You Tube-r of the Moment: SuperBeautyNerd

March 21, 2013 § 2 Comments


The series of my favorite YouTubers continues! Today, please, meet the stunning Jess D’Arcy (SuperBeautyNerd on YouTube).

I discovered her looking for an inspired Amelia Pond (from Doctor Who!) look (which I still think it’s one of her best videos ever!) and I loved her since the very first minute!
Just know that I am a sucker for ginger hair, though! I really wish I was born red-head!!!

Anyway, she’s quite young, she’s in her last year of high school (if I’m right, she’s 17) and she’s British. She has no fear in wearing bold/grunge makeup and I would describe her style as bon-ton/edgy.
Of course she posts makeup tutorial and sometimes even hair tutorials, but she’s a pleasure to listen to in her more chatty videos where she explains why she’s loving certain products or when she describes the things she got in her monthly boxes. Her personality shines though the way she speaks and she’s very natural and honest in every thing she does, plus she’s so passionate about the products she loves I end up buying them because of her!!! I feel like she’s a friend of mine (not in a creepy way, though! :P).

I really think she should get more visibility, even if she has a solid subscribers base! She’s definitely one of the best beauty gurus out there and she seems to be very honest about her opinions and true to herself.
I like the fact that some of her looks and makeup tutorials are edgy-er than the ones you usually find online. It means she doesn’t care about trends or stuff like that, but she’s true to her personality (which I always appreciate because it’s with people like Jess that you can’t get bored watching YouTube videos!).
FYI, she’s maybe the main reason I started wearing bold lipsticks. As you know, I am very pale and I think me and Jess have basically the same skin color and undertone so when I see a color that suits her well I tend to see if it works good on me too! Watching online videos of girl with my same complexion makes me explore different makeup horizons! 😉

She has a Vlog channel too and..I’m in love with her vlogs, she’s so sweet, funny and I really can relate to her way of thinking! 😉

I don’t have much to add, just..go and watch her videos!!! Tell what do you think, after!

Stay beautiful.



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