Review: Essence Gel Tint in Hot Red #01

June 13, 2013 § 6 Comments

Hello!!! 😉

Today I want to talk about the Gel Tint by Essence in the color Hot Red (#01). I’m developing a love/hate relationship with this one.

tinta gel essence

Color&Pigmentation. Maybe for the first time ever at the Essence counter all of the four shades were available. I wasn’t very sure on which shade I wanted, but I was super curious to try out this tint. I’m a sucker for things that promise a long-lasting power. I ended up buying the red one simply because I was hoping that it would took the place of the BeChic blush that I have no clue on how to use (read why here). The picture above shows very nicely the color: I simply loaded it a little bit to make it less shear. Anyway, on the lips it appears more pinkish than red (but not as pink as the pictures show), simply because it’s a gel form and the pigmentation isn’t as intense as a lipstick one. It’s more similar to a lip gloss, speaking of texture, indeed. To be honest, it doesn’t bother me much, I was expecting the pigmentation I got. The finish is glossy as soon as you apply, but it tends to fade after about half an hour.

Application. The brush is very similar to a lip gloss sponge brush, but the application isn’t as nice as a gloss one. I apply it after that my lip balm (I usually use a Lush one) is almost gone, leaving my lips quite well hydrated. What sucks is that the texture is quite liquid and so the brush tends to drag the color without giving an even coverage. Something that really pisses me off. I manage to get an even color on the lips working it very much and applying more color from the tube where needed.

Essence appena aplicato

Longevity. I really was expecting miracles. of course I was wrong, but not entirely. First off, as I was saying earlier, the glossy finish fades after about 30 minutes, but that’s not what bugs me. The consistency is so liquid that after working with the color and the brush to get an even coverage, the gel tint ends in the ring of the mouth and if you don’t remove it right away (and not even doing this will solve the problem) it will stay there. Forever. Well, for a long time. 😛 The pictures below show this very well. Plus, the color tends to set on the sides of the lips (especially the upper one) – extremely unpleasant (it seems like you’ve line your lips without filling them it -awful). I tested it while having a normal lunch, which means drinking and eating without much attention to the product, and the result is shown as well down here. You can really see the more pigmented ring on the mouth that would stay there despite drinking and even washing my teeth! Not nice, yeah. Concerning its staining power I can say I am quite surprised: the product stained my lips so much that even after 7 hours I could still see a hint of pinkish red on them. I tried to photograph that too, but the light would simply wash out any effect so I gave up. Believe me when I say that after using this tint in the morning, I would still have a hint of color in the evening. The only way to get rid of it is actually using a makeup remover.

essence after

Packaging. Nothing fancy, but I quite like it.

Store&Price. I bought it at my OVS Essence counter for 2,49€.

Overall: 7/10. I struggled to mark this product, really. I love the color very much and I think it’s a shade that suits my skin very well, especially during spring/summer seasons. Plus it’s super cheap and it smells nicely (strawberry/cherry). What would I change and what do I hate? Well, of course the despicable ring and the too-liquid texture. The fact that it ends of the side bothers me but not as much as the ring-trouble. I still have to practise in applying it and maybe I’ll find a way that won’t make me spend more than 5 minutes doing it. Right now, to avoid the mouth-ring I simply don’t apply the product where my lips part, but this also means that I can’t build it up too much or there’ll be too much difference between the sides of my lips and the centre. With this technique I expect just to color a bit my lips. I love the fact that it stains so much. It makes my lips look more healthy without having to re-apply it during the day. At least, once you’ve struggle to put it on it’ll stay there! 😉 I still want to try it on the cheeks even if it’s just a lip product, though.

Have you ever tried it? Any tips?

Stay beautiful.


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