Review: Essie Nail Polish in Mint Candy Apple #99

June 17, 2013 § 9 Comments


Today I’m turning 24. Always liked even numbers, but..22 was better, haha! 😛
I didn’t plan to write on my birthday at all, but hey, it’s Monday and I have a date with you all, as usual! 😉
How am I going to spend my birthday? Definitely nothing special (plus beacuse of personal stuff I’m completely not in the mood for celebrating). Every year since high school ended, I find myself studying on my birthday. 😦 So sad. I have an exam on Wednesday and the best gift is to get the highest mark there. 😛 Wish me luck, by the way!
I have no clue if I’m receiving some actual presents this year. I’ll do a haul if I do or if I decide to splurge a little on makeup&stuff these weeks!

Enough about me and let’s talk of the super raved Mint Candy Apple nail polish by Essie (#99)! I caved in when I was in Rome back in March (if you want to see what I bought here‘s the haul for you)!

Essie Mint Candy Apple num 99

Color&Pigmentation. I was at the Essie counter and I literally couldn’t pick one color, I wanted to get or leave them all. It was a weird feeling! I had high expectations about the colors, but none really impressed me so much to pick it out. Thankfully, the sales girl convinced to try some of them on and..well, I fell in love with every single one I tried. I had my nails painted with at least 5 different nail polishes. I ended up picking this mint-green one simply because I realized how YouTubers&Bloggers were right about the color. It’s stunning and super-super-super pretty. I still don’t see why this light blue with a hint of green is called “mint”; to me “mint” is grass-green, haha! 😛 Anyway, the color is perfect for Summer and especially for Spring. It really brightens up my hands – yeah weird to say! This one was the last Essie polish I tried after Lacquered Up and Lilacism and I was expecting a similar pigmentation. What I noticed is that Mint Candy Apple worked better than the other two, and I can see why this exact color is super talked about on the internet. It really is a better quality that the other two Essie polishes I tried on. The pigmentation is very good (better than Lilacism), but you still need two coats to have a good coverage.

Application. It reminded me Lilacism: somehow sticky yet liquid as well. It was easier to apply than the lilac one, though. Maybe simply because it dries a tad slower than Lilacism. Lacquered Up is still my favorite concerning application, truth be told.

Longevity. I used a top coat and it lasted me more than 6 days. I really feel like this color is a better quality than the other two.

Packaging. Love it. And I love how the white cap suits the mint color. Can’t wait to draw some white dots on my nails the next time! 😛

Store&Price. I bought it at Sephora for 11,90€ if I remember well, but I know that outside Italy they are easily common (and definitely cheaper) in drugstores too.

Overall: 9/10. +1 than the other two nail polishes. I have to admit that the quality is definitely better, even if these polishes need to be formulated again to avoid early chipping. I love the color and I am super glad I give it a shot! Don’t know if I’m going to buy Essie polishes ever again, though, because more than 10€ for a polish is really too much for my pockets! :/

So, do you like it? Do you own it?

Stay beautiful.


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