Review: China Glaze nail polish in Purr-fect Plum

November 25, 2013 § 6 Comments

Hello, girls!

Sorry for not posting a lot recently. My life is getting messier and messier, every day is worse than the previous and I am near to lose my mind. So stressed. (You are very welcome to follow me on Twitter if you want depressed tweets every now and then.) I really need to schedule everything and try to fit the blog in some way. I will upload you soon if I have news.

But let’s talk about my favorite nail polish of the moment. It’s the China Glaze nail polish in Purr-fect Plum. I bought it on (see the huge haul here) and it was from the limited edition “On Safari“.

china glaze 1

Color&Pigmentation. Honestly, the name couldn’t fit better. It’s my purrrrr-fect plum, seriously. It’s not enough dark so that you can recognize it’s not black and it’s not enough light to make me hate it (I’m not into light purples very much). I am starting to love plums more and more this Fall, and I believe it really suits my pale skin. (One perk of being pale, I guess..:P) See, the thing is that cool toned purples were never my thing (and will never be, I am afraid), but warm toned ones are stealing my heart. The pigmentation is good, but I would put it in the build-able polishes range, which you either can like or not. One coat will give you a lighter purple (still stunning), but I always go with two coats to have a darker shade.

Application. Simple and straightforward. And I find that it dries very quickly too! It’s always a pleasure to apply this polish.

china glaze 2Longevity. It lasts from three to four days with no top coat. As you know, I like to do my nails only on the weekends, therefore I hate when the nail polish starts to chip during the week. After the first time that it chipped in three/four days, I decided to apply a clear polish on it and it lasted perfectly the entire week. Honestly, I did not try to use Purr-fect Plum alone again, so I don’t know if the bad results depended on me washing hands more frequently (or similar) that week than the others (I doubt it, though).

Packaging. Awesome. I love the fact that it’s round and big, and the cap is quite good and comfortable, too. Oh, and it seems that it contains a lot of product if compared to common nail polished.

Store&Price. I bought it on (and it’s still available here) for 5.40€ and it’s from the limited edition “On Safari“, so I guess that it’s not sold on physical stores anymore.

Overall 10/10. Despite the fact that it chipped easily that one time on my nails (still not sure if it depended by my habits), it definitely is a super recommended nail polish. If you’re into dark polishes, you have to get this one..and if you like purples, this is the best shade you’ll ever find! It surpassed all of my favorite nail polishes and I feel like I am wearing it non-stop these weeks!

& that is all, peeps! I hope I will have the chance of buying some more China Glaze polishes in the future because they really feel worth the price.

How do you like lacquers from this brand? Favorite shade?

Stay beautiful.


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