Review: Rimmel London Apocalips Lip Lacquer in #303 Apocaliptic

May 23, 2013 § 7 Comments


Finally I have tested the famous Rimmel London Apocalips Lip Lacquers! I got mine months ago and I didn’t have the chance to wear it for more that one or two times during winter. During these recent weeks I have used it pretty much and I feel like I can give you a full review on the product.

Color&Pigmentation. First off, the color is called Apocaliptic (woah, hard name to write fast, haha!), #303 and it’s a shocking fuchsia. I had a hard time picking just one color of this product. I loved very much “Aurora” and the very bright red one, “Big Bang”. I decided to go with this fuchsia because it was a shade that was missing in my lip products! I couldn’t be happier with it. The pigmentation is amazing. You can just apply one coat on your lips and they’ll appear just as the color in the tube. Super, I know!

apocalips 1

Application. I had to struggle a bit to get it right because it’s very thick. The less you load with product the brush, the easier it gets to apply it. The fact that it’s highly pigmented requires time and precision to avoid smudged edges. I love wearing it straight from the applicator brush (which is similar to a lip gloss one, but a bit less spongy) when I want really bold lips, but I often blot it after applying it for a “soft” look. Plus, if you blot it, it’ll lose its glossy finish that stays on if you apply it with the brush. If you want to avoid the super bold lips you can still apply the littlest amount with fingers just to give some color to the lips. I like this way of wearing it too, but it seems it takes me more time than the other two so I tend to avoid this technique and simply use another lipstick.

Longevity. Depends of what you do with it. It didn’t stay much on my lips while drinking and eating, it does transfer very easily, in fact. It stays on without any problems for three to four hours, though, except for the horrible “ring” and the fact that often it ends on my teeth. It looses a bit the glossy finish after an hour or two.

Packaging. Quite slim and small, sadly. I wish it would come with more product in it. I feel like since it’s very thick I’ll soon finish it up! The best part of it? It closes with a “click” which is quite efficient in keeping the product wet and well sealed.

Store&Price. I bought it at my local drugstore (Acqua&Sapone) on sale for about 8 or 9€. Full price they are about 10€.

apocalips lips

Overall: 7/10. I’m quite happy with it. I’ve heard a lot of good stuff about this product and I’m glad I ended up liking it too. The only thing I wished for is longevity. The “ring” really bugs me and I wished it lasted more, even while eating and drinking. This reminds me I should try it with the Lipcote. Concerning the color range, I know it changes from country to country. Here in Italy we don’t a have any peach shades and I wished the nudes were a little bit more pink and less beige. Last week I saw a limited edition with three more shades available: a peach/coral one, a purple/pink one and a very orange red one.

Have you ever tried it? Any thoughts and tips?

Stay beautiful.


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§ 7 Responses to Review: Rimmel London Apocalips Lip Lacquer in #303 Apocaliptic

  • tizy1289 says:

    E’ un colore meraviglioso!
    Ho acquistato uno dei nuovi Apocalips – stellar, per la precisione .
    Il colore è pieno alla prima passata, ma devo dire che su di me tende a svanire dopo un paio d’ore, lasciandomi il contorno labbra marcato: forse con una matita labbra durerebbe di più?

    • satine89 says:

      Io penso che la durata (come al solito) dipenda molto anche dal colore e dall’idratazione delle labbra. :/
      Con la matita non ho provato per niente perchè non ne ho una sullo stesso tono, però potrebbe essere un’idea!
      Stellar che colore è di preciso? *O*

      • tizy1289 says:

        è un rosa accesissimo tendente al corallo, è un colore stranissimo! Molto primaverile!
        Io ho una matita essence che ha il colore delle mie labbra, la uso per tutto! 😉

  • Questa tonalità è a dir poco stupenda!

  • jesslan says:

    Beautiful color, but I’m not able to wear this color!

    • satine89 says:

      Noo, why not? You should try! 😉 Don’t know if I recommend buying exactly this one, but there are cheaper lipsticks very similar around!

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