Review: NYC nail polish in Pinstripe White #134

August 26, 2013 § 6 Comments

Happy Monday, girls!

I’m back with a new nail polish review. Meet the nail polish in Pinstripe White (#134) by NYC.
I picked this cute baby one day back in June because I desperately wanted a white nail polish to wear on my entire nail or just to use as a nail art color! I’m so glad I bought this one specifically!

NYC white

Color&Pigmentation. It’s the whitest white you could ever imagine. The finish is not matte nor too glossy, it’s perfect for a casual look. I would add a top coat if you’d like a very shiny finish, though. I used to hate white nail polish back in the 90s, but now…it one of the trend I’m embracing entirely!!! ๐Ÿ˜€ The pigmentation is quite nice, but I find that with just one coat the color isn’t very even, plus it’s not very white either. If you apply the second coat, it’s simply perfection!

Application. Pretty simple and straightforward. I wish I could just be done with one coat, but it rarely happens so, I can’t complain much. The brush has the perfect size and it allows to get exactly the amount of product you desire. What I usually do is going for a first light coat without loading the brush much. Then, I let it dry and apply the second coat to get an even coverage. No matter how much you load the product of the brush, the first coat will never give you full coverage! I tried and it was a disaster! Concerning the texture, I find it strange. Let me explain: if you shake it very well it’s quite liquid, but still easy to work with, but after 4 to 5 nails it starts getting a little thicker so, what I do, is shake it again and it’s good as it was before! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Longevity. It’s a miracle worker. It lasts more than 6 days without chipping (no top coat used).

Packaging. Cute, even if it’s quite basic! I like how the black cap is black and round!

Store&Price. I got my nail polish at the drugstore (Acqua&Sapone) for 1.99โ‚ฌ and I’ll definitely buy more now that I know they work like a charm!

Overall: 9/10. Great product for being this cheap!!! Can’t wait to try some of their other shades, honestly! It would have been a ten if I could get just one coat of it and perfect coverage, but I know that’s a lot to ask! Not even a Chanel one can work for that aim, right?!

Bonus for those who stick to reading the entire post!!! ๐Ÿ˜›
Here’s the mani I wore at my sister’s 30th birthday party she had last Sunday. It was a success! People kept asking me if my nail were fake, haha! ๐Ÿ˜› Gotta love big polka dots. โค

A very successful manicure. It’s still there after one entire week. #polkadots #nails #white

Stay beautiful,


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