Review: Deeply Moisturizing Paper Mask by Essence

June 6, 2013 § 2 Comments

Hello, sweeties!

Before starting with the review, my daily views are increasing very much and I really want to thank you all, my dear readers, because you’re growing day by day. Thanks to all of you! ❤

Sentimental words aside, in today’s post I’ll review the Deeply Moisturizing Paper Mask by Essence, from the line My Skin.

Paper Mask by Essence

I’ve been longing to buy this mask just out of pure curiosity: I’ve always wanted to try a paper mask but never found them at drugstores or supermarkets (didn’t quite look well, truth be told). Thankfully, a couple of months ago (yes, I know, I tend to use the stuff I buy so much time later, ahah!) I went shopping at OVS (a clothes shop that sells also Essence, Shaka and other makeup brands as well) and I got home with no clothes but some skin care products.

I know that cheap products aren’t completely green, but Essence surprised me with their Soft Cleansing Gel, Anti-Spot 4in1 Cream Wash and Anti-Spot Moisturizer which I noticed are almost completely green, so I wanted to try something else. Pretty much safe ingredients and cheap prize. What can I ask for more?
I ended up buying a colored cream (that I still have to open) too which will surely be too dark for me, but that I will mix with my White MAC Face&Body foundation as soon as I finish my Maybelline BB Cream. Hopefully I’ll review both quite soon.

But let’s go back to the paper mask.
As soon as I opened it I got back years and years before: its smell reminded me so much of the Play-Doh I used to love when I was a kid. It was a jump in my childhood, so weird!
I applied it on my face facing quite some troubles: it is soaked with moisture (of course) but it’s pretty slippery so I couldn’t place it very well on my face and, after I managed to, it would move and peel off at the side. So annoying.
I let it stay on for about 10 to 15 minutes and I removed it afterwards. It was still wet, which means that it really is soaked with lotion. As the instructions say, I massaged the excess moisturizer in circular motion and I didn’t wash my face for some hours.

I noticed -quite a cool detail- that the mask has holes for the eyes, but you can as well wear the mask on the eyes too. Don’t know if it’s a feature for every paper mask. I find it quite nice to have because I could easily image a 15 minutes of complete relax with eyes closed too. I had to study during that quarter of hour so I had to stay with my eyes closed, though! 😛

Anyway, the benefits? The moisture? Can’t say I noticed any difference, honestly. Yes, the lotion seemed quite moisturizing, but I felt like my skin wouldn’t want to absorb it at all. My face stayed quite wet for an entire hour or so. And..I didn’t like the feeling at all.

Overall 5/10. Yep, that’s my mark for this paper mask. I enjoyed the smell because it brought me back to my childhood, but I don’t know if I really appreciate the smell of Play-Doh on my face. :/ Couldn’t find any noticeable difference in hydrated skin. Maybe it’s a mask that needs to be used more than once to actually see results? Don’t know.

Have you ever tried it? Any thoughts?

Stay beautiful.


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