Where have I been this week

September 29, 2013 § Leave a comment

Hello, girls!

Hope you’re having a wonderful Sunday. Me, after terrible hectic days, I decided to take a little break from studying and simply catch up with some YouTube videos and TV Shows (while applying to some job openings, too..:P). Tomorrow I’ll be back begging for some more minutes in an hour.

I am so incredibly sorry for not posting during last week. I hate the fact that my life is getting busier and busier and that I never have a spare hour to properly commit to this blog. At the same time, I can’t wait to see what my future holds. My plans are huge, but honestly, I don’t feel like writing a post all about them yet. I’m afraid I’ll jinx everything. I hope you’ll understand.

This week I’ve been super stressed out about the exam I had to take yesterday in Rome. Seriously, I have never been so destroyed by an exam like this one. My skin is feeling so bad right now: I’ve been breaking out like I’ve never did before. Plus, I feel weak, unmotivated and emotionally unstable. Yes, it’s a disaster. And I’m afraid it won’t get better until next Spring. *sighs*

However, the point of this post is not looking for sympathy, but just letting you know that, hopefully, I’ll be back on track starting next week. Just be patient with me during these weeks because if I told you all the things I have to accomplish you’d think I’m crazy. Cross my fingers for me, ladies!

Talk to you soon. Have a wonderful day!

Stay beautiful.


Review: Kiko Blending Brush – Eyes #200

September 19, 2013 § 12 Comments

Hello, girls!
Hang in there because Friday is near! Personally I’m studying every day so I feel like every day is just like the other. No weekend happiness for me. πŸ˜›

I received my TOEFL scores on Monday and I got 115/120. I still can’t believe it! The exams wasn’t great at all and I was so afraid of not getting the “pass mark” for a lot of unis, which is 100/120. Thank God I was wrong!!! πŸ˜€

But aside from that, today I wanted to talk about a brush that changed my life. It’s the Blending Brush (Eyes #200) by Kiko.

Pennello KIKO

Truth be told, in the past I bought a lot of blending brushes trying to find the perfect one. I wanted to get the infamous #222 (correct me if I’m wrong) by MAC, but since I’ve always been disappointed in blending brushes so much, I didn’t want to spend a fortune on it. I bought this Kiko one back in the beginning of Summer and I had no idea that I would have placed an order at Maquillalia.com where I could have bought the Real Techniques one. Basically, the reason why I gave in and bought it is because it was 50% off – I don’t even look at Kiko brushes in general because they are pricey for the quality they offer. I’ve never been more wrong!

The brush is white and, surprisingly, it stays pretty the same even if using very dark eyeshadows – don’t ask me how’s that possible. I guess it doesn’t retain product in the bristles and that’s good since it prevents any product waste.
Coming to its function, it blends perfectly any kind of eyeshadows – matte, satin, shimmery, you name it! The bristles are soft but quite stiff at the same time so you can blend very well without actually dragging the color (or the crease lid) with it.

Concerning the price, as I was saying I paid it 50% off the original price (9.90€) and I’m so glad the sales tempted me to buy it. Now I’ve changed my mind on Kiko brushes and maybe I’ll try something else!

The only downside is that it’s a little little little bit too big for my eyes. I have to be careful when blending or, otherwise, eyeshadow will end all over my browbone. But, nevertheless, it’s not that hard to control the brush – I just needed a little bit of practise. πŸ˜‰

Overall 10/10. For me, this brush is fully successful and I really suggest you to go and get one! πŸ˜€ Plus, it’s quite cheap (even if full price) if compared to high-end ones! I’m done with blending brushes for a lot, now! πŸ˜‰

Stay beautiful.



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Review: Nails Inc. Nail Polish

September 16, 2013 § 9 Comments

Hello and happy Monday!

Here is the review of my very first Nails Inc. nail polish. Sadly, I really couldn’t find the name or the number of this color! 😦

Nails Inc

Color&Pigmentation. The color is a stunning warm fuchsia. I think this exact shade was missing in my collection and I’m extremely grateful it came on my July Glossy Box! πŸ˜€ The pigmentation is very good, however I still coated the polish twice to have the same intensity of the lacquer in the bottle.

Application. Regardless the fact that the polish can be quite sticky if not well shaken, it went pretty smooth. The little brush let me avoid to color my cuticles – which is always good.

Longevity. Not bad at all. It lasted 5 days without chipping (no top coat, as usual).

Packaging. Super cute. Small and tiny. Last Saturday I was in Rome for my TOEFL exam and I went to Sephora: I saw the full size of the Nails Inc. polishes for the first time and they are twice this little baby! This exact shade was in a trio with two other lacquers, though!

Store&Price. I didn’t know until last Saturday that Nails Inc. is sold at Sephora, but apparently..it is! πŸ˜€ However, I got mine in the July Glossy Box and, as the card was saying, it’s 17€ for the full size.

Overall 8/10. It’s a good nail polish, I like the formula, I like the staying power and I like the color. I’m bummed I didn’t wear it more than once. I feel like it’s not a suitable shade for the incoming Fall! :/ However, I don’t think it’s that great to be worth its price.

Have you ever tried any other Nails Inc. polishes? How did you like them?

Stay beautiful.


Review: Chanel Rouge Allure Lipstick in EnjouΓ©e #95 + possible dupe

September 12, 2013 § 4 Comments

Hello, girls!

This lipstick wa s Christmas gift by my parents. It’s my very first Chanel product: Rouge Allure Lipstick in EnjouΓ©e (#95). After months of use I can properly review the lipstick!

Chanel 1

Color&Pigmentation. When I first saw the color, I fell in love. It’s exactly the strawberry fuchsia with a tiny hint of coral that I love. The pigmentation is super, but you can build it as well. In fact, whenever I wanted a nice pop of color but nothing too evident, I would apply it with my fingers, gently dabbing it on my lips.

Chanel appena applicatoApplication. Quite smooth, but I would say that the texture is 80-90% creamy because it’s a long last lipstick. However, I’ve never had any problems applying it, even in a rush!

Longevity. Amazing. The following pictures show how the lipstick wears over time. After just half an hour the finish isn’t glossy anymore and it becomes a no-transfer lipstick. As you can see from the pictures, after eating and drinking it does dim in intensity, but the color is still there. Moreover, I noticed little gold glitter that isn’t visible at all after the first application. After hours of wear, it gradually lose color, but I can guarantee to you that even after 7 hours, the color was still visible. Blame the lightning if the pictures don’t show it perfectly. Actually, it seems like it does stain the lips a little bit. Plus, it’s super easy to reapply during the day too because the already existing color easily blends with the new product. Don’t ask me how that’s possible, it’s magic to me! πŸ˜› It can be a little bit drying, though.

Chanel drinking eatingChanel hoursPackaging. Super luxurious and sophisticated. The lipstick opens with an invisible spring and it feels quite strong and resistant too. No need to worry that it’s going to break – it’s an unlikey possibility.

Store&Price. As I was saying, it was a gift, but I believe that my parents paid something like 28€ for it. I bought it at my drugstore, Limoni, but you can get it in any Sephora and Nordstrom, I believe.

Overall: 9/10. I love it and I really have used it a lot during Spring and Summer. I’m in love with the color and the formula. It’s great how long it last and I’m definitely going to splurge on another shade in the future – maybe a deep red or plum. However, it’s extremely expensive and that’s the only reason why I can’t grade the lipstick with a full 10/10.

Bonus for all of you!
Ironic to say, but I picked up this lipstick with my mom the same day I bought my very first H&M lipstick. Well, I didn’t realize how similar they were at that time. Here are the swatches side by side and, as you can see, the H&M one (Darling Pink) can work as a lighter dupe for the Chanel lipstick. Nevertheless, it’s a dupe only in color. The formula is the worst if you don’t have perfectly hydrated lips: it tends to enhance the lines and it creases after one hour. So, yeah, it’s a dupe, but there’s a reason why the Chanel lipstick is that expensive! The H&M one was something between 2 and 3€ and I used this one for those days when I didn’t need a long-lasting lipstick. The color on the lips is quite similar!


& that is all, peeps!

Stay beautiful,


My Autumn MartOfChina wishlist

September 10, 2013 § 9 Comments

Hello, everybody and let’s welcome the second week of September!

Autumn is coming soon, as we know, and Fall is my favorite season, I think. I love that it’s getting cold, but not as cold as winter! You curl up in bed with a nice hot cup of tea and watch all the TV shows start again! Yes, Autumn is my favorite season also because of TV shows! πŸ˜›

Anyway, I was looking online for nice online clothes&shoes shop and I found MartOfChina. It hit me because of how very inexpensive the pieces are and, nevertheless, there’s a huge variety of stuff you can buy – especially shoes. That’s why I decided to simulate an order of what I would buy for this upcoming Fall!!!

Let’s start with clothes and, to be more specific, dresses.

dresses 1123
These are more flowy dresses that still reminds me of the warmer months, but that can work for Fall too. I’d love to pair them with tights, nice boots and a big scarf!

dresses 24567
These are more traditional dresses. I’m dying to get a red dress and simple beige/nude ones. Oh, and how about lace? You never go wrong with lace, no matter the season.

Concerning bottoms, I’m all over shorts and skirts. I really don’t know if I’ll be brave enough to wear them at uni, but when I go out there’s no doubt I will!

The shorts which look like a skirt are getting more and more famous around the web, and I’m caving in too! They have the look of a cute skirt, but they are as comfortable as actual shorts! Another item on my wish list are plain simple black or grey shorts, so that I can wear them with basically anything: make them more classy with some heels or more easy with boots! Oh, and a simple black skirt should never miss in a girl’s closet! πŸ˜‰

Even if Fall isn’t as cold as Winter, sweaters are good anyway.

These are some of my favorites. I love how they look with a plaid shirt under and how baggy they are. Perfect for everyday life!

For accessories, during Fall I’m generally very into gold like pieces more than silver finishes. I feel like they match outfits better and give more of a warm feeling to the look.

I love long big pendants to wear over dresses or big sweaters. Jewelry like that can really add to a simple outfit. πŸ˜‰

Scarves should be quite useful too. Maybe I would avoid the real heavy ones and I would save them for Winter, but these down here are good alternatives.

I would love to get big scarves to wrap my neck and shoulder with. Oh, and a simple light foulards for when the weather is warmer!

Some random pieced I would add to my wish list are: simple-but-cute shirts for more boho/romantic looks and a good leather jacket to spice up a simple outfit. I couldn’t live during the Autumn months if I didn’t have a leather jacket, and my old white one should really be replaced!

shirt & jacket12

And now..let’s come to my favorite part of the post! Shoes!
I definitely need some nice flats for my daily life at uni and I’m still not very sure on what to get.

I’m sure about wanting classic oxfords because I bought a lace pair this Spring and I wore them non-stop. However, a good pair of simple ballerina flats wouldn’t hurt at all. Color wise, I am very tempted by reds, but I’m pretty sure I won’t be bold enough! Nudes or light browns work better for my personality.

What about night (or days) when you feel more brave? Here are some heels that stole my heart.

heels and wedges123456
Again, it’s nudes vs black. These are pretty classic shoes that fit every outfit. I’m planning on buying some nude heels since last year and, hopefully, this year I’ll be lucky! I would also love to get some suede pumps too: very Autumn-like, yet sophisticated. I’m not sure about how many comfortable shoes I will find, but the wedges inspire me very much: it’s being taller without much suffering! πŸ˜›

For boots, I would stick to dark colors and, to me, this means black and black only.

I would love to get the ones from #1. They would be so comfortable, despite the wedges! And they would be perfect even to simply to go university. #2 should be pretty comfortable as well, and #3 are so cute, aren’t they?! I’m sure a lot of you will be asking if #4 are the infamous Louboutin ones and..no, they are not, but..pretty similar, uh?! I would love to be able to actually be brave enough to wear those booties! πŸ˜›

And that is all, girls! Here’s my Autumn wish list and, hopefully, I’ll come back with a nice fashion haul soon!
If you have some free time, check out the shop at MartOfChina and let me know your favorite items!!! There are really tons of styles to choose and the shoes section is unbelievable huge! πŸ˜‰

Talk to you soon. ❀
Stay beautiful.


Bloglovin & Blog’s Anniversary!

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Hello, dearies!
I hope you are having a wonderful weekend.

Yesterday I had the TOEFL test. It didn’t went great, sadly, but before talking I will wait for the results. (I’m keeping my fingers crossed, though!)
Today I had to do tons of planning for the next hectic weeks. Now, I’m about to shut Internet down so I can focus entirely on my thesis with no distractions (blame Tumblr and the tag #teenwolf – this addiction is killing me!). Tonight I’m invited to my sister’s to eat some pizza – I’m going there early so I can “help” her, and I quote because I’m a disaster in the kitchen! πŸ˜›

However, I wanted to let you know that after one year (WHAT?! it feels like yesterday that I started blogging) that this blog was moved here to WordPress I decided to join Bloglovin’!
I’m going to follow all of you as soon as I have some time! Leave down here your links, if you want to! πŸ˜€

You can follow Random Beauty Things at this link: follow my blog with Bloglovin’!
& that’s all! Have a great day, wherever you are!

Stay beautiful,


I’m a giveaway winner! W H A T ?!

September 5, 2013 § 9 Comments

Hello, girls!
Today’s entry will be a little bit different that the others.

That’s how excited I was (and still am).

I won my very first giveaway!!! (Well, truth be told, it’s the second one, but the first one I got ended up into Italian customs and so I had to send back the package! :/) It took me days to have the actual time to sit, make some decent photos and write about it!

The stunning and super talented Nicole hosted this giveaway for her one year blog anniversary! The prizes are show down here and this is the official post that announced the giveaway. πŸ˜€

Here’s what I got into the perfectly wrapped bubble plastic:
Sleek palette iDivine Storm
Ardell fake lashes in #123
MAC lipstick in Ruby Woo


When she emailed me saying that I won, I just couldn’t believe it! And she was so nice when I explained her that I couldn’t receive parcels here in Italy because of customs! She agreed on mailing everything with regular service and, thankfully, nobody opened the envelope and I got everything in perfect shape!

My controlled excitement when getting the parcel, or people would call the cops πŸ˜›

I still can’t believe I now own a MAC lipstick and, honestly, it’s so good to finally strike it from my wish list! He’s been staying there since ages, haha! πŸ˜› I still haven’t swatched the lipstick because I wanted to immortalize its perfect shape, but I will surely wear it soon, so keep an eye on the blog and on Instagram as well! πŸ˜‰
Super excited for the Sleek palette, as well. It’s my very first eye Sleek palette and I’m already in love with the blushes I showed you here, so..it won’t be disappointing, I know! The colors are a little bit darker that the ones I usually wear, but this palette comes in handy just because of that! Whenever I want to do a deeper smokey eye I always have to give up because I don’t have really dark shades! And now..now I do, yeeee! πŸ˜€ I love that it has stunning shimmery colors as well as matte ones! Definitely a keeper.
I’m super glad about the Ardell lashes as well. They really look great, slim and natural as I like them! Can’t wait to test them on!!!

& that is all, ladies!

I just want to thank again miss Nicole for being so generous and, again, happy anniversary, dear!

A kiss for you, hon!

Everybody should really go and check her blog out, it’s definitely worth following her!!!! She’s the queen of blending, to me! He makeup is so flawless and super original!
Oh, and follow her on her socials too! (Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Facebook)

Talk to you all, soon, girls.
Stay beautiful.


ps. I have the TOEFL exam on Saturday, guys. Please, keep me in your prayers. I really need any little amount of luck you can give me! :*

Review: Kiko nail polish in Mango, #281

September 2, 2013 § 4 Comments

Greetings, ladies!

Here’s one of my favorite polishes of all time. It’s the Kiko nail polish in Mango (#281). I’ve had this lacquer for three springs now and it’s the one I used to reach for every time until last year. Now that my nail polishes collection is bigger, I don’t wear it as often as I did before. However, it still is one of my favorite colors ever to wear during sunny months!

Kiko fragola

Color&Pigmentation. “Mango” isn’t the best way I would describe this color. I would say it’s more of a strawberry pink with a very little of yellow tone to it. It’s super bright and perfect for Spring and Summer. Oh, and I love how colorful makes my feet nails whenever I wear it on there! The pigmentation is very good and, if I’m in a rush, I could settle for just one coat. Nevertheless, with two coats you can appreciate the color in its entirely.

Application. As I said, it’s a three years old polish and, sadly, we all know that even nail lacquers gradually get old. It used to be easier to apply because it was more liquid, but I’ve bought polishes that don’t compare to this application even if they are brand new. That is, it still works great for being old! πŸ˜‰

Longevity. Good. The picture shows the Friday’s nails I painted on the Saturday before. Very good! πŸ˜‰ (No top coat used, as usual!)

Packaging. Nothing fancy. It belongs to the permanent line of the Kiko polishes so it’s pretty basic!

Store&Price. You can buy it at any Kiko store in sale for Β£2.50, but I remembered paying mine full price as soon as it came out. (Actually, I believe this was an addition to the already existent polishes line!)

Overall: 9/10. It would have been a ten a year ago. The application isn’t as smooth as I remembered so I have to love it a little less. It still remains one of the colors that reminds me of Spring/Summer and I can’t help but still love it, despite of the more recent polishes I bought! πŸ˜›

& that is all!

Stay beautiful.


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