Friday talk!

June 21, 2013 § 2 Comments

Hello sweeties.

These have been rough days. Exams, personal situations that really got under my skin, plans on my July/August schedule. Fun stuff? Not at all.

Oh, and add that my sister got into a car accident (nothing serious, thank God) and my dad’s car wouldn’t want to start. I think karma is trying to saying something to me. 😛

On Wednesday I had that exam I talked about, luckily it went great. Now I’m one down, two more to go. The next one will be July 1, if everything goes right. I’ll leave the second to September. I could have taken this one too, but there’s the chance (fingers crossed) that I get into the TOEFL program of my university to spend the entire July month (I’m leaving on the 4th and the course ends August 2nd) away of town to attend classes and master my English.

I still don’t know if I’m posting (maybe I’ll write posts in advance) or not, simply because studying for the next exam, working on my thesis and looking for good abroad universities don’t leave me much free time. But we’ll see how things go, just know that my posting schedule might change. 😦

Anyway, yesterday, after the test I took to enter in the TOEFL program, I decided that some shopping wouldn’t be bad – I had to repurchase some cleanser and moisturizer I’m running out of. So, I went to OVS and I got everything I needed (big victory to me, since the counter is always empty when I go!), but I wanted to “splurge” a little bit on new stuff. Sadly, nothing got my attention aside from the loose matt powder which I ended up not buying because I still have tons of powders to finish and milky shaded nail polishes, which again, I didn’t buy simply because they were a little glittered. But, but. I was paying for the three things I bought (a cleanser, my loved makeup remover and a moisturizer) that I noticed a new collection (“Guerilla Gardening” – very very pretty, I’d say) and a red blush. Yes, you read right. A red blush.

Now, you have to understand that I’ve been having a crush on red toned blushes since I discovered LillianMasie (my opinion’s here) last June. She always look gorgeous, but when she wears NARS Exhibit A she really makes me want to go and buy a red blush.
You could imagine how happy I was when I finally found it! It was a cream one so, perfect for summer, right?! Well, I guess it wasn’t my luckiest moment since I noticed a nice twirl of fingers on it. They have tested it and it was the only one left. Big no, and I left it there with a half of my heart.

I guess I’ll have to cave in and place an order of red blushes on as I wanted to do for months! 😛
I’ll let you know when I do, but I’m afraid it’ll be in August or September. I’ll totally need your help picking other products! 😀

The real victory of yesterday’s shopping (?) was finding the Blackcurrant Twinings Tea I’ve been looking for since this Winter, ahah! 😛 Since I didn’t find nothing interesting makeup wise, I definitely comforted my stress with infinite amount of junk food (oh no!)! 😛

& that’s it. This was just a chatty post sorry for the missing entry yesterday – I had no time (nor focus) to plan a review!
Talk to you all soon.

Stay beautiful.


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§ 2 Responses to Friday talk!

  • jesslan says:

    Complimenti per l’esame! E per il programma in cui sei riuscita ad entrare! Cosa studi che non ricordo? (L’arterio) Laurea prevista per?

    • satine89 says:

      Grazie, cara!
      In realtà ho solo fatto il test..devo ancora sapere se l’ho passato e se è sì dovrò seguire questo corso del TOEFL che privatamente costa una fortuna e che l’uni offre praticamente a costi zero! Speriamo che mi prendano!!! :3
      Sono all’ultimo anno della magistrale in Fisica! ^_^
      La laurea è prevista per Marzo, se tutto va nei piani, o al limite luglio 2014! 🙂

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