Review: Kiko Nail Polish in Light Peach – #359

October 1, 2013 § 9 Comments

Greetings, ladies!

Here is my todays’ review: I’ll talk about my Kiko nail polish in the color Light Peach (#359).Kiko pescaColor&Pigmentation. This time the name suits the color very well. When I bought it I was undecided between this one and the darker version. I’m glad I got the light peach because I feel like it suits my skin way better. The pigmentation is pretty good and I settled for just one coat of it.

Application. It’s not the quickest one. Let me explain you why. First of all, the texture is very pastry and sticky and if you load the brush believing this would help, you’ll end up making a mess (and losing a lot of time). What I do when I wear this specific nail polish is: shake very well the bottle, get a normal amount of polish and work it precisely but very quickly at the same time. For every nail or two I tend to shake the bottle again so that the consistency remains enough liquid to work the product on the nails easier. Yes, applying this polish takes me more time than a normal nail polish does, but I find that this is the best way to do it.

Longevity. If I apply it in the way I’ve just described it lasts me at least 5 days (no top coat used). However, the very first times I wore it, it was always a disaster. I would apply too much product that never properly dried and it would chip and ruin after just one day.

Packaging. The same old Kiko nail polish bottle – nothing much to say about it! However, in its simplicity it’s quite functional!

Store&Price. I bought it for 3.90€ two years ago at the Kiko counter. You can find it online at the official website! Oh, and I know that Kiko is now opening some stores in UK too! It truly is a brand that should be discovered by the web and the makeup addicts! 😉

Overall 8/10. It’s a nice nail polish. I love the color very much: it’s a shade of peach that I’ve never seen anywhere else. The only downside is the application process: it takes more time than usual because of its not-so-great formulation. Nevertheless, it remains a lovely nail polish I really enjoy wearing during Spring and Summer.

Stay beautiful.


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