Review: MAC Face&Body Foundation in N1&White

August 29, 2013 § 4 Comments

Hello, girls!

Today’s review is about my very first MAC product I bought. Well, actually it’s a sample, but..still!
I’m talking about the Face&Body Foundation in the lightest shade is N1, which is the one that I asked for at the MAC counter back in March. My mom wanted to try it and, basically, that’s why I got a sample, but it turned out she didn’t like it that much and so, she left it to me to test it out. The same day I actually bought the Face&Body Faoundation in white full size, because I really needed for the longest time.


Color&Pigmentation. The picture showed above is the N1 mixed with a lot (I swear, a lot) of white. I couldn’t force myself in adding more white because I already knew the color would never match me. Even if N1 is in the neutral/cool line, is still too yellow for me, as you can clearly see. The white shade, of course, can’t be better described by “white”! 😛 The pigmentation is quite poor: this is a light to medium coverage foundation, that doesn’t cover up much imperfections, but that definitely does even out the skin color and gives a healthy look thanks to its light finish. I’ve never build too much the product, but I know that you can do more than two layers and this foundation works as a charm. Can’t say anything about body-use either, sorry!

Application. Since it’s very liquid, you can easily apply with fingers and get a very even out look. I’ve also applied it with a sponge or with a brush, but my eyes couldn’t see a visible difference in finish. It’s definitely one of the easiest foundation to apply ever, it really goes smooth and, maybe thanks to the fact that it has light coverage, there’s no way you can mess up! One thing I noticed: the white one is a tad more liquid than the N1 sample.

Longevity. Quite long-lasting, despite the light coverage. Of course, setting it with a powder makes everything work longer, but even when I don’t, it stayed there for an entire day, without even using a face primer!


Packaging. Can’t say much about the sample. Sadly the guy at MAC didn’t want to spoil me, so he didn’t put much product in the container, but I got the big bottle of the white one. It’s 120ml and it will literally last me forever. I know you can get the 50ml bottle as well, though. Since it really is a huge amount of product I am super afraid that it’ll go bad. The xpiring date is 2 years from opening, though and I just have to find the courage to put the whole bottle in the fridge to store it! The packaging itself is quite sleek and I love the pointy applicator! 😉

Store&Price. The Face&Body foundations can be bought at MAC stores (online or not) and I paid my 120ml bottle 36€ and the smaller one should be about 10€ less expensive. On a side note, I have to warn you that the white shade is sold only at MAC Pro stores and I would suggest to book it in advance since every time I went at the shop it was always sold out.

Overall: 9/10. I wished it offered a little bit more coverage, but I like the finish better than a high coverage, to be honest. I simply lack of patience when it comes to build-up and work with foundation. Speaking of which, I have to mention that I rarely use foundation on a daily basis. Most of the times, I have to time, truth be told, but my skin isn’t that bad either. Nevertheless, I always wear foundation for events and singing contest because I like to have a more even out skin tone.  What still upsets me is that not even the lightest MAC Face&Body foundation shade matches my skin. Somebody please explain me why MAC denies cool-toned (and super fair) people to buy their face products. The foundation scores a 9 also because it kind of solved all of my foundation-wise problems. As you know, I am super pale and I’ve tried the largest amount of foundations, but none matched my skin at all, so ended up with a lot of impossible-to-use bottles of foundations. With this white baby I get to mix them and have the perfect shade I need. It’s a huge deal for me, after years of struggling for a great skin-match!

That is all for today!
I wish you all a super nice weekend!
Stay beautiful,


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