Review: NYC Smooch Proof LipStain 16h in Berry Long Time #498

March 28, 2013 § 13 Comments


I wanted to buy this lipstain for a very long time and since this Fall-Winter is (or..was since it’s almost Spring?) all about berries and deep purple colors, I decided to get the NYC Smooch Proof LipStain 16h in Berry Long Time (#498). With no shame, I admit that it’s my first purple-ish lipcolor!


As you know by now, I am extremely pale and even if I love the trend of very dark-vampy lips, I was fearing that these kind of colors would wash me out. I wasn’t right, but I wasn’t wrong either.
What I noticed it’s that, of course, my skin would appear paler than usual, but using a little bit more of blush that “wash-out” effect would simply go away letting me enjoy the sight of a nice dark lip color. 🙂

Enough talking about me, let’s get into the review!

Color&Pigmentation. Even if the color is called “Berry” I would say that it is more purple-ish and less reddish than I expected. The pictures are quite similar to the real life color, maybe just a little bit darker than it appears on camera. The pigmentation is the one that got me while swatching the lipstains at the NYC counter. I found it was the shade that had the best color payoff and..I loved the color so I simply picked it up!


Application. I must admit that this one is my very first lipstain that looks like a marker so I don’t know if it’s common to other lipstains, but it tends to be uneven if unevenly applied. I found that the best way of applying it is going with a first even coat and only after it’s almost completely dried, add a second one and so on. This, just to avoid that the color not dried gets dragged by the marker before it sets on the lips. Apart from this, it’s a very easy and simple application: the marker is very pointy and precise.

Longevity. 16h? I don’t think so. Smooch proof? I can’t say much about it (no smoochie-smoochie time for me!), but I can easily foresee that it’s not. I found that even drinking water can easily melt the color away, especially in the center of the lips. Maybe it can last 16h if you don’t eat, drink or wet your lips in any way! On mine lasted half an afternoon, but I only talked and that’s the most I could get out of it! It started to fade after about three hours and I felt the need of re-applying it. It’s not too much drying, but after some hours I would wear chapstick above it.

Packaging. Nothing special, but you know how much I love basic packaging.

Store&Price. I bought it at my local drugstore (Acqua&Sapone) for 3.99€.

Overall: 6/10. I had to let this lipstain pass simply because I’m really in love with the color. Other than that, I’m quite disappointed by its almost non-existent lasting power. But, honestly, it depends on what you look for a lipstain. If you’re fine with having to re-apply it after some hours, then it’s a 10/10. 🙂


Have your tried this one? How did it work for you?
Let me know!

Stay beautiful,


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