Love at First Try: Lush Roots!

March 9, 2013 § 5 Comments

Hello, people!

I couldn’t help but write a post about my first attempt to use Roots by Lush, even if it’s the week-end! šŸ˜‰

As you know from this post (my haul of last weekend), I asked for a Roots mask sample. Well, Tuesday morning I decided that when I would come back home from school, I would have tried to use the mask! And I did. And I fell in love.


I applied the little amount I got for free on my scalp, massaging in circular motion to let the mask disappear from its typical color white & kind-of-granular texture. With what I had left (after putting the mask on my entire head) I applied it on my lengths, but I would have needed much more (I have half back length hair).
I left it on between 20 and 30 minutes, while my head was happily spinning – I don’t know if it was the mint smell (that I usually don’t like much) or if it’s because I applied it upside-down for about 10 minutes – and then I washed it out with two shampoo washings. IĀ  applied my usual hair conditioner.
I started feeling the difference right after I got out of the shower, just when I was using a towel to remove the excess of water from it. It seemed lighter and softer. I didn’t stumble too much and blow-dried it, as I usually do.
Well, after the hair was completely dry I couldn’t believe how soft it was at touch. Never had such soft hair, I swear. It was a stunning feeling! I thought I had a Disney Princess’ hair, it was beautiful.
Nor sure about how straight the hair would last, I decided to braid it and I went to bed.
The morning after the hair was even softer than the day before (what???), but after braiding it out I noticed that the waves weren’t almost there: it’s like the hair was heavier (?) or something and didn’t get the shape of braid waves as it usually does. But, whatever.
About two hours later the waves were completely gone, but the softness stayed there.

Long story short, I feel in love. And I wish I bought this mask at Lush. I’m writing it down because it really is a miracle worker and I’ll buy it soon (maybe online), hopefully.
What I can’t say is if it actually helped my roots, because I guess that results can be seen after more than just one use!
Have you ever tried this product? How was it?

Stay beautiful & happy weekend!


You Tube-r of the moment: beautyklove

January 17, 2013 § 2 Comments

Hello, hair lovers!

Today I’ll introduce you to The Queen of Heatless Styles: Miss beautyklove!!!

Keren recently turned 23 (thank God for a beauty guru of my age, ahah!) and I discovered her channel maybe two months ago. I had to watch each one of her hair videos and you should do that too. I was amazed by her stunning (super stunning) hair how good she is with hair.
She literally is The Queen of Heatless Styles of the web. I guess she never ever used a hot tool in her videos! If you love to have natural nice waves, curly hair, super bouncy hair or anything that doesn’t concern heat, she’s the one for you.

She is the most creative hair guru I’ve ever seen and she truly inspired me to experiment with my own hair! I know (and we all do) there are tons of tutorials using socks or headbands to get curls, well..she does it with straws. Yes, straws. You read right!!!
(These ones reminds me of the Arwen/Galadriel’s hair in The Lord of The Rings, but I still haven’t found the right thick straws to use! :/)
Oh, and what about her cocoons??? You should check this amazing technique right now!

Her channel is about makeup too, anyway, but I guess she is (and feels) at her best with hair! šŸ™‚

She really is very clear in her tutorials and I feel like she has a very cheerful and sunny personality! She has a super contagious smile and she’s really nice! She has always, and I said always, replied to my comments!
She’s simply a keeper!!!!
Don’t miss her talent, go and watch her videos!!! šŸ˜‰

Hope this suggestion was helpful!
Stay beautiful.


Curls: mind how you curl your hair!

December 6, 2012 § 1 Comment

Hello, dearies!

So, the other day I was watching the TV show “New Girl” and I couldn’t stop staring at Zooey Deschanel’s hair. She always has stunning style and I love how her hair is always curled and voluminous. I love it.
I don’t know if I just paid more attention or not, but in the episode 2×08 I noticed a different style of curls.

As a result I decided to talk a little about how to achieve curls in general.

As you all know, you can get curls either with rollers or with straightener/curling iron. I want talk about that because you’ll find online tutorials that explain everything pretty greatly. Of course, you’ll have different results depending on the tool you use, but maybe what people tend to forget is how to choose the direction of the curls.

There are two ways of curling hair: away or towards your face.

Of all the thousands of hair curls tutorials I’ve seen, all of them tell you to curl away from your face. Well, the look you’ll get curling your hair like that is similar to this one in the picture.

Kind of the style Victoria’s Secret models wear all the time. I call it “a bombshell look” and it definitely is a more sexy and fun look.
Curling your hair away from your face, in fact, reveals more of your jaw line and neck and exposes your face framing it by wonderful waves, as if there’s a wind machine blowing to you.


Instead, the hair style that caught my attention during the episode of New Girl I was talking about is completely different.
Here’s a picture (I couldn’t find any better shot, sadly).

Zooey Deschanel’s hair, this time, was curled towards the face, as you can see very well on the left side. See how the look changes completely?
This is a more vintage-y style that might suit fewer occasions, but that I love even more than the bombshell look.
To curl your hair like that, I would suggest to split the hair in a half and curl both sides towards your face. Every curl (per side) should have the same direction, don’t change it from piece to piece!
Then, you can brush the hair with your fingers or with a brush (for a softer look) to make the curls fall in one (or more, if you want more volume) big curl per side.
As a result, you’ll have two big inward curls framing your face, just like old vintage hair looks.

See how curling hair differently changes the style? Keep that it mind next time you do it! šŸ˜‰

Hope it was helpful!

Stay beautiful.


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