Curls: mind how you curl your hair!

December 6, 2012 § 1 Comment

Hello, dearies!

So, the other day I was watching the TV show “New Girl” and I couldn’t stop staring at Zooey Deschanel’s hair. She always has stunning style and I love how her hair is always curled and voluminous. I love it.
I don’t know if I just paid more attention or not, but in the episode 2×08 I noticed a different style of curls.

As a result I decided to talk a little about how to achieve curls in general.

As you all know, you can get curls either with rollers or with straightener/curling iron. I want talk about that because you’ll find online tutorials that explain everything pretty greatly. Of course, you’ll have different results depending on the tool you use, but maybe what people tend to forget is how to choose the direction of the curls.

There are two ways of curling hair: away or towards your face.

Of all the thousands of hair curls tutorials I’ve seen, all of them tell you to curl away from your face. Well, the look you’ll get curling your hair like that is similar to this one in the picture.

Kind of the style Victoria’s Secret models wear all the time. I call it “a bombshell look” and it definitely is a more sexy and fun look.
Curling your hair away from your face, in fact, reveals more of your jaw line and neck and exposes your face framing it by wonderful waves, as if there’s a wind machine blowing to you.


Instead, the hair style that caught my attention during the episode of New Girl I was talking about is completely different.
Here’s a picture (I couldn’t find any better shot, sadly).

Zooey Deschanel’s hair, this time, was curled towards the face, as you can see very well on the left side. See how the look changes completely?
This is a more vintage-y style that might suit fewer occasions, but that I love even more than the bombshell look.
To curl your hair like that, I would suggest to split the hair in a half and curl both sides towards your face. Every curl (per side) should have the same direction, don’t change it from piece to piece!
Then, you can brush the hair with your fingers or with a brush (for a softer look) to make the curls fall in one (or more, if you want more volume) big curl per side.
As a result, you’ll have two big inward curls framing your face, just like old vintage hair looks.

See how curling hair differently changes the style? Keep that it mind next time you do it! 😉

Hope it was helpful!

Stay beautiful.


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Bold colors for wearable lips!

October 4, 2012 § 1 Comment

Hello, lovelies!

Last weekend I had to have my hair done (nothing special) and run some errands in town. I didn’t want to wear too much makeup (one coat of brown mascara was just enough), but I felt like I needed some more color to my face. I had no brushes near me so instead of blush I opted for lipstick.
I’m deeply in love with red lipsticks and I guess that red is my favourite color ever for the lips, even if I tend to wear it less than ten times during a year. It’s a hard color to go out with if you just have to attend classes or do groceries shopping. 😛
Anyway, I still enjoy having a sheer red tone on my lips.

So, I was saying, last weekend I found my red #306 precision lip-pencil by Kiko and decided to work with it to get a nice red tint on my lips. The point was not too sharpen (that’s a must for this look or you’ll end up with polka dots lips!) and I started dotting it lightly on my already moisturized lips, first going on the edges and then filling the lips, but never doing lines, only simple dots. The dots weren’t noticeable because I tried to make them pretty even on all the lips and because, again, the pencil wasn’t pointy. I stopped dotting the lips until I reached the color intensity I was looking for. You can go for a very light and sheer touch or a more intense look (maybe in this case it’s better if you simply apply the lip-pencil with little strokes to get out of it more color).

Then, I gently rubbed my finger on the lips, just to make the color a little bit more even and finally, I ended with a sheer red lipstick (I don’t remember the name of it, but it was in a limited edition by Kiko -I guess every sheer red toned lipstick can work as well) that I dabbed on, just to set everything and add a little shine.
As a result, my lips looked extremely natural, but with the nice pop of color I needed.

Here are the swatches of the red lip-pencil, the lipstick and an example of dotting texture.

This trick I’ve just shared can be used also with any other lipstick. Dabbing them with a lip brush can make the lips way more natural even if not natural colored.
Plus, depending on how good the lip-pencil/lipstick is, this trick helps with the longevity. Mine lasted for the entire afternoon without smudging or fading. The sheer lipstick was almost gone, but the pencil was still there! You can guess my happiness! aha 😉

Hope it was helpful!
Stay beautiful.


The tip that saves your lashes

September 5, 2012 § Leave a comment

Hello, beauty junkies! ❤

I’m back for a life-changing tip.
I’ve never liked my lashes since 11th or 12th grade, when I started to wear mascara now and then, but I began to really hate them after the first year of college, just when I started watching beauty gurus on YouTube with amazing lashes, even without mascara.

When I finally managed to use the eyelash curler, everything seemed better.
So, my first advice is: use an eyelash curler. If your lashes aren’t curled enough, if you want to give them more definition. And if they are extremely stubborn, warm the eyelash curler with a blow-dryer and then use it -be careful, it shouldn’t be too hot to burn you eyes, though!

And now, the real trick revealed.

You want naturally thick, longer and fuller lashes? No mascara is needed.
Baby oil is the answer.

I started applying it this Spring, initially with a cotton pad and then with an old (cleaned) mascara wand.
The amount of product must be really little: I usually dip it in the bottle and clean it on the edge of the bottle to remove the most oil possible, otherwise it’ll end up in your eyes and it’s not a pleasent feeling (it doesn’t hurt, but it’s oil so it kind of stays there for a bit).
I always apply it right before going to bed (remember to remove your makeup before!!!) so that I won’t have any residue of product during the day or mixed with actual mascara. Try not to rub your eyes right after or the oil will fall on your entire face.
By the end of the night, you’ll wake up with your lashes oil-free.

But where does it get using this trick?
Well, I really have noticed the difference when I stopped wearing it because of laziness. My lashes fell off pretty much everyday and they definitely weren’t fuller as I used before.
I started to use baby oil again and the magic was back there!!! =)
My lashes now are naturally thicker, fuller, longer and they hold curl better! Plus, they are good enough for me to feel confident going out to college without using any mascara!
Awesome, right?!

What I can also suggest is..don’t get grumpy if your lashes won’t grow stronger after only one night of using the baby oil. It’s a trick that needs daily (well, nightly!) regularity and you’ll see the results in two or three weeks!
It works very well also on eyebrows. My thin ones are now bigger and I feel like I need to shape and pluck them every other day!

I know that vaseline works great too and, if you want to go naturally, use an organic vaseline (they sell it at the Lush stores!).

The truth is I’m not beauty-smart enought to come to a trick like this all by myself, so my thanks go to the wonderful SineadyCady, from TheMakeupChair YouTube channel.
Here’s the video in which she talks about the benfits of baby oil -it’s an awesome waterproof makeup remover too!!!

Hope it’s helpful!

Stay beautiful.


Tips: how to get a tidy room

August 14, 2012 § Leave a comment

Hello awesome people!

Personal life makes me think of this kind of stuff. Blame my family! 😛

Let’s face it. Living in a tidy place helps everyone. It helps to save time while looking for something, it makes rooms bigger, it simply makes us relaxed just looking at it. Doesn’t it?
I’m getting obsessed more and more with organizing every single thing in my bedroom. Unfortunately, I don’t have my own room (I share it with my sister) and I definitely don’t live alone so I can’t “apply my rules” to every room in the house, but I like to try organizing my things anyway.
I believe there are different kind of people in the world, some love organize things, some simply don’t. I’m the kind of freak that need to go to sleep while everything is where it belongs (crazy, I know), so maybe my tips (mostly for a bedroom) may seem a huge deal to those who are messy.

1. The one-minute rule
Anything you can do in a minute, do it.
You’ve used a pen and you leave it on the desk? No, take it back where you had it in the first place. It won’t take you any longer than 5 seconds. You’ve just came back home with a purse you know you won’t be using later or in the next day, simply put in the closet or where you usually put purses. You’ve just worn your lovely pj leaving all the clothes on the bed/chair/whatever. Take them back in the closet. In a minute you’ll have a tidier bed/chair/whatever.
See? Simple as that.
This is the most important rule ever. If you follow daily this motto you won’t regret it and your room will stay tidy as you left it.

2. A home for everything
Every single item in your room should have a place to be when not used. Don’t leave stuff randomly on the bed, chairs, desk, bedtables and move it repeatedly from side to side when you need space.
Find a spot for everything you own. A practical one, to be practical.

3. Foresee the future
I find this extremely useful if you’re not a very decisive persone when it comes to the outfits and the makeup you need for the day.
The night, before going to bed, open your closed and decide what you want to wear the next day. Pick the makeup items you want to use too, so that the next morning the hurry you’re in won’t allow you to mess up your room in the worst way. Clothes and lipstick won’t fly all over the place because you’ve already picked them the day before.
I suggest to apply this rule everytime you have to go out and you know you’ll be late. ;P

4. Storage things
A room with stuff on the forniture is usally a messier room than a bedroom with boxes, shelves and storage fornitures. Try to leave as less stuff as possible on the desk, on your bedtable, on your chairs. Oh, and on the floor.
Stop hiding stuff under your bed. There’s a whole universe of dust, darkness, monsters, mess under there. Go buy some cute boxes (the ones you actually like) and be sure that they can be slided under your bed. Clean them regularly.
Stuff left on the fornitures usually gets dirty sooner’s there to tempt you to leave other stuff next to it. The more stuff you leave out, the more you want to leave.
Try to get rid of it if you’re learning to keep your room clean. When you feel like you can control yourself, you can leave decor stuff on the places you like. 😉
Oh, and use a little bin to throw there paper (I suggest a wastebasket for your room/office), new clothes tags, finished pens, whatever you don’t need anymore, next to your desk. You’ll se how useful it can be!

5. Tidy-day
Pick a day of the week, whatever you like and whichever you want, and simply look at your room. Make notice of the things you hate watching, clean and tidy up the entire room. This may be helpful if the “one minute rule” won’t let you get the tidy room you want. Let’s say, it’s for the bigger mess you can’t hide in just one minute. 😉

6. Appreciate your tidy room
Take your time to look at your room and be happy to see it all tidy up and clean. You’ll remember that image when the room will get messy and it’ll be a strong reasong to clean it up.

Hope it was helpful! 😉


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