Review: Enchanted Eye Cream by Lush

October 24, 2013 § 1 Comment

Hello, girls!

Today I will review the Lush Enchanting Eye Cream.

I’ve been wanting to try this product for months. I don’t know where I got the idea, though. 😛 Regardless, when I had to buy my very first eye cream, I was placing an order on FeelUnique and I got the Burt’s Bees one – hopefully I will review that soon. The Lush Enchanted eye cream is still on my wish list, though!!!

Last month, when I was in Rome I stopped at Lush to get my favorite hair treatment Roots and I asked for a sample of the cream. The clerk girl was so nice to almost fill up the entire little sample jar – the amount of product will last me at least two months for sure!!!

The eye cream comes in a white color, but of course it will go clear when applied. As every beauty tip suggests, I apply a little amount with my ring finger and gently dab it on my eye area, down the eye and right under my eyebrows.

The eye cream is quite liquid, but I think my judgment is biased. As I was saying earlier, the eye cream I am currently using (before getting the sample of Lush) is the one from Burt’s Bees and, if you’ve ever tried that one, it’s the thickest cream ever. That’s why I would define the Enchanting eye cream as “quite liquid”. I’m pleased with the different texture of it because I believe it applies easier and, most of all, it absorbs super quickly.

In fact, as soon as I apply it, my eyes “drink” the cream in about 10 minutes and that is why I feel comfortable wearing it in the morning and applying makeup over it – something I’ve always avoided with the Burt’s Bees one because it takes ages to completely absorb.

I know there are a lot of great eye creams around (I’d love to try the infamous Clinique one, but I won’t spend 45€ on something I’m not sure how will work), but when it comes to apply something on my face other than makeup I am always careful to the ingredients and I like to go natural. Maybe that’s why this Lush one attracted me so much! 😀

I didn’t notice an evident result (brightening under eye area, less fine lines, etc.) by applying the eye cream, but I think I should wait at least two other weeks.

Overall 8/10. I am quite pleased with the eye cream. I’m glad it hydrates, but still doesn’t make my eye area greasy so that I can wear makeup over it. These days, I am using the Burt’s Bees at nighttime (to better hydrate the area) and the Lush one during the day. Oh, and I love how refreshing it is. We all know that Lush is quite pricey (it retails for 26.95$), but the Burt’s Bees one was over 25€ and maybe, being natural as well as, I might think to buy it as soon as I’m done with the Burt’s Bees one. We’ll see, we’ll see.

How about you? What eye cream are you currently using?

Stay beautiful.


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