Review: MAC Matte Lipstick in Ruby Woo

October 10, 2013 § 10 Comments


Finally I can post the review for maybe the most famous MAC lipstick ever: Ruby Woo.Ruby Woo collage 1If you don’t already know, I won this precious lipstick in a giveaway (here‘s the link to my post about it) and it’s my very first MAC lipstick. I’ve always wanted to try lipstick from this brand, but whenever I go to a MAC store I get so overwhelmed by the color range that I give up. (And the fact that these lipsticks are pricey does not help! P) However, I am super happy to have been lucky enough to try their most famous one! 😀

Color&Pigmentation. Ruby Woo is the red lipstick of the world. I would say that it has a little hint of strawberry red too, depending on the lightning and on how pale your lips are. It has a cool undertone and it reminds so much of the lipstick that Taylor Swift usually wears during her performances or red carpet looks in general. I’m not positive if she actually has ever worn this specific one – I don’t doubt it, truth be told. However, let’s move on. The finish is the mattest matte you can ever imagine. Because of this, I find it’s quite drying on the lips, but nothing that a lip balm over it can’t solve. The pigmentation is amazing, one swipe of product and your lips are completely covered.Ruby Woo collage 2Application. Here comes the most difficult part. The pictures show the effect applying the lipstick straight from the bullet. I have to tell you: it’s not the easiest way. I wore this lipstick quite often, recently, and so se pointy tip disappeared in no time. What I mean is: I managed to use the product directly from the tube only for the first two applications, when the lipstick was rightly shaped to respect my lips edges. However, right now, it’s impossible for me to apply it straight from the bullet: it would end up everywhere! As a result, I generally apply it with a lip brush and I find it’s way easier than using the tube itself: you can be more precise and build up (or down) layering the product as you like. I have to tell the truth, though: this is the lipstick that takes me the most time to be applied ever (at least 7 good minutes – but I’m a perfectionist and quite clumsy do the math). Because it’s matte and has a thick consistency, I would suggest to have nice scrubbed and moisturized lips, otherwise it would accentuate flakiness. Nevertheless, I never wear lip balm under it because it will cause too much smudging. What I do is: apply a lot of lip balm the night before (these days I’m using a Lush one) and scrub my lips with a homemade honey, oil and sugar scrub in the morning.

Longevity. Thanks to its matte finish, it’s definitely a long-lasting lipstick. It stays put even after (carefully) eating and drinking. However, I always have the need of reapplying it after meals – but that’s a OCD thing of mine! 😛 It can be a drying on the lips and I found that wearing under it a light lip balm can increase it’s longevity and avoid cracking lips over the day.

Packaging. Black and round, I like it pretty much! It closes with a safe click and I love how elegant it looks in the paper box! 😉

Store&Price. As I was saying earlier, I won the lipstick in the one-year anniversary giveaway of Nicole (who I will forever thank! ❤), so I got it for free. However, it costs 18.50€ at every MAC (italian or european) counter or on their online shop. I know MAC lipsticks are around 15$ in the US and, honestly, I am super jealous because that translates into 11€. I would definitely spend 11€ on such a lipstick, but 18€ are really too much for me! But, you know what they say, never say never! 😉

Overall 9/10. Definitely one of the best lipsticks I have ever tried. It’s not a full 10 because it can get pretty drying and it’s not as quickly to apply as my Kate Moss Rimmel red lipstick. Moreover, if I’m not careful with good shape lips I can’t wear it at all because it would look simply dreadful. Nevertheless, the pigmentation and the color itself are incredible and I see why this product is so loved by many. I would recommend it if you’re looking for the perfect super long-lasting red lipstick.

& that is all! Ever tried this lipstick? How to you apply it? What about the fact that dries lips: do you have any tips?

Stay beautiful.


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§ 10 Responses to Review: MAC Matte Lipstick in Ruby Woo

  • tizy1289 says:

    è uno dei rossetti più belli di sempre! *-*
    Io ho Russian Red, il fratellino più bluastro, che amo comunque alla follia! =)

    • satine89 says:

      Sì, ho sentito parlare molto anche del Russian Red! Splendidi entrambi!!!
      Il Russian Red com’è? secca?

      • Beatrix Gomez says:

        Hello from Spain! I’ve been using Russian Red for 2 years now. I started when I went back to being a brunette and now that I have gone back-back to platinum blonde (had to let my hair strengthen) it suits me as well. it is not as drying as what I often read about Ruby Woo (I’m currently waiting for the Ruby Woo bullet to be in my mailbox, that’s why I wanted to read some reviews! I ordered it a couple of days ago, and I’m literally biting my fingernails hahaha).
        Russian Red formula is matte but really easy to apply on bare lips, ad by bare I mean with no primer on them. I just apply some powerful lip balm (the Carmex ones are the best on my lips, although they are 5.50€ here and like 1$ in the USA!) after my moisturising cream (Clinique Superdefense, which I also apply on my lips). Then, once I have my make up ready, I remove the surplus of the lip balm with the back of my hand (with soft taps, never rubbing) and apply Russian Red or any matte lipstick. I hardly ever use a lip pencil unless it is the same exact shade of the lipstick, since it will alter the outcome and let’s be honest: MAC shades are pretty unique!! I apply the color directly from the bullet and it glides perfectly. After 5-6 hours out, after dinner or having some drinks (I rarely wear these bold shades to work), I usually start noticing some kind of dryness on my lips, maybe because I have reapplied another coat on the slightly faded inner areas. But this feeling never leads to flakiness (?) or some kind of itch (I’ve read that too about Ruby Woo!! Reading reviews can turn out pretty scary when you are waiting for your product to arrive hahahaha). Russian Red is definitely stunning, and despite being in a less-blue-toned-red range, it flatters every skin tone as well. I haven’t found any dupe for Russian Red, since these “true red” shades have many undertones, and although some brands have come up with similar colors… not at all the same in terms of formula, durability, texture or even fading!!

  • Coco says:

    It is such a stunning red!! I must try it since I love ultra mattes

  • lollclarke says:

    This looks so, so beautiful! I really need to get hold of this. Amazing review, as always:) xx

  • estivaliesq says:

    Such an amazing red !! Great review

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