Random Beauty Things


A beauty corner of random things. Reviews, hauls, suggestions, tips, pictures, fashion.

Extremely friendly. ❤

I’m no makeup artist (unfortunately), I’m not a pro (again, unfortunately), but I like spending hours on the web finding tricks, ideas, cool stuff too expensive to buy, wishful online shopping, read quotes and drooling over beautiful stuff (mostly gorgeous actors literally anything). 😛

I’m not that kind of girl who walks out of home wearing a full makeup face. Truth is I’m pretty much always in a rush and I hate wearing too much makeup because of how I feel my skin not breathing. I’m a true believer that “less is more” and I often go out without even mascara -too bad for those who have to deal with me the entire day! ahah
I enjoy putting on makeup for events or nice nights out, though! And I’m a big fan of eye makeup! 😉
So, what you’ll find here might be posts on how to wear makeup, but keep it natural for daily life! 🙂

I’m open to any kind of suggestions! I’m new to this kind of blogging and I also need you guys to enrich my inspiration!
So, don’t be shy, and feel free to comment/write to me anytime, for anything. 😉


New posts every Monday & Thursday!!!

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