Review: Debby Nail Polish in #58

May 13, 2013 § 4 Comments

Hello, sweeties!

Here’s the review of the Debby Nail Polish in #58!

Debby Fucsia

Color&Pigmentation. It’ the most fuchsia nail polish ever, definitely. If you look closely, it has a little bit of lighter shimmer that appears quite nicely when the light hits the polish. The pigmentation isn’t the perfect one, but I feel like wearing only a coat of polish does enough justice to the color.

Application. I forgot how easy it was. I used to paint my nails qith this polish back in 2010 and, then, as a fool, I completely forgot about it. Now that I re-discovered it, I remember why I used it so much! Its little brush can easily cover the entire nail without painting the cuticles just like many other polishes I have. Plus, it dries slowly enough to get the color even on the nail, but not too slowly that you have to stay still for 10 minutes.

Longevity. It lasted on my nails with no top coat (and just one coat of polish) at least 5 days without chipping.

Packaging. The bottle is round and small, cute!

Store&Price. Debby is an italian brand that isn’t sold outside Italy, unfortunately. Here you can find it at drugstores like Acqua&Sapone and at clothes shops like Coin or OVS. I bought it for 4 or 5€.

Overall 8/10. It’s not a 10 because I noticed that it stained just a little my nails, but apart from that..awesome! I think I’ll use it very often during this Spring/Summer. I know that fuchsias aren’t that much in trend this year, but..I can’t help but feeling that it goes with every outfit and can be used in most of the occasions!

Do you like it?

Stay beautiful.


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