Review: China Glaze nail polish in Purr-fect Plum

November 25, 2013 § 6 Comments

Hello, girls!

Sorry for not posting a lot recently. My life is getting messier and messier, every day is worse than the previous and I am near to lose my mind. So stressed. (You are very welcome to follow me on Twitter if you want depressed tweets every now and then.) I really need to schedule everything and try to fit the blog in some way. I will upload you soon if I have news.

But let’s talk about my favorite nail polish of the moment. It’s the China Glaze nail polish in Purr-fect Plum. I bought it on (see the huge haul here) and it was from the limited edition “On Safari“.

china glaze 1

Color&Pigmentation. Honestly, the name couldn’t fit better. It’s my purrrrr-fect plum, seriously. It’s not enough dark so that you can recognize it’s not black and it’s not enough light to make me hate it (I’m not into light purples very much). I am starting to love plums more and more this Fall, and I believe it really suits my pale skin. (One perk of being pale, I guess..:P) See, the thing is that cool toned purples were never my thing (and will never be, I am afraid), but warm toned ones are stealing my heart. The pigmentation is good, but I would put it in the build-able polishes range, which you either can like or not. One coat will give you a lighter purple (still stunning), but I always go with two coats to have a darker shade.

Application. Simple and straightforward. And I find that it dries very quickly too! It’s always a pleasure to apply this polish.

china glaze 2Longevity. It lasts from three to four days with no top coat. As you know, I like to do my nails only on the weekends, therefore I hate when the nail polish starts to chip during the week. After the first time that it chipped in three/four days, I decided to apply a clear polish on it and it lasted perfectly the entire week. Honestly, I did not try to use Purr-fect Plum alone again, so I don’t know if the bad results depended on me washing hands more frequently (or similar) that week than the others (I doubt it, though).

Packaging. Awesome. I love the fact that it’s round and big, and the cap is quite good and comfortable, too. Oh, and it seems that it contains a lot of product if compared to common nail polished.

Store&Price. I bought it on (and it’s still available here) for 5.40€ and it’s from the limited edition “On Safari“, so I guess that it’s not sold on physical stores anymore.

Overall 10/10. Despite the fact that it chipped easily that one time on my nails (still not sure if it depended by my habits), it definitely is a super recommended nail polish. If you’re into dark polishes, you have to get this one..and if you like purples, this is the best shade you’ll ever find! It surpassed all of my favorite nail polishes and I feel like I am wearing it non-stop these weeks!

& that is all, peeps! I hope I will have the chance of buying some more China Glaze polishes in the future because they really feel worth the price.

How do you like lacquers from this brand? Favorite shade?

Stay beautiful.


Review: Essence Nail Polish in Top of the Ice Stream (#04)

October 14, 2013 § 2 Comments

Happy Monday!

Saying that I am stressed out it’s an euphemism. I am so incredibly tired-scared-hopeless-anxious. Hopefully, next week at this time I will have two weights less on my shoulders. Cross your fingers for me, girls, please!!!

Anyway, today is Essence nail polish in Top of the Ice Stream‘s (#04) turn!Essence Top of the ice streamColor&Pigmentation. Oh my, I love the name so much, it’s super cute! The color is exactly how it looks on the pictures: it’s a milky kind-of-sheer while with cool toned micro glitter in it. The pigmentation is scarce, but for once it is not something that bothers me! Not at all!!! Instead, it gives me the opportunity to layer the product if I want the white polish to stand out more (and you can easily reach the color in the bottle with three rich coats of lacquer), but when I feel like giving my nails just a touch of white I can settle for just one coat. I love how it can serve different purposes. The picture show two slim coats.

Application. It is pretty straightforward. The brush is bigger than I expected and it’s in the perfect size to cover all the nail with two strokes. As a result, the application is not time-consuming at all. Moreover, you can measure-out the product you want to apply very easily. Oh, and it dries super quickly – something always appreciated!

Longevity. Sadly, it doesn’t last more than 3/4 days without top coat, and the more coats you wear, the more likely the polish will chip. But with a clear top coat it lasts at least 6 days perfectly.

Packaging. Can I say it?! I love it. It has the cutest shape and, I don’t know if it’s something characteristic of all Essence polishes, but the cap closes with a click – it’s the very first polish with a secure closing that I have ever found – genius! And I like the feeling at the touch of the cap: I like how smooth and solid it is!

Store&Price. I bought it online at and you can see the haul here. I believe it is still sold at the online shop, however it is from the limited edition Snow Jam so you won’t find it at Essence counters anymore. I paid it 1.99€. Pretty cheap for such a nice polish, uh?!

Overall 10/10. Honestly, I’ve thought about it a lot and I could just give it a 9 because of its little lasting power. I love it too much and it has become one of the best purchases I have ever did in a long time, truth be told! Hail to the cheap yet good nail polishes!!! I love how I can change the intensity of the color and how it suits every season. I can already picture it with a nice winter outfit while there’s snow everywhere, haha! πŸ˜‰

& that it all! I would like to thank MissHollieBerries for showing this polish in her blog so that I could add it on my wish list! πŸ˜€

Stay beautiful.


Review: Kiko Nail Polish in Light Peach – #359

October 1, 2013 § 9 Comments

Greetings, ladies!

Here is my todays’ review: I’ll talk about my Kiko nail polish in the color Light Peach (#359).Kiko pescaColor&Pigmentation. This time the name suits the color very well. When I bought it I was undecided between this one and the darker version. I’m glad I got the light peach because I feel like it suits my skin way better. The pigmentation is pretty good and I settled for just one coat of it.

Application. It’s not the quickest one. Let me explain you why. First of all, the texture is very pastry and sticky and if you load the brush believing this would help, you’ll end up making a mess (and losing a lot of time). What I do when I wear this specific nail polish is: shake very well the bottle, get a normal amount of polish and work it precisely but very quickly at the same time. For every nail or two I tend to shake the bottle again so that the consistency remains enough liquid to work the product on the nails easier. Yes, applying this polish takes me more time than a normal nail polish does, but I find that this is the best way to do it.

Longevity. If I apply it in the way I’ve just described it lasts me at least 5 days (no top coat used). However, the very first times I wore it, it was always a disaster. I would apply too much product that never properly dried and it would chip and ruin after just one day.

Packaging. The same old Kiko nail polish bottle – nothing much to say about it! However, in its simplicity it’s quite functional!

Store&Price. I bought it for 3.90€ two years ago at the Kiko counter. You can find it online at the official website! Oh, and I know that Kiko is now opening some stores in UK too! It truly is a brand that should be discovered by the web and the makeup addicts! πŸ˜‰

Overall 8/10. It’s a nice nail polish. I love the color very much: it’s a shade of peach that I’ve never seen anywhere else. The only downside is the application process: it takes more time than usual because of its not-so-great formulation. Nevertheless, it remains a lovely nail polish I really enjoy wearing during Spring and Summer.

Stay beautiful.


Review: Nails Inc. Nail Polish

September 16, 2013 § 9 Comments

Hello and happy Monday!

Here is the review of my very first Nails Inc. nail polish. Sadly, I really couldn’t find the name or the number of this color! 😦

Nails Inc

Color&Pigmentation. The color is a stunning warm fuchsia. I think this exact shade was missing in my collection and I’m extremely grateful it came on my July Glossy Box! πŸ˜€ The pigmentation is very good, however I still coated the polish twice to have the same intensity of the lacquer in the bottle.

Application. Regardless the fact that the polish can be quite sticky if not well shaken, it went pretty smooth. The little brush let me avoid to color my cuticles – which is always good.

Longevity. Not bad at all. It lasted 5 days without chipping (no top coat, as usual).

Packaging. Super cute. Small and tiny. Last Saturday I was in Rome for my TOEFL exam and I went to Sephora: I saw the full size of the Nails Inc. polishes for the first time and they are twice this little baby! This exact shade was in a trio with two other lacquers, though!

Store&Price. I didn’t know until last Saturday that Nails Inc. is sold at Sephora, but is! πŸ˜€ However, I got mine in the July Glossy Box and, as the card was saying, it’s 17€ for the full size.

Overall 8/10. It’s a good nail polish, I like the formula, I like the staying power and I like the color. I’m bummed I didn’t wear it more than once. I feel like it’s not a suitable shade for the incoming Fall! :/ However, I don’t think it’s that great to be worth its price.

Have you ever tried any other Nails Inc. polishes? How did you like them?

Stay beautiful.


Review: Kiko nail polish in Mango, #281

September 2, 2013 § 4 Comments

Greetings, ladies!

Here’s one of my favorite polishes of all time. It’s the Kiko nail polish in Mango (#281). I’ve had this lacquer for three springs now and it’s the one I used to reach for every time until last year. Now that my nail polishes collection is bigger, I don’t wear it as often as I did before. However, it still is one of my favorite colors ever to wear during sunny months!

Kiko fragola

Color&Pigmentation. “Mango” isn’t the best way I would describe this color. I would say it’s more of a strawberry pink with a very little of yellow tone to it. It’s super bright and perfect for Spring and Summer. Oh, and I love how colorful makes my feet nails whenever I wear it on there! The pigmentation is very good and, if I’m in a rush, I could settle for just one coat. Nevertheless, with two coats you can appreciate the color in its entirely.

Application. As I said, it’s a three years old polish and, sadly, we all know that even nail lacquers gradually get old. It used to be easier to apply because it was more liquid, but I’ve bought polishes that don’t compare to this application even if they are brand new. That is, it still works great for being old! πŸ˜‰

Longevity. Good. The picture shows the Friday’s nails I painted on the Saturday before. Very good! πŸ˜‰ (No top coat used, as usual!)

Packaging. Nothing fancy. It belongs to the permanent line of the Kiko polishes so it’s pretty basic!

Store&Price. You can buy it at any Kiko store in sale for Β£2.50, but I remembered paying mine full price as soon as it came out. (Actually, I believe this was an addition to the already existent polishes line!)

Overall: 9/10. It would have been a ten a year ago. The application isn’t as smooth as I remembered so I have to love it a little less. It still remains one of the colors that reminds me of Spring/Summer and I can’t help but still love it, despite of the more recent polishes I bought! πŸ˜›

& that is all!

Stay beautiful.


Review: NYC nail polish in Pinstripe White #134

August 26, 2013 § 6 Comments

Happy Monday, girls!

I’m back with a new nail polish review. Meet the nail polish in Pinstripe White (#134) by NYC.
I picked this cute baby one day back in June because I desperately wanted a white nail polish to wear on my entire nail or just to use as a nail art color! I’m so glad I bought this one specifically!

NYC white

Color&Pigmentation. It’s the whitest white you could ever imagine. The finish is not matte nor too glossy, it’s perfect for a casual look. I would add a top coat if you’d like a very shiny finish, though. I used to hate white nail polish back in the 90s, but now…it one of the trend I’m embracing entirely!!! πŸ˜€ The pigmentation is quite nice, but I find that with just one coat the color isn’t very even, plus it’s not very white either. If you apply the second coat, it’s simply perfection!

Application. Pretty simple and straightforward. I wish I could just be done with one coat, but it rarely happens so, I can’t complain much. The brush has the perfect size and it allows to get exactly the amount of product you desire. What I usually do is going for a first light coat without loading the brush much. Then, I let it dry and apply the second coat to get an even coverage. No matter how much you load the product of the brush, the first coat will never give you full coverage! I tried and it was a disaster! Concerning the texture, I find it strange. Let me explain: if you shake it very well it’s quite liquid, but still easy to work with, but after 4 to 5 nails it starts getting a little thicker so, what I do, is shake it again and it’s good as it was before! πŸ˜‰

Longevity. It’s a miracle worker. It lasts more than 6 days without chipping (no top coat used).

Packaging. Cute, even if it’s quite basic! I like how the black cap is black and round!

Store&Price. I got my nail polish at the drugstore (Acqua&Sapone) for 1.99€ and I’ll definitely buy more now that I know they work like a charm!

Overall: 9/10. Great product for being this cheap!!! Can’t wait to try some of their other shades, honestly! It would have been a ten if I could get just one coat of it and perfect coverage, but I know that’s a lot to ask! Not even a Chanel one can work for that aim, right?!

Bonus for those who stick to reading the entire post!!! πŸ˜›
Here’s the mani I wore at my sister’s 30th birthday party she had last Sunday. It was a success! People kept asking me if my nail were fake, haha! πŸ˜› Gotta love big polka dots. ❀

A very successful manicure. It’s still there after one entire week. #polkadots #nails #white

Stay beautiful,


Review: Kiko Nail Polish in Celeste/Light Blue (#340)

July 1, 2013 § 12 Comments

Hello and happy July, girls!

Today I took another exam (woop woop!) and, for now, I’m done with studying for uni exams. I’ll have the latest one (ever!) in September. πŸ˜‰
I’ll update you soon (on Thursday, hopefully) with my plans for this month, but today it’s Mani Monday and I’ll talk about the Kiko Nail Polish in Celeste (Light Blue) #340.

Kiko celeste

Color&Pigmentation. The color is the brightest light blue I own. It’s not a turquoise, not a deep blue, not a baby blue. It’s a blue-sky blue. Stunning. When I first bought it I wasn’t sure if I would wear it without the bright color bothering me. Well, to be honest, I had to adapt my sight to it a bit, at the beginning, but now I want to wear it all the time!
Don’t ask me why, but on the nails it seems a tad (really a tad!) darker than the color in the bottle. Maybe it’s the bare nail color that darkens it, but it’s really minimal so no big deal. The pigmentation is good, but I always wear two coats of it to get more coverage.

Application. This was a nail polish added to the very first line of polishes and I noticed a different formula to it (as many other bloggers/youtubers said in the past). It’s stickier than the older Kiko nail polishes. As a result, the application isn’t the easiest one, but nothing too bothering either.

Longevity. Very good. Without top coat it lasted 6 days with no chipping.

Packaging. The same ol’ Kiko nail polishes packaging. πŸ˜‰

Store&Price. I bought it 3.90€ for at the Kiko store in my town, but if you live in Europe you can easily buy it online too. Here‘s the link to the UK website.

Overall: 8/10. If the formula was better, I would have declared it my favourite blue nail polish. Anyway, I still suggest you to pick this color up because you won’t regret it! πŸ˜‰

Talk to you in a few days, ladies!

Stay beautiful.


Review: Pupa Lasting Color Nail Polish in #308

June 24, 2013 § 5 Comments

Hello, girls!

How was your weekend? I hope you’re fine and ready to start another week! Personally, sprint moments interchange with very depressed hours for me. πŸ˜›

Here is the mani I wore some weeks ago: on my nails there’s the Pupa Lasting Color Nail Polish in #308.

pupa polish

Color&Pigmentation. I wouldn’t call is a “fuchsia“, but it’s the Barbie-st brightest pink-est polish I have ever owned. I fell in love with the color the first time I saw it and even if it’s a very classic pink, I’ve never seen shades like this one before. It’s super girly but fun at the same time and I love how it suits every outfit, from the more sporty one to the very elegant look. πŸ˜‰ The pigmentation is pretty good, but I always go for two coats just to have a more brilliant color.

Application. This polish is two years old and, sadly, I feel like it’s getting stickier and stickier. Thankfully the quality is still quite good and I can manage to apply it even if the application isn’t as easier as years ago.
(Any tips on how to “revive” nail polishes?)

Longevity. With no top coat used it lasted me six days. Perfectly.

Packaging. I’ve always loved Pupa nail polishes packaging. I like how small they are, but they still manage to have a nice applicator brush.

Store&Price. I remember receiving this bottle for free for a sale offer at Acqua&Sapone, but Pupa is sold in every drugstore and these polishes price ranges between 3 and 5€ depending on current sales. Sadly, Pupa Milano is an Italian brand so I’m afraid you can’t get it abroad.

Overall: 9/10. It would have been a 10 if only it didn’t start to dry and get stickier. I’m planning on buying this polish again as soon as I remember can, unless I find some ways to make it as liquid as it was the very moment I bought it. Any suggestions?

Stay beautiful,


Review: Essie Nail Polish in Mint Candy Apple #99

June 17, 2013 § 9 Comments


Today I’m turning 24. Always liked even numbers, but..22 was better, haha! πŸ˜›
I didn’t plan to write on my birthday at all, but hey, it’s Monday and I have a date with you all, as usual! πŸ˜‰
How am I going to spend my birthday? Definitely nothing special (plus beacuse of personal stuff I’m completely not in the mood for celebrating). Every year since high school ended, I find myself studying on my birthday. 😦 So sad. I have an exam on Wednesday and the best gift is to get the highest mark there. πŸ˜› Wish me luck, by the way!
I have no clue if I’m receiving some actual presents this year. I’ll do a haul if I do or if I decide to splurge a little on makeup&stuff these weeks!

Enough about me and let’s talk of the super raved Mint Candy Apple nail polish by Essie (#99)! I caved in when I was in Rome back in March (if you want to see what I bought here‘s the haul for you)!

Essie Mint Candy Apple num 99

Color&Pigmentation. I was at the Essie counter and I literally couldn’t pick one color, I wanted to get or leave them all. It was a weird feeling! I had high expectations about the colors, but none really impressed me so much to pick it out. Thankfully, the sales girl convinced to try some of them on and..well, I fell in love with every single one I tried. I had my nails painted with at least 5 different nail polishes. I ended up picking this mint-green one simply because I realized how YouTubers&Bloggers were right about the color. It’s stunning and super-super-super pretty. I still don’t see why this light blue with a hint of green is called “mint”; to me “mint” is grass-green, haha! πŸ˜› Anyway, the color is perfect for Summer and especially for Spring. It really brightens up my hands – yeah weird to say! This one was the last Essie polish I tried after Lacquered Up and Lilacism and I was expecting a similar pigmentation. What I noticed is that Mint Candy Apple worked better than the other two, and I can see why this exact color is super talked about on the internet. It really is a better quality that the other two Essie polishes I tried on. The pigmentation is very good (better than Lilacism), but you still need two coats to have a good coverage.

Application. It reminded me Lilacism: somehow sticky yet liquid as well. It was easier to apply than the lilac one, though. Maybe simply because it dries a tad slower than Lilacism. Lacquered Up is still my favorite concerning application, truth be told.

Longevity. I used a top coat and it lasted me more than 6 days. I really feel like this color is a better quality than the other two.

Packaging. Love it. And I love how the white cap suits the mint color. Can’t wait to draw some white dots on my nails the next time! πŸ˜›

Store&Price. I bought it at Sephora for 11,90€ if I remember well, but I know that outside Italy they are easily common (and definitely cheaper) in drugstores too.

Overall: 9/10. +1 than the other two nail polishes. I have to admit that the quality is definitely better, even if these polishes need to be formulated again to avoid early chipping. I love the color and I am super glad I give it a shot! Don’t know if I’m going to buy Essie polishes ever again, though, because more than 10€ for a polish is really too much for my pockets! :/

So, do you like it? Do you own it?

Stay beautiful.


Review: Kiko Mirror Lacquer in Skye Blue #624

June 10, 2013 § 6 Comments

Hello and happy Monday!

Last week I reviewed the lime-green mirror nail polish by Kiko and this week is the blue one’s turn! Read the previous review here to have more details about these limited edition nail polishes. πŸ˜‰

Here is the Mirror Nail Lacquer by Kiko in Sky Blue (#624).

Kiko metallico celeste

Color&Pigmentation. I wouldn’t have called this polish “Sky Blue” simply because the sky is way lighter than this polish. Anyway, this is the lightest blue you can get in this limited edition. You know that Lime Green stole my heart, but this one came right on the second place. The pictures show the color exactly how it is in real life, especially the one with no flash used. Concerning the finish, I find this one less matte if compared to the green one. To my eyes it seems a little bit more glossy (even if it’s not the right term to describe it!). The mirror finish doesn’t add a gold shade like it happens with the green one, but it adds a deeper blue tone with a very little hint of silver. The pigmentation is super just like the green one.

Application. Esay and simple. Plus, I love how super fast it dries.

kiko metallico celeste 2

Longevity. I didn’t try this one without top coat, so I can’t compare the two nail polishes’ longevities, but I’m pretty sure they last the same. I managed to avoid chipping and fading in vertical lines with a good coat of clear nail polish and like that it lasted more than 5 days. I was afraid that the finish would be different, but it stayed pretty much the same, just a tad more glossy.

Packaging. Nothing that stands out, except for the β€œmirrored” cap.

Store&Price. It can be bought at Kiko online shop or at Kiko stores for 4.90€, but it is now on sale for 2,50€. I bought it with 20% off in the haul I showed here.

Overall: 8/10. It’s a 8 and not a 9 (like the lime-green one) simply because I like its color, but I’m not in love with it as I was with the green one. Anyway, I really recommend these polishes because they are, of course, worth it and the finish makes them quite different from any other polishes on the market. (Actually, I’m starting to see mirrored polishes a little bit more these days, from different brands!)

Any thoughts?

Stay beautiful.


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