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March 5, 2014 § 12 Comments

Hello, hello!

Today’s blog entry is a little bit different than what you are used to, but it was such a nice experience that I really want to share it with you all! The following GIF says it all.

Don’t worry. I am not going to tell you ALL of my feels. LOL

I discovered by chance that Estée (essiebutton on YouTube, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook) was coming with her boyfriend Aslan in Rome for some days, and that she was actually doing a meet-up with her subscribers. WHAAAAAT?!. I couldn’t be happier.

You all know I am obsessed with her (remember my blog post entirely about her???) and I really couldn’t miss the chance of meeting her. I am in the middle of crazy busy days due to my thesis, PhD offers (need to update you on that too!!!) and new home furniture to buy, but I managed to find the time and have Tuesday afternoon off.

I went to Rome by bus (it’s about two hours from here) and met with my lovely friend Irene (Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram). It was so great to see and hug her again! As Captain Swan shippers, we just click, you know?! 😉
Together we went to Piazza del Popolo, but unfortunately the bus was late and we arrived half an hour after the meeting. Thankfully, everyone was still there!!! We approached the small group slowly and, honestly, super-super-shy. I regret not even saying “hello” to the other girls and to Aslan who was talking with one or two girls. I really was petrified and Irene was too, haha!

Then, finally, I got the chance of saying “hi” to Estée and we took some pictures. Estée was so nice it was unbelievable. Imagine that after she knew that I came far from Rome she took a picture of me and her with her own phone! 😉 And – yes, there is an “and” – she even emailed it to me when I asked her! She truly is awesome.

Me and @essiebutton in Rome last Tuesday! What a lovely afternoon! I wish I just wasn’t that shy! :3 Thanks to Estée for being super kind!!! Such a sweet girl! Writing a post about the experience right now! Hopefully, it’ll go up on the blog in some days! ❤

I’ve always known she was stunning, but in real life she looks so perfect it’s incredible! And she was so nice with all of us! She also written down our Instagram or YouTube names so that she could check our profiles on the social networks.

Me hearing her talk. I had a smile printed on my face. My cheeks were starting to hurt!

I regret not talking to her more. Now that I look back, I wanted to ask her so many things (the lipstick she was wearing or how were they liking their Rome holiday) and small talk about random topics. I wanted to say that I really appreciate her videos and that she basically is my all time YouTube crush.
But..the following GIF says all, once again. I am so effing shy I hate it sometimes!!! 😥

I almost couldn’t look her in the eys when she was talking to me. I’m weird like that, yeah.

Finally, Estée and Aslan said goodbye (so sad to see them leave) and we watched them walking away hand in hand like this:

They were sooooo cute!!!

With a hole in our hearts, Irene and I decided to take a walk and do some “window” shopping (we promised not to buy a single thing! :P). She also walked me to a Laura Mercier stand (now I finally know where to find this brand!) and, most importantly, to the Ladureè patisserie.

Now, let me tell you about my feelings once again. I wanted to try macarons you don’t even know for how long!!! I got a box of six for my parents and one to eat right away with Irene. I got the Strawberry-Marshmallow one. Never tasted anything this divine. It’s so good it should be illegal!!! And all the other flavors I got (chocolate, hazelnut, pistachio and raspberry) were to die for. Now I know that when I am in Rome again I’m going to splurge on macarons instead of makeup, haha!

First time trying macaroons. Heaven!!! Thanks to miss @vioncina for walking me to Ladurèe in Rome!

On my way back to the bus station (let’s not say a word of me taking the wrong subway…), I even met a guy who took with me the TOEFL preparation course back in July. It was as random as pleasant! I was so happy to see him again and catching up with him!

& that is my Tuesday afternoon in a few (hopefully not boring) words. I really enjoyed every minute of it and I am so happy I managed to go. It was great to meet Irene again and we promised each other to spend some time together in April. I look forward to it! ❤

I will forever thank Estée (and Aslan) for being so kind, sweet and just amazing!

Stay beautiful.


ps. you can check Estée and Aslan’s Rome vlogs here!!! I love their vlogs so much!

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