Review: True Color Lipstick by Sleek in Smother #797

November 7, 2013 § 12 Comments

Greetings, Internet!

Here it the product I want to talk about today. It’s called True Color Lipstick by the brand Sleek and it is in the shade Smother (#797).

Sleek Smother lipstick 1Color&Pigmentation. I picked this lipstick because I wanted a deep berry color to use during fall, since the trend of dark lips stole my heart. However, as you can see from the swatches it appears differently from the hand with respect to the color applied on the lips. I don’t know exactly why, but on the hand it seems more purple than it actually appears on the lips. When applied, it is a very deep color with a hint of purple – definitely a blue-toned shade. The pigmentation is very good, but it makes me question why the color is different from the hand to the lips. :/

Application. Very easy and smooth. It applied like a dream, really. The consistency is very creamy and I did not have any troubles applying it straight from the tube though I usually do.

Sleek Smother lipstick 2Longevity. Not bad, but not perfect either. I don’t remember how it behaves when eating or drinking (and I fear I still haven’t tested it in this way), but it stays on the lips for at least 3-4 hours. The only trouble is that it tends to go a little bit patchy: the color tends to slide to the center and to the edges of the lips. As a result, I always have the need of blending it to avoid an awkward look. What I usually do is: put a some kind of chapstick on it and rub the lips together to redistribute the color. If this is not enough I’ll use a finger to blend the color better. On a better note, it stains the lips very nicely and it’s quite hard to get it off too!

Packaging. When I first got it, I though it was a sample. It’s tiny-tiny-tiny if compared to any kind of lipsticks. The amount of product may be less, but the packaging is extremely defined. I love it. It’s not sleek (despite the name of the brand), but opaque and it reminds me the feeling of NARS packaging or the Lorac PRO palette one (aka it tends to get dirty easily). The cap clicks brilliantly and, honestly, I may like the package as well as the lipstick itself. 😛

Store&Price. I got mine at (I swear I’m not sponsored, I just like that site very much and I ordered a ton of stuff there – see the haul here) for 6.50€.

Overall 8/10. I’m not completely sure about the shade. Maybe I was expecting something slightly more berry instead of purple-y. Nevertheless, I think it’s a great product for its price. I like the packaging and the fact that it’s very easy to apply. The stain it leaves is quite nice as well. I will surely buy some more shades from this line. I just have to stop shopping for a little while! 😛

Bonus for you. I read online that it’s one of the closest shade to MAC Rebel lipstick. This is the main reason I decided to add it in my cart! 😉

Have you ever tried these line of lipsticks? How do you like them?

Stay beautiful.


Review: Blush by 3 by Sleek

October 21, 2013 § 4 Comments


Finally, today I will introduce you to the Sleek blush palette. It’s called Blush by 3 and it’s in the color “Flame” (#365).

sleek flame 1

Color&Pigmentation. There is no way to better match the colors than “Flame“. It’s definitely a fiery palette! It has three red-toned shades, two in a matte finish and one slightly shimmer. From left to right, the colors are called Furnace, Bon Fire and Molten. Furnace is red toned with a hint of brown – definitely a darker shade. I find it quite nice for a little bit of contouring – on my cheeks it would look too dark otherwise. What I often do is: placing one of the other two colors almost on the apples of my cheeks and blend them backwards with Furnace. Bon Fire is a bright red and the leader of the palette, for sure. It is a dupe for NARS Exibit A, the blush I wanted to get since LillianMasie talked about it. Molten is the slightly shimmer one: it is a darker and deeper red than Bon Fire, but not as brown-toned as Furnace. The shimmer is almost on the gold side, but it’s nothing too noticeable, which is good since the color already stands on his own. The pigmentation? It dangerously incredible.

sleek flame 2

Application. Due to the highly pigmentation, you could very easily end up with way too much blush on your face. The amount of product you need is not little, it’s ten times less than little!!! Since it’s impossible to get such a little amount of blush on my brush, what I do is: lightly dip the brush on the color of choice, tap off the excess (these blushes can get a little bit powdery), slightly blend the product on my hand and then place in on the cheeks. That is the only way I find works the best to avoid awkward red cheeks. 😛 Yes, the application process is not straightforward as my loved cream blush by Kiko, but I don’t mind it. I love the effect of a red toned blush on my fair skin.

Longevity. On me, these blushes stay put for the entire day. No matter if I am wearing foundation or not. Brilliant.

Packaging. It reminds me of the NARS ones. I love black packages. It feels quite resistant too. And the big mirror is extremely useful.

Store&Price. I bought my blush palette at (here‘s the haul post), but you can find these blushes at Sephora (if you’re lucky) or straight from the Sleek official website for 12.99€. Honestly, with their palettes at 9.99€ I’m pretty surprised these blushes are more expensive. They are worth the price, though.

Overall 10/10. Yes, these palette is a ten. I’ve been wanting red toned blushes for ages and now I’m all satisfied. 😉 I love how, though being all red-toned, they still are quite different from each other to give a different look. My favorite one is, of course, Bon Fire, but pairing either it or Molten with Furnace on the back of my cheeks is something I find myself doing quite often. I guess I’m caving in into the bronzed cheeks too! 😛 Overall, I suggest you to pick one set of colors you like from these blush-by-3 line and just buy it. The palette is definitely a worth-having product.

Any thoughts?

Stay beautiful.


Review: Chanel Rouge Allure Lipstick in Enjouée #95 + possible dupe

September 12, 2013 § 4 Comments

Hello, girls!

This lipstick wa s Christmas gift by my parents. It’s my very first Chanel product: Rouge Allure Lipstick in Enjouée (#95). After months of use I can properly review the lipstick!

Chanel 1

Color&Pigmentation. When I first saw the color, I fell in love. It’s exactly the strawberry fuchsia with a tiny hint of coral that I love. The pigmentation is super, but you can build it as well. In fact, whenever I wanted a nice pop of color but nothing too evident, I would apply it with my fingers, gently dabbing it on my lips.

Chanel appena applicatoApplication. Quite smooth, but I would say that the texture is 80-90% creamy because it’s a long last lipstick. However, I’ve never had any problems applying it, even in a rush!

Longevity. Amazing. The following pictures show how the lipstick wears over time. After just half an hour the finish isn’t glossy anymore and it becomes a no-transfer lipstick. As you can see from the pictures, after eating and drinking it does dim in intensity, but the color is still there. Moreover, I noticed little gold glitter that isn’t visible at all after the first application. After hours of wear, it gradually lose color, but I can guarantee to you that even after 7 hours, the color was still visible. Blame the lightning if the pictures don’t show it perfectly. Actually, it seems like it does stain the lips a little bit. Plus, it’s super easy to reapply during the day too because the already existing color easily blends with the new product. Don’t ask me how that’s possible, it’s magic to me! 😛 It can be a little bit drying, though.

Chanel drinking eatingChanel hoursPackaging. Super luxurious and sophisticated. The lipstick opens with an invisible spring and it feels quite strong and resistant too. No need to worry that it’s going to break – it’s an unlikey possibility.

Store&Price. As I was saying, it was a gift, but I believe that my parents paid something like 28€ for it. I bought it at my drugstore, Limoni, but you can get it in any Sephora and Nordstrom, I believe.

Overall: 9/10. I love it and I really have used it a lot during Spring and Summer. I’m in love with the color and the formula. It’s great how long it last and I’m definitely going to splurge on another shade in the future – maybe a deep red or plum. However, it’s extremely expensive and that’s the only reason why I can’t grade the lipstick with a full 10/10.

Bonus for all of you!
Ironic to say, but I picked up this lipstick with my mom the same day I bought my very first H&M lipstick. Well, I didn’t realize how similar they were at that time. Here are the swatches side by side and, as you can see, the H&M one (Darling Pink) can work as a lighter dupe for the Chanel lipstick. Nevertheless, it’s a dupe only in color. The formula is the worst if you don’t have perfectly hydrated lips: it tends to enhance the lines and it creases after one hour. So, yeah, it’s a dupe, but there’s a reason why the Chanel lipstick is that expensive! The H&M one was something between 2 and 3€ and I used this one for those days when I didn’t need a long-lasting lipstick. The color on the lips is quite similar!


& that is all, peeps!

Stay beautiful,


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