Love at First Try: Lush Roots!

March 9, 2013 § 5 Comments

Hello, people!

I couldn’t help but write a post about my first attempt to use Roots by Lush, even if it’s the week-end! šŸ˜‰

As you know from this post (my haul of last weekend), I asked for a Roots mask sample. Well, Tuesday morning I decided that when I would come back home from school, I would have tried to use the mask! And I did. And I fell in love.


I applied the little amount I got for free on my scalp, massaging in circular motion to let the mask disappear from its typical color white & kind-of-granular texture. With what I had left (after putting the mask on my entire head) I applied it on my lengths, but I would have needed much more (I have half back length hair).
I left it on between 20 and 30 minutes, while my head was happily spinning – I don’t know if it was the mint smell (that I usually don’t like much) or if it’s because I applied it upside-down for about 10 minutes – and then I washed it out with two shampoo washings. IĀ  applied my usual hair conditioner.
I started feeling the difference right after I got out of the shower, just when I was using a towel to remove the excess of water from it. It seemed lighter and softer. I didn’t stumble too much and blow-dried it, as I usually do.
Well, after the hair was completely dry I couldn’t believe how soft it was at touch. Never had such soft hair, I swear. It was a stunning feeling! I thought I had a Disney Princess’ hair, it was beautiful.
Nor sure about how straight the hair would last, I decided to braid it and I went to bed.
The morning after the hair was even softer than the day before (what???), but after braiding it out I noticed that the waves weren’t almost there: it’s like the hair was heavier (?) or something and didn’t get the shape of braid waves as it usually does. But, whatever.
About two hours later the waves were completely gone, but the softness stayed there.

Long story short, I feel in love. And I wish I bought this mask at Lush. I’m writing it down because it really is a miracle worker and I’ll buy it soon (maybe online), hopefully.
What I can’t say is if it actually helped my roots, because I guess that results can be seen after more than just one use!
Have you ever tried this product? How was it?

Stay beautiful & happy weekend!


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