treat people like they are poop..I honestly couldn’t care less. -.-‘

      Thanks dear! Luckily I already have all the results and I can’t complain! πŸ˜‰

  • Anonymous says:

    Hi there! I was at Mac on Sunday but i went there in the afternoon. We should have met πŸ™‚ Anyway, sorry to read you had such a bad experience, but let me tell you that the shop assistants at Mac Pro (and it’s the same in every other Mac Cosmetics shop and elsewhere) are make-up artists but are (above all) there to sell and this is something that everybody should always keep on mind! I know all of them and I can tell you that they work hard and always in a rush…moreover last Sunday there were particularly stressed because of the new opening! Anyway glad to see you’ve bought the A50 I love that white fondation! I’m going to add a post on my blog today, showing my Mac Cosmetics Sunday Haul πŸ™‚
    Take care xxx

  • marymakeup says:

    I’m not anonymous…I’m MaryMakeup lol

    • satine89 says:

      haha tranquilla! sΓ¬, li ho visti parecchio indaffarati, perΓ² son rimasta un po’ male! soprattutto perchΓ¨ arrivavo dal servizio dato alla Lush!!!

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