NOTW + Review: Essie Nail Polish in Laquered Up (#62)

April 22, 2013 § 9 Comments


Here is my weekly mani, trying for the first time an Essie nail polish (Laquered Up, #62). It’s one of the two polishes that came in the box of July I bought for 50% off at MyBeautyBox. It’s in a limited edition that came out in Spring 2009, if the web speaks the truth. In the description of the box, there were three shades reds and three pastel colors, but in the box you would get one from the reds and one from the pastels, with no chance to pick them, though. So I couldn’t decide which one to choose and I let the fate work for me! 😛 I was lucky with this red, but not so much with the pastel one because I got a lilac one (it’s called Lilacism, #37) and you know how that I don’t like purples in general. :/

Mani essie e kiko dots

As a fan of polka dots, I was really missing them so I opted for an accent mani with the black polish by Kiko. Doesn’t it remind you of a ladybug? haha! 😛

Color&Pigmentation. Definitely one of the brightest reds I’ve ever seen. Maybe even too bright at first sight. I got used to it wearing it on the nails, and honestly, I couldn’t help but fall in love with it. It’s definitely a warm toned red, with almost a hint of orange. It’s not the regular red, it definitely catches attention. The pigmentation is perfect, just one coat and it was already even and rightfully colored.

Application. I was overwhelmed. I never ever tried any other nail polish so easy to apply as this one. I don’t know if it’s its liquid formula or the brush. I don’t have a clue, but applying it felt relaxing.

Longevity. That’s where comes the disappointment. The pictures are taken on Wednesday morning and I did my nails last Saturday afternoon. can see that it’s starting to chip and it ended up not lasting enough through the entire week, which is always what I look for in a polish. I didn’t wash more my hands (than usual), so I really blame the polish for the chipping. Which terribly sucks, you know? For a medium expensive polish like this I would expect at least 4 to 5 days with no chipping at all.

Packaging. I love it!!! It’s chubby and so cute!


Store&Price. As I was saying before I got my polish in a box from MyBeautyBox, but it was in a limited edition so I don’t think you can still get it. Try Ebay, maybe? For what I know, Essie polishes are around 11-12€.

Overall: 8/10. It’s an 8 despite the fact that it chips easily. I still haven’t tried it with a good top coat, but I believe it will definitely last longer. I’m going to wear this nail polish quite often, especially during the hot seasons! How can you not love this super bright red?!

Have you tried any Essie polishes? How is the longevity for you?

Stay beautiful.



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