Review: Maybelline Super Stay 14hr Lipstick in Ultimate Blush (#180)

June 27, 2013 § 4 Comments


Here I am with another review. Today I want to talk about a lipstick I own since this winter, as you can see from my mini Insta-haul here. It the Super Stay 14hr Lipstick in Ultimate Blush (#180) by Maybelline.

Rossetto Maybelline

Color&Pigmentation. I started using the lipstick during this Spring simply because the color didn’t suit the Winter season. I remember picking it up mostly because of its finish (and stunning color), but I ended up regretting it very much. The color swatched on my hand is one of the prettiest ever: a pinky coral with a little bit of shimmer in it. Very bright, very girly, super fun and cute. On my lips it’s completely different, though. It’s darker, the shimmer is almost metallic and this finish makes my lips look “old“. If you ever tried metallic/very shimmery lipsticks you know what I mean. The pictures of my lips aren’t very true to the real life effect, maybe the light was too bright. The swatch on my hand, instead, is exactly how the lipstick appears on my skin. The pigmentation is pretty good, but you definitely need at leat two coats to have an even color.

Application. Not difficult, but not easy either. The lipstick doesn’t run on lips smoothly and it’s definitely not creamy.

Longevity. Not 14hr long, that’s for sure. The fact that it’s not creamy, but more on the matte side, makes it stay on the lips without transferring problems quite well for the first two hours and then, after three to four ours, the color slowly fades away. Nicely, thankfully. I would have expected more, though. Not just because it claims to be a 14hr long-lasting lipstick, but because of it’s quite drying formula.

3hr after

3hr after

Packaging. Super pretty. It contains a little amount of product, though, because the bullet is smaller compared to classic lipsticks.

Store&Price. I bought it at Acqua&Sapone on sale for 7.90€. I think the real price ranges between 8 and 10€. Maybelline is sold in every drugstores and supermarkets.

Overall: 5/10. I feel guilty giving a 5 to this lipstick. I really though it would change my life wearing it daily. I’m really still deeply in love with the color swatched on my hand, but I can’t stand the sight of it on my lips. It’s dreadful. Sadly, it’ll be one of those lipsticks that end in my makeup drawer almost unused. 😦 This line of lipsticks is full of other great colors,anyway. This one I picked up is the only with a shimmery finish, all the others are matte, if I remember right. I’m not sure if I’m going to buy another shade simply because I didn’t like the texture very much and, honestly, for being a tested-on-animals product is way too expensive for me.

Have you ever tried these lipsticks? Any thoughts?

Stay beautiful.



Review: Pupa Lasting Color Nail Polish in #308

June 24, 2013 § 5 Comments

Hello, girls!

How was your weekend? I hope you’re fine and ready to start another week! Personally, sprint moments interchange with very depressed hours for me. πŸ˜›

Here is the mani I wore some weeks ago: on my nails there’s the Pupa Lasting Color Nail Polish in #308.

pupa polish

Color&Pigmentation. I wouldn’t call is a “fuchsia“, but it’s the Barbie-st brightest pink-est polish I have ever owned. I fell in love with the color the first time I saw it and even if it’s a very classic pink, I’ve never seen shades like this one before. It’s super girly but fun at the same time and I love how it suits every outfit, from the more sporty one to the very elegant look. πŸ˜‰ The pigmentation is pretty good, but I always go for two coats just to have a more brilliant color.

Application. This polish is two years old and, sadly, I feel like it’s getting stickier and stickier. Thankfully the quality is still quite good and I can manage to apply it even if the application isn’t as easier as years ago.
(Any tips on how to “revive” nail polishes?)

Longevity. With no top coat used it lasted me six days. Perfectly.

Packaging. I’ve always loved Pupa nail polishes packaging. I like how small they are, but they still manage to have a nice applicator brush.

Store&Price. I remember receiving this bottle for free for a sale offer at Acqua&Sapone, but Pupa is sold in every drugstore and these polishes price ranges between 3 and 5€ depending on current sales. Sadly, Pupa Milano is an Italian brand so I’m afraid you can’t get it abroad.

Overall: 9/10. It would have been a 10 if only it didn’t start to dry and get stickier. I’m planning on buying this polish again as soon as I remember can, unless I find some ways to make it as liquid as it was the very moment I bought it. Any suggestions?

Stay beautiful,


Friday talk!

June 21, 2013 § 2 Comments

Hello sweeties.

These have been rough days. Exams, personal situations that really got under my skin, plans on my July/August schedule. Fun stuff? Not at all.

Oh, and add that my sister got into a car accident (nothing serious, thank God) and my dad’s car wouldn’t want to start. I think karma is trying to saying something to me. πŸ˜›

On Wednesday I had that exam I talked about, luckily it went great. Now I’m one down, two more to go. The next one will be July 1, if everything goes right. I’ll leave the second to September. I could have taken this one too, but there’s the chance (fingers crossed) that I get into the TOEFL program of my university to spend the entire July month (I’m leaving on the 4th and the course ends August 2nd) away of town to attend classes and master my English.

I still don’t know if I’m posting (maybe I’ll write posts in advance) or not, simply because studying for the next exam, working on my thesis and looking for good abroad universities don’t leave me much free time. But we’ll see how things go, just know that my posting schedule might change. 😦

Anyway, yesterday, after the test I took to enter in the TOEFL program, I decided that some shopping wouldn’t be bad – I had to repurchase some cleanser and moisturizer I’m running out of. So, I went to OVS and I got everything I needed (big victory to me, since the counter is always empty when I go!), but I wanted to “splurge” a little bit on new stuff. Sadly, nothing got my attention aside from the loose matt powder which I ended up not buying because I still have tons of powders to finish and milky shaded nail polishes, which again, I didn’t buy simply because they were a little glittered. But, but. I was paying for the three things I bought (a cleanser, my loved makeup remover and a moisturizer) that I noticed a new collection (“Guerilla Gardening” – very very pretty, I’d say) and a red blush. Yes, you read right. A red blush.

Now, you have to understand that I’ve been having a crush on red toned blushes since I discovered LillianMasie (my opinion’s here) last June. She always look gorgeous, but when she wears NARS Exhibit A she really makes me want to go and buy a red blush.
You could imagine how happy I was when I finally found it! It was a cream one so, perfect for summer, right?! Well, I guess it wasn’t my luckiest moment since I noticed a nice twirl of fingers on it. They have tested it and it was the only one left. Big no, and I left it there with a half of my heart.

I guess I’ll have to cave in and place an order of red blushes on as I wanted to do for months! πŸ˜›
I’ll let you know when I do, but I’m afraid it’ll be in August or September. I’ll totally need your help picking other products! πŸ˜€

The real victory of yesterday’s shopping (?) was finding the Blackcurrant Twinings Tea I’ve been looking for since this Winter, ahah! πŸ˜› Since I didn’t find nothing interesting makeup wise, I definitely comforted my stress with infinite amount of junk food (oh no!)! πŸ˜›

& that’s it. This was just a chatty post sorry for the missing entry yesterday – I had no time (nor focus) to plan a review!
Talk to you all soon.

Stay beautiful.


Review: Essie Nail Polish in Mint Candy Apple #99

June 17, 2013 § 9 Comments


Today I’m turning 24. Always liked even numbers, but..22 was better, haha! πŸ˜›
I didn’t plan to write on my birthday at all, but hey, it’s Monday and I have a date with you all, as usual! πŸ˜‰
How am I going to spend my birthday? Definitely nothing special (plus beacuse of personal stuff I’m completely not in the mood for celebrating). Every year since high school ended, I find myself studying on my birthday. 😦 So sad. I have an exam on Wednesday and the best gift is to get the highest mark there. πŸ˜› Wish me luck, by the way!
I have no clue if I’m receiving some actual presents this year. I’ll do a haul if I do or if I decide to splurge a little on makeup&stuff these weeks!

Enough about me and let’s talk of the super raved Mint Candy Apple nail polish by Essie (#99)! I caved in when I was in Rome back in March (if you want to see what I bought here‘s the haul for you)!

Essie Mint Candy Apple num 99

Color&Pigmentation. I was at the Essie counter and I literally couldn’t pick one color, I wanted to get or leave them all. It was a weird feeling! I had high expectations about the colors, but none really impressed me so much to pick it out. Thankfully, the sales girl convinced to try some of them on and..well, I fell in love with every single one I tried. I had my nails painted with at least 5 different nail polishes. I ended up picking this mint-green one simply because I realized how YouTubers&Bloggers were right about the color. It’s stunning and super-super-super pretty. I still don’t see why this light blue with a hint of green is called “mint”; to me “mint” is grass-green, haha! πŸ˜› Anyway, the color is perfect for Summer and especially for Spring. It really brightens up my hands – yeah weird to say! This one was the last Essie polish I tried after Lacquered Up and Lilacism and I was expecting a similar pigmentation. What I noticed is that Mint Candy Apple worked better than the other two, and I can see why this exact color is super talked about on the internet. It really is a better quality that the other two Essie polishes I tried on. The pigmentation is very good (better than Lilacism), but you still need two coats to have a good coverage.

Application. It reminded me Lilacism: somehow sticky yet liquid as well. It was easier to apply than the lilac one, though. Maybe simply because it dries a tad slower than Lilacism. Lacquered Up is still my favorite concerning application, truth be told.

Longevity. I used a top coat and it lasted me more than 6 days. I really feel like this color is a better quality than the other two.

Packaging. Love it. And I love how the white cap suits the mint color. Can’t wait to draw some white dots on my nails the next time! πŸ˜›

Store&Price. I bought it at Sephora for 11,90€ if I remember well, but I know that outside Italy they are easily common (and definitely cheaper) in drugstores too.

Overall: 9/10. +1 than the other two nail polishes. I have to admit that the quality is definitely better, even if these polishes need to be formulated again to avoid early chipping. I love the color and I am super glad I give it a shot! Don’t know if I’m going to buy Essie polishes ever again, though, because more than 10€ for a polish is really too much for my pockets! :/

So, do you like it? Do you own it?

Stay beautiful.


Review: Essence Gel Tint in Hot Red #01

June 13, 2013 § 6 Comments

Hello!!! πŸ˜‰

Today I want to talk about the Gel Tint by Essence in the color Hot Red (#01). I’m developing a love/hate relationship with this one.

tinta gel essence

Color&Pigmentation. Maybe for the first time ever at the Essence counter all of the four shades were available. I wasn’t very sure on which shade I wanted, but I was super curious to try out this tint. I’m a sucker for things that promise a long-lasting power. I ended up buying the red one simply because I was hoping that it would took the place of the BeChic blush that I have no clue on how to use (read why here). The picture above shows very nicely the color: I simply loaded it a little bit to make it less shear. Anyway, on the lips it appears more pinkish than red (but not as pink as the pictures show), simply because it’s a gel form and the pigmentation isn’t as intense as a lipstick one. It’s more similar to a lip gloss, speaking of texture, indeed. To be honest, it doesn’t bother me much, I was expecting the pigmentation I got. The finish is glossy as soon as you apply, but it tends to fade after about half an hour.

Application. The brush is very similar to a lip gloss sponge brush, but the application isn’t as nice as a gloss one. I apply it after that my lip balm (I usually use a Lush one) is almost gone, leaving my lips quite well hydrated. What sucks is that the texture is quite liquid and so the brush tends to drag the color without giving an even coverage. Something that really pisses me off. I manage to get an even color on the lips working it very much and applying more color from the tube where needed.

Essence appena aplicato

Longevity. I really was expecting miracles. of course I was wrong, but not entirely. First off, as I was saying earlier, the glossy finish fades after about 30 minutes, but that’s not what bugs me. The consistency is so liquid that after working with the color and the brush to get an even coverage, the gel tint ends in the ring of the mouth and if you don’t remove it right away (and not even doing this will solve the problem) it will stay there. Forever. Well, for a long time. πŸ˜› The pictures below show this very well. Plus, the color tends to set on the sides of the lips (especially the upper one) – extremely unpleasant (it seems like you’ve line your lips without filling them it -awful). I tested it while having a normal lunch, which means drinking and eating without much attention to the product, and the result is shown as well down here. You can really see the more pigmented ring on the mouth that would stay there despite drinking and even washing my teeth! Not nice, yeah. Concerning its staining power I can say I am quite surprised: the product stained my lips so much that even after 7 hours I could still see a hint of pinkish red on them. I tried to photograph that too, but the light would simply wash out any effect so I gave up. Believe me when I say that after using this tint in the morning, I would still have a hint of color in the evening. The only way to get rid of it is actually using a makeup remover.

essence after

Packaging. Nothing fancy, but I quite like it.

Store&Price. I bought it at my OVS Essence counter for 2,49€.

Overall: 7/10. I struggled to mark this product, really. I love the color very much and I think it’s a shade that suits my skin very well, especially during spring/summer seasons. Plus it’s super cheap and it smells nicely (strawberry/cherry). What would I change and what do I hate? Well, of course the despicable ring and the too-liquid texture. The fact that it ends of the side bothers me but not as much as the ring-trouble. I still have to practise in applying it and maybe I’ll find a way that won’t make me spend more than 5 minutes doing it. Right now, to avoid the mouth-ring I simply don’t apply the product where my lips part, but this also means that I can’t build it up too much or there’ll be too much difference between the sides of my lips and the centre. With this technique I expect just to color a bit my lips. I love the fact that it stains so much. It makes my lips look more healthy without having to re-apply it during the day. At least, once you’ve struggle to put it on it’ll stay there! πŸ˜‰ I still want to try it on the cheeks even if it’s just a lip product, though.

Have you ever tried it? Any tips?

Stay beautiful.


Review: Kiko Mirror Lacquer in Skye Blue #624

June 10, 2013 § 6 Comments

Hello and happy Monday!

Last week I reviewed the lime-green mirror nail polish by Kiko and this week is the blue one’s turn! Read the previous review here to have more details about these limited edition nail polishes. πŸ˜‰

Here is the Mirror Nail Lacquer by Kiko in Sky Blue (#624).

Kiko metallico celeste

Color&Pigmentation. I wouldn’t have called this polish “Sky Blue” simply because the sky is way lighter than this polish. Anyway, this is the lightest blue you can get in this limited edition. You know that Lime Green stole my heart, but this one came right on the second place. The pictures show the color exactly how it is in real life, especially the one with no flash used. Concerning the finish, I find this one less matte if compared to the green one. To my eyes it seems a little bit more glossy (even if it’s not the right term to describe it!). The mirror finish doesn’t add a gold shade like it happens with the green one, but it adds a deeper blue tone with a very little hint of silver. The pigmentation is super just like the green one.

Application. Esay and simple. Plus, I love how super fast it dries.

kiko metallico celeste 2

Longevity. I didn’t try this one without top coat, so I can’t compare the two nail polishes’ longevities, but I’m pretty sure they last the same. I managed to avoid chipping and fading in vertical lines with a good coat of clear nail polish and like that it lasted more than 5 days. I was afraid that the finish would be different, but it stayed pretty much the same, just a tad more glossy.

Packaging. Nothing that stands out, except for the β€œmirrored” cap.

Store&Price. It can be bought at Kiko online shop or at Kiko stores for 4.90€, but it is now on sale for 2,50€. I bought it with 20% off in the haul I showed here.

Overall: 8/10. It’s a 8 and not a 9 (like the lime-green one) simply because I like its color, but I’m not in love with it as I was with the green one. Anyway, I really recommend these polishes because they are, of course, worth it and the finish makes them quite different from any other polishes on the market. (Actually, I’m starting to see mirrored polishes a little bit more these days, from different brands!)

Any thoughts?

Stay beautiful.


Temptalia’s website is awesome

June 8, 2013 § 6 Comments

Hello, dearies!

Writing on a super busy weekend. I am studying for an exam I’ll take after the middle of June, while lectures still haven’t finished and while working on my thesis. Desperate times! XD

Some weeks ago I had five minutes to surf around the Temptalia website – I was looking for a good review about Chanel lipsticks – and I realized that it has totally changed its layout and -don’t know if you could do it before- added a “sign up” button. I decide to sign up because the website promised some more fun features and, honestly, I was curios.

After signing up, you can press the buttons “Love” or “Leave it” for every product reviewed, or you can add it to your vanity (if you own it), you can post a comment (of course), review the product and add it to your wish-list so you can keep track of the makeup you’d like to buy in the future.
Plus, next to every review there are linked dupes (already reviewed) matching the color of the product.
I find it extremely helpful and fun! πŸ™‚

Temptalia is definitely the best site for medium or high-end makeup reviews. (I wish Christine would review more drugstore products too, but I noticed that she’s starting with Maybelline, Revlon and Sephora and I’m hopeful that she’ll soon cover other brands too). Definitely sign up if you love makeup reviews.

Sadly, I don’t know if they’ll fix the problem later, but you can’t do most of the above features for very old product reviewed back in the years.

So, are you a member of Temptalia’s website? Let me know your nickname so I can follow you!
My account is: satine89.

Hope you’ll have a great weekend.
Stay beautiful.


Review: Deeply Moisturizing Paper Mask by Essence

June 6, 2013 § 2 Comments

Hello, sweeties!

Before starting with the review, my daily views are increasing very much and I really want to thank you all, my dear readers, because you’re growing day by day. Thanks to all of you! ❀

Sentimental words aside, in today’s post I’ll review the Deeply Moisturizing Paper Mask by Essence, from the line My Skin.

Paper Mask by Essence

I’ve been longing to buy this mask just out of pure curiosity: I’ve always wanted to try a paper mask but never found them at drugstores or supermarkets (didn’t quite look well, truth be told). Thankfully, a couple of months ago (yes, I know, I tend to use the stuff I buy so much time later, ahah!) I went shopping at OVS (a clothes shop that sells also Essence, Shaka and other makeup brands as well) and I got home with no clothes but some skin care products.

I know that cheap products aren’t completely green, but Essence surprised me with their Soft Cleansing Gel, Anti-Spot 4in1 Cream Wash and Anti-Spot Moisturizer which I noticed are almost completely green, so I wanted to try something else. Pretty much safe ingredients and cheap prize. What can I ask for more?
I ended up buying a colored cream (that I still have to open) too which will surely be too dark for me, but that I will mix with my White MAC Face&Body foundation as soon as I finish my Maybelline BB Cream. Hopefully I’ll review both quite soon.

But let’s go back to the paper mask.
As soon as I opened it I got back years and years before: its smell reminded me so much of the Play-Doh I used to love when I was a kid. It was a jump in my childhood, so weird!
I applied it on my face facing quite some troubles: it is soaked with moisture (of course) but it’s pretty slippery so I couldn’t place it very well on my face and, after I managed to, it would move and peel off at the side. So annoying.
I let it stay on for about 10 to 15 minutes and I removed it afterwards. It was still wet, which means that it really is soaked with lotion. As the instructions say, I massaged the excess moisturizer in circular motion and I didn’t wash my face for some hours.

I noticed -quite a cool detail- that the mask has holes for the eyes, but you can as well wear the mask on the eyes too. Don’t know if it’s a feature for every paper mask. I find it quite nice to have because I could easily image a 15 minutes of complete relax with eyes closed too. I had to study during that quarter of hour so I had to stay with my eyes closed, though! πŸ˜›

Anyway, the benefits? The moisture? Can’t say I noticed any difference, honestly. Yes, the lotion seemed quite moisturizing, but I felt like my skin wouldn’t want to absorb it at all. My face stayed quite wet for an entire hour or so. And..I didn’t like the feeling at all.

Overall 5/10. Yep, that’s my mark for this paper mask. I enjoyed the smell because it brought me back to my childhood, but I don’t know if I really appreciate the smell of Play-Doh on my face. :/ Couldn’t find any noticeable difference in hydrated skin. Maybe it’s a mask that needs to be used more than once to actually see results? Don’t know.

Have you ever tried it? Any thoughts?

Stay beautiful.


Review: Kiko Mirror Lacquer in Verde Lime #627

June 3, 2013 § 13 Comments

Hello and happy Monday!

Here’s one of my latest weeks mani using the Mirror Lacquer by Kiko in the color Verde Lime (#627).

Kiko Verde MetallicoThis limited edition of highly metallic polishes came out at the end of February, if I’m correct, and I totally fell for it. I loved every single color and I wish I could buy some more shades (the silver or the red toned ones are stunning), but I’ve run out of space in my nail polishes box, more for me, for now.
I picked up just two of them. This lime-green one and a blue one which I’ll review during the next weeks. The one I am showing you today is the shade that stole my heart first.

Color&Pigmentation. “Lime green” is the perfect match for this polish’s color. Its finish is extremely metallic and you can really see why they called the lacquers “mirror”. Because of the finish, I would say that there’s a hint of gold in the polish, but you can fully appreciate it only with direct sunlight. With flash it just appears as a lighter lime-green. Despite the fact of being a “mirror” polish, it’s not glossy at all. I find it quite more matte than I expected and it’s great that it’s still very light-reflecting without having to be shiny. The pigmentation is super. One coat and the nail was fully and evenly colored.

Application. It was a pleasure applying it. So easy and smooth. And it dries super fast!

Longevity. Quite disappointing. I was expecting more from a Kiko polish. Usually, they last on my nails more than 5 days (even without top coat), but this one started to almost to fade in vertical nail lines after two-three days. I guess it really needs a nice top coat of clear polish.

Packaging. Nothing that stands out, except for the “mirrored” cap.

Store&Price. It can be bought at Kiko online shop or at Kiko stores for 4.90€, but it is now on sale for 2,50€. I bought it with 20% off in the haul I showed here.

Overall: 9/10. The longevity should’ve made me mark as 7/10, but I love the finish and the color too much. It has really become one of my favourite polishes ever. Plus, the color makes it suitable for spring as well as winter or fall. πŸ˜‰

Ever tried some polishes like this one? Thoughts?
Hopefully next week I’ll review the blue one and let you know how I liked it!

Stay beautiful.


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