My Autumn MartOfChina wishlist

September 10, 2013 § 9 Comments

Hello, everybody and let’s welcome the second week of September!

Autumn is coming soon, as we know, and Fall is my favorite season, I think. I love that it’s getting cold, but not as cold as winter! You curl up in bed with a nice hot cup of tea and watch all the TV shows start again! Yes, Autumn is my favorite season also because of TV shows! 😛

Anyway, I was looking online for nice online clothes&shoes shop and I found MartOfChina. It hit me because of how very inexpensive the pieces are and, nevertheless, there’s a huge variety of stuff you can buy – especially shoes. That’s why I decided to simulate an order of what I would buy for this upcoming Fall!!!

Let’s start with clothes and, to be more specific, dresses.

dresses 1123
These are more flowy dresses that still reminds me of the warmer months, but that can work for Fall too. I’d love to pair them with tights, nice boots and a big scarf!

dresses 24567
These are more traditional dresses. I’m dying to get a red dress and simple beige/nude ones. Oh, and how about lace? You never go wrong with lace, no matter the season.

Concerning bottoms, I’m all over shorts and skirts. I really don’t know if I’ll be brave enough to wear them at uni, but when I go out there’s no doubt I will!

The shorts which look like a skirt are getting more and more famous around the web, and I’m caving in too! They have the look of a cute skirt, but they are as comfortable as actual shorts! Another item on my wish list are plain simple black or grey shorts, so that I can wear them with basically anything: make them more classy with some heels or more easy with boots! Oh, and a simple black skirt should never miss in a girl’s closet! 😉

Even if Fall isn’t as cold as Winter, sweaters are good anyway.

These are some of my favorites. I love how they look with a plaid shirt under and how baggy they are. Perfect for everyday life!

For accessories, during Fall I’m generally very into gold like pieces more than silver finishes. I feel like they match outfits better and give more of a warm feeling to the look.

I love long big pendants to wear over dresses or big sweaters. Jewelry like that can really add to a simple outfit. 😉

Scarves should be quite useful too. Maybe I would avoid the real heavy ones and I would save them for Winter, but these down here are good alternatives.

I would love to get big scarves to wrap my neck and shoulder with. Oh, and a simple light foulards for when the weather is warmer!

Some random pieced I would add to my wish list are: simple-but-cute shirts for more boho/romantic looks and a good leather jacket to spice up a simple outfit. I couldn’t live during the Autumn months if I didn’t have a leather jacket, and my old white one should really be replaced!

shirt & jacket12

And now..let’s come to my favorite part of the post! Shoes!
I definitely need some nice flats for my daily life at uni and I’m still not very sure on what to get.

I’m sure about wanting classic oxfords because I bought a lace pair this Spring and I wore them non-stop. However, a good pair of simple ballerina flats wouldn’t hurt at all. Color wise, I am very tempted by reds, but I’m pretty sure I won’t be bold enough! Nudes or light browns work better for my personality.

What about night (or days) when you feel more brave? Here are some heels that stole my heart.

heels and wedges123456
Again, it’s nudes vs black. These are pretty classic shoes that fit every outfit. I’m planning on buying some nude heels since last year and, hopefully, this year I’ll be lucky! I would also love to get some suede pumps too: very Autumn-like, yet sophisticated. I’m not sure about how many comfortable shoes I will find, but the wedges inspire me very much: it’s being taller without much suffering! 😛

For boots, I would stick to dark colors and, to me, this means black and black only.

I would love to get the ones from #1. They would be so comfortable, despite the wedges! And they would be perfect even to simply to go university. #2 should be pretty comfortable as well, and #3 are so cute, aren’t they?! I’m sure a lot of you will be asking if #4 are the infamous Louboutin ones, they are not, but..pretty similar, uh?! I would love to be able to actually be brave enough to wear those booties! 😛

And that is all, girls! Here’s my Autumn wish list and, hopefully, I’ll come back with a nice fashion haul soon!
If you have some free time, check out the shop at MartOfChina and let me know your favorite items!!! There are really tons of styles to choose and the shoes section is unbelievable huge! 😉

Talk to you soon. ❤
Stay beautiful.


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