Review: Lasting Color Gel Nail Polish by Pupa

October 28, 2013 § 4 Comments

Hello, girls!

The last week of October! Who thought October is almost ending and Christmas is nearer than ever?!

Todays is my newbie nail polish’s turn: the Lasting Color Gel Nail Polish by Pupa in #018.

Pupa gel

Color&Pigmentation. I would describe this color as a deep fuchsia, more on the dark-red side than on the cool-bright one. Definitely an autumn color despite being fuchsia. I wish I got the #019 which was slightly darker, but when I picked it up I was so curious about the color I didn’t think too much. Looking back, now, I wish it was a little bit darker. Regardless, the color truly is peculiar: it is a shade I maybe never say before among drugstore polishes and it is suitable for colder months as well as warmer seasons. The finish is quite glossy. After all, these line should emulate gel polishes and it stays quite true to what it says! I find the pigmentation to be better than the regular line of Lasting Color Polishes by Pupa. However, I went for two coats anyway because of what I’m explaining later under “Longevity”. 😉

Application. I don’t know why, but the consistency of this polish is quite thick – maybe it’s because of the finish, I don’t have a clue. Because of this, the application is not as smooth as I would have expected, being this a polish by Pupa. However, nothing too dramatic. I just had to take a minute more to apply it. The brush is quite comfortable too.

Longevity. I wore this polish three times and what I noticed is: if you wear only one coat it will chip in less than two days, but it you coat the lacquer twice it will stay put for 5 days. Freaky, uh?! Generally, polishes tend to chip more fi you coat and coat them..this one works at the opposite! Anyway, the glossy finish tends to fade away quite soon: after a couple of days I would feel like wear a coat of clear polish to refresh the look. One word on the removing process: it was harder than usual. I guess it’s because these polishes emulate the gel ones and, as a result, they tend to be harder to come off.

Packaging. The usual Pupa package, with a cap in a darker silver color.

Store&Price. I got mine for free because of an offer Pupa was having through their FB page. I believe these are on the 5€ mark, generally.

Overall 7/10. I wanted to love this polish with all my heart. I ended up liking it, but not loving it. First off, I wish I got the darker shade. And then..the longevity power did not satisfy me much. Forcing me to go with two coats, forces me to take more time to remove it as well – something I don’t want to be bothered with. I mean, the pigmentation is good to simply settle with one coat, why should I wear two coats to avoid chipping?!

Have you tried these polishes? How do you feel about wearing fuchsia during autumn and winter? 😉

Stay beautiful.


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§ 4 Responses to Review: Lasting Color Gel Nail Polish by Pupa

  • Nail Luxxe says:

    Great review! I thought the gel would last longer than that. I do like the colour though, because it’s like a warm fuchsia it’s not the neon kind. The shine is wonderful, looks very professional looking. Maybe if you get the darker one you wanted you’ll love it more?

  • jesslan says:

    Non ne ho ancora provati di questi smalti…devo dire che però mi attirano!Questo colore non è male, peccato le perplessità!

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