Review: Kiko Mirror Lacquer in Skye Blue #624

June 10, 2013 § 6 Comments

Hello and happy Monday!

Last week I reviewed the lime-green mirror nail polish by Kiko and this week is the blue one’s turn! Read the previous review here to have more details about these limited edition nail polishes. 😉

Here is the Mirror Nail Lacquer by Kiko in Sky Blue (#624).

Kiko metallico celeste

Color&Pigmentation. I wouldn’t have called this polish “Sky Blue” simply because the sky is way lighter than this polish. Anyway, this is the lightest blue you can get in this limited edition. You know that Lime Green stole my heart, but this one came right on the second place. The pictures show the color exactly how it is in real life, especially the one with no flash used. Concerning the finish, I find this one less matte if compared to the green one. To my eyes it seems a little bit more glossy (even if it’s not the right term to describe it!). The mirror finish doesn’t add a gold shade like it happens with the green one, but it adds a deeper blue tone with a very little hint of silver. The pigmentation is super just like the green one.

Application. Esay and simple. Plus, I love how super fast it dries.

kiko metallico celeste 2

Longevity. I didn’t try this one without top coat, so I can’t compare the two nail polishes’ longevities, but I’m pretty sure they last the same. I managed to avoid chipping and fading in vertical lines with a good coat of clear nail polish and like that it lasted more than 5 days. I was afraid that the finish would be different, but it stayed pretty much the same, just a tad more glossy.

Packaging. Nothing that stands out, except for the “mirrored” cap.

Store&Price. It can be bought at Kiko online shop or at Kiko stores for 4.90€, but it is now on sale for 2,50€. I bought it with 20% off in the haul I showed here.

Overall: 8/10. It’s a 8 and not a 9 (like the lime-green one) simply because I like its color, but I’m not in love with it as I was with the green one. Anyway, I really recommend these polishes because they are, of course, worth it and the finish makes them quite different from any other polishes on the market. (Actually, I’m starting to see mirrored polishes a little bit more these days, from different brands!)

Any thoughts?

Stay beautiful.


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