Review: Naked Skin Foundation by Urban Decay

December 10, 2013 § 6 Comments


How is December going for you?

Today I will talk about the revolutionary foundation by Urban Decay, the Naked Skin foundation.

When I was in Rome back in September I swatched the lightest shade on my hand and it seemed to be pretty matching my skin, but being a high-end foundation I only asked for a sample. I’ve been testing it out for five to six times and I have a pretty defined opinion on it.

Color&Pigmentation. The shade I got a sample of is the #0.5, which is the lightest pink-toned one. The scale of shades is numbered with a .5 for pink-toned foundations and .0 for yellow toned foundations and I have to say that if I see only the .5 by them selves I can’t see the rose tint to them, but if I compare the shades with the yellow-toned ones there is a great difference. If you are struggling to find a very yellow-toned foundation, you should check this one out. Anyway, back to the beginning. My shade is a pink-toned one and, despite being pink, it is not pink enough to match perfectly my skin tone. Moreover, on my hands it seems to blend very nicely with the skin, but on my face it’s still too dark. Impossible to believe, but it is. Of course, to use the sample anyway I mixed it with my life-saver Face&Body MAC foundation (review here) in white. And now, yes it matches (despite being still a tad too yellow for me). The pigmentation is super if we consider how lightweight is this foundation. It covers all of the eventual cheek redness and attenuates pimple scars (I still would use concealer over it for the most stubborn ones).

Application. Smooth and easy. Maybe the easiest foundation to apply I have ever tested. Plus, it is very easy to layer.

Longevity. If set it with powder (I use the NYC one) it lasts for at least 8 hours. It fades a bit, but it still covers everything.

Packaging. Can’t say much about it because I had only the sad little jar by Sephora (which was also kind of broken).

Store&Price. The UD Naked Skin Foundation is sold at any Sephora stores and in Urban Decay counters, of course, for about 35€.

Overall 9/10. It would have been a 10 if the shade matched me without having to add the white foundation. I have been thinking of purchasing the foundation, but I’m not positive on spending 35€ and having to mix it with another high-end foundation. Too bad, because I really like this product!

Have you ever tried this foundation? What do you think about the shade range?

Stay beautiful.


A new NAKED palette??? — Urban Decay Naked 3 palette

November 14, 2013 § 11 Comments

Hello, girls!

After girls posting pictures of a new Urban Decay palette bought at a Sephora store in Paris and the web exploding at the news (first denied and then confirmed), Urban Decay is officially launching a new palette: the Naked 3.

Obviously, I am pretty sure everyone of you already knows of the Naked 1 and the Naked 2 palettes (and I as much as sure that you own them at least one of them). Personally, I have always had Naked 2 on my wish list: I’ve always been fascinated by the cool toned eyeshadows it offers, but never brave enough to go and spend 45€ on it. 😛

It’s incredible how Urban Decay can come out with great color combinations even after two big hits palettes! I like how they went for a pink/gold colors, but I’m not sure it will work as great as the other two palettes: pink toned shadows are not very easy to wear and they don’t suit every skin tone, I am afraid!

I’ll leave you to the video (or blog post of comparison between the palettes) of xsparkage and to her detailed review (blog post is here).

Temptalia too has a blog post on the palette and a comparison one too. Remember to sign on that awesome website and add me!!!

I’m quite interested in the new Naked 3 palette, but I guess I still prefer the Naked 2 because I feel like it’s more natural and “naked” as the name says.
How about you? Are you going to buy it?

Stay beautiful.


Sephora Haul

November 11, 2013 § 4 Comments

Hello, girls and welcome back on my blog!

I know I swore that I would never buy anything until Christmas after spending way too much money on back in August, but I caved in. I had a 20% discount at Sephora and I could let it slip through my fingers. Despite the fact that I would buy every single item on Sephora (so glad that the Urban Decay lipsticks&lipencils are out in Italy too!), I’ve been good and succeeded in toning it down and focusing only on what I really needed.

So. My package from Sephora arrived. Here’s how to spend over 30€ mostly on natural skin care. #Sephora #yesto #yestocarrots #instahaul #skincare

The last time I was in Rome, I went to the brand new Sephora store in Piazza di Spagna with the main goal of buying products from the brand Yes To. Sadly, it seems like they have been all sold on sale and Sephora is not buying them again. Too bad. Thankfully, on the website there are still some products, even if there is no much variety (nothing from the Yes To Cucumber or Tomatoes lines) and, most importantly, they are cheaper than the ones on I believe they should be in the old packaging and that is why maybe they cost less.

However, let’s cut to the chase, and see what I ended up buying:

I still haven’t tried any of these products, aside from the sample of the Sephora moisturizer, but I can already tell you that the smell of the Yes to Carrots line is something I kind of hate. Let’s say it wasn’t very wise buying everything from the same line without smelling the products first. 😛 I will definitely use them up anyway, that is for sure! I will get back to you with reviews as always! 😉

& that is all, for today! I have another two hauls (oh my God, somebody stop me, please!) to show you, so keep checking the blog in the next few weeks.

Stay beautiful.


Review: The Balm Mary-Lou Manizer Highlighter

October 7, 2013 § 4 Comments

Hello, Internet and happy Monday!

Today’s review is about the highlighter I bought with my Maquillalia order back in the Summer. Here‘s the link to the haul, if you’re interested.
It’s the super famous-on-the-web Mary-Lou Manizer Highlighter by The Balm.

Mary 1Just a word before starting: when I placed the order I really wanted to try the MUA Undress Me Too Highlighter but it was out of stock. 😦 Therefore, I decided to give this The Balm one a try because of all the nice things on YouTube and on blogs in general. Plus, it was discounted so, really, I couldn’t go wrong.

Color&Pigmentation. It’s definitely a gold highlighter instead of a pink one. Before buying it I knew it would have been more on the warm side than the MUA Undress Me Too is. However, I did not expect that it would be this gold! Don’t get me wrong, the color truly is amazing, but on my cool and fair skin tone it doesn’t wear as good as on warmer people. The pigmentation is super. S-U-P-E-R. Almost dangerous, I’d say. You really need the tiniest tiniest amount of it, or you’ll end up having gold shimmer all over your face!

Application. Extremely easy. The texture is so smooth it feels like a cream butter-y highlighter. As a result, blending it is the easiest thing ever. The only thing you need to be careful is taking the tiniest amount of product, as I was saying earlier.Mary 2Longevity. It wears pretty well. It does fade a little bit, but it doesn’t require to reapply it during the day. On my skin it lasts from the morning to the late afternoon. Awesome. ❤

Packaging. It’s so super cute. I love the name of the highlighter (so fun!) and I love the paper packaging as well as product itself. The big round mirror is quite helpful too. Oh, and there’s so much product in it that it literally will last me for years. Never going to need another gold highlighter in my life.

Store&Price. The Balm is quite a pricey brand. I would compare it to Urban Decay, price-wise. However, I got mine for 13€ because it was (it still is!!!) on sale, but it retails for 17€ on Maquillalia.

Overall 8/10. I truly suggest this product it you are looking for the perfect gold highlighter. It really is a keeper, from the pigmentation to the packaging itself. However, truth be told, I couldn’t give this product a 10 simply because the color does not suit my skin tone as well as I expected and it still is an expensive highlighter. A tip: after watching Lauren Curtis using it as an eyeshadow and one morning I decided to give it a go. It was such a great surprise! It’s so perfect to make eyes brighter and I’m super happy that now it’s a multi-use product! 😉

Have you ever tried this highlighter? What do you think about it?

Stay beautiful.


Urban Decay Summer 2013 Collection

April 5, 2013 § 2 Comments

Hello, everyone!

Here’s the overview of the Urban Decay Summer 2013 Collection available @ Sephora (Europe) from April 18th.

MOONDUST EYESHADOWS: sparkly shadow goes ultra sophisticated – 17€

ScreenHunter_263 Apr. 04 11.49MOONSPOON – medium gray with bright silver sparkle
DIAMOND DOG – deep brown with white-gold sparkle
INTERGALACTIC – medium purple with bright silver sparkle
SPACE COWBOY – light champagne with bright silver sparkle
GLITTER ROCK – metallic pink with pink 3-D sparkle
ZODIAC – smoky black with blue-green shift and blue-green 3-D sparkle
STARGAZER – metallic lime-gold with gold 3-D sparkle

EYESHADOW: three new shades! (Because you can never have too many) – 17€

ScreenHunter_264 Apr. 04 11.49EASY BAKED – light bronze shimmer (new)
DESPERATION – grayish taupe brown matte-satin (previously exclusive to The Vice Palette)
LACED – pinky-taupe matte (previously exclusive to The Vice Palette)

24/7 GLIDE-ON EYE PENCIL: 40 ways to get addicted (relaunch) – 16€

ScreenHunter_266 Apr. 04 11.50

ScreenHunter_267 Apr. 04 11.53PERVERSION – blackest black matte
ZERO – zealous black cream
SMOKE – deepest gray matte (new)
UZI – dark gunmetal shimmer with silver micro-sparkle (previously exclusive shade, now available as a full-size single pencil, revamped shade)
OIL SLICK – black shimmer with silver micro-sparkle
UNDERGROUND – metallic taupe shimmer
MUSHROOM – metallic taupepewter shimmer (previously exclusive shade, now available as a full-size single pencil)
SMOG – copper shimmer (previously exclusive shade, now available as a full-size single pencil)
ROACH–  deep copper brown shimmer (new)
BOURBON – brown shimmer with gold micro-sparkle
HUSTLE – metallic brown shimmer (previously exclusive shade, now available as a full-size single pencil)
WHISKEY – rich brown matte (previously exclusive shade, now available as a full-size single pencil)
CORRUPT – dark metallic reddish brown shimmer with silver micro-sparkle (previously exclusive shade, now available as a full-size single pencil)
DEMOLITION – deep brown matte
DESPERATION – deep taupe/gray matte (new)
SCORCH – bronze shimmer with silver micro-sparkle (new)
GOLDMINE – gold shimmer with gold micro-sparkle (new)
LOADED – dark green shimmer (new)
FREAK – bright green shimmer (new)
INVASION – deepest dark green matte (new)
MILDEW – deep metallic green shimmer
STASH – dark metallic green/gold shimmer
JUNKIE – metallic teal shimmer with gold micro-sparkle (previously exclusive shade, now available as a full-size single pencil)
MAINLINE – deep green/blue matte (previously exclusive shade, now available as a full-size single pencil)
DEEP END – bright metallic peacock shimmer (previously exclusive shade, now available as a full-size single pencil)
ELECTRIC – bright metallic aquamarine shimmer with silver micro-sparkle
LSD – navy shimmer with bright turquoise micro-sparkle (previously exclusive shade, now available as a full-size single pencil)
SABBATH – deep navy matte (previously exclusive shade, now available as a full-size single pencil)
ABYSS – bright metallic blue shimmer with blue micro-sparkle (new)
CHAOS – vibrant cobalt blue matte with slight floating pearl (new)
ETHER – pale smoky gray shimmer with violet and fuchsia micro-sparkle (new)
DELINQUENT – dark purple shimmer with light purple micro-sparkle (previously exclusive shade, now available as a full-size single pencil)
VICE – pearly red eggplant shimmer (new)
PSYCHEDELIC SISTER – bright purple cream (previously exclusive shade, now available as a full-size single pencil)
ROCKSTAR – darkest eggplant shimmer
EMPIRE – dark eggplant matte (previously exclusive shade, now available as a full-size single pencil)
ASPHYXIA – vibrant pink/purple duotone with tonal and blue micro-sparkle (previously exclusive shade, now available as a full-size single pencil)
WOODSTOCK – sparkly hot pink shimmer with silver micro-sparkle
YEYO – metallic white shimmer
CUFF – metallic silver shimmer with silver micro-sparkle (new)

DE-SLICK MATTIFYING POWDER: because nobody wants shiny skin (redesign) – 28€

ScreenHunter_268 Apr. 04 11.53







BUILD YOUR OWN PALETTE REBOUND: because we all like to experiment17€

ScreenHunter_269 Apr. 04 11.54








So, interested in anything? I really want to try some of their famous eye pencils, there are so many cute colors!!!
(Here is the review on the pencils by the YouTuber xsparkage! 🙂 )

Stay beautiful.


***Everything is quoted faithfully to the Urban Decay Press News. Pictures belong to Urban Decay.***

Rome&Sunday haul!

March 4, 2013 § 7 Comments

Hello everybody and happy Monday!

I should be able to post by the book in the next weeks. I’ve done with my three exams (the last one wasn’t that satisfying as the others, but it’s done, so I can’t complain much!) and today is officially when lectures start again. It’s my last semester, I still can’t believe it!

Anyway, the point of this post is to show you what I’ve bought this weekend.

On Saturday, as you already know, I went to Rome with my sister and..well, looking at the things I bought I wish I got more of them. I left at the shops a lot of products I wanted but didn’t get. Like the UD Naked 2 palette, Yes To skin care products, the Lush Fun, a stunning MAC lipstick, the Natural Eye Too Faced palette and so on. Looking at my wallet..well, he’s definitely not happy so I guess I’m done with buying new stuff for a few months! Who knows if I’ll stick to that plan?! 😛

The first stop at Rome was Sephora. I wanted to get a Urban Decay primer potion, but Sin and Greed were too colorful and Eden wasn’t as fair as I though it was, so I ended up getting no one. I spent like good 15 minutes at the Benefit stand and decide to get the TropiCoral kit because I’ve always wanted to try the cheeks/lips tints, the Coralista blush and High Beam highlighter. The set has sample sizes of those products and a gloss in Coralista, as well. For 29.50€ I though it was a deal.
Then I stumbled on the OPI stand of nail polishes but none of them caught my attention so I decided to pick the highly raved Essie polish in Mint Candy Apple, after trying some of them on. It was a hard one to pick because all the Essie polishes where extremely stunning.
I was quite disappointed that Sephora didn’t have the Taylor Swift perfume. I’ve been wanting to test it since it first came out, but I don’t trust the simple description on the website to just buy it online! So..bummer for that. 😦
Oh, and I hated the fact that I totally forgot to ask for samples while paying!!! Thinking about it still pisses me off. :/

Then, we walked through Via del Corso to get to the Lush store. They modernized the shop with my surprise! Now it’s bigger and wider, I love it! Anyway, Lush shop assistants are always super nice and they helped me to pick up a hand soap (Honey I Washed The Kid), a toner (Eau Roma Water) and an acne treatment (Grease Lightning). I asked for a sample of a hair mask (R&B)** and I also got a sample of a hand soap (Bohemian). I got the chance to try the Fun (blue) soap – definitely writing it down on my future shopping list!
Honestly, I left my heart at the store. I really wanted to buy everything!!!

My sis wanted to get some jeans so we entered in Tally Weijl, but found nothing that was appealing to her. I ended up buying the cutest owl necklace that I’ve been wanting for ages!
Then we took a break and eat at McD’s – not that anyone cares – and I tasted a delicious chocolate muffin. It was like heaven!

After lunch I was ready to hit the MAC Pro store. The shop was full as usual (even at 1:30PM!), but I managed to get helped by one of the MAC makeup artists. I got (after several minutes of waiting because they couldn’t find my earlier booking for it!) the Face&Body Foundation in White as I was telling you last week and two samples: the Chartreuse pigment and the N1 Face%Body Foundation (which my mom wanted to test). Sadly, they were out of stock of the Mineralize Foundation (the fluid one) in NW15, the one that my mom wanted me to buy for her.
Do you want my honest opinion about the whole “shopping at MAC experience“? I was extremely disappointed. It’s not the first time that I entered in that store and I’ve always had the same girl (I don’t fancy her at all) helping me, but I’ve never been treated like customers should. This time, incidentally, I opted for another shop assistant, but, sadly, it was exactly the same. It’s like I was talking and they weren’t even listening to me. Plus, the samples? Well, it’s almost like I had to beg for them.
Customer care is very important to me and I don’t care if you sell cheap or high-end products, you still have to treat the customers kindly. I wasn’t being bitchy about anything and they had no right to treat me like me being there wasn’t appreciated.
Let me remind you that they got out of me 36€, not just a cent.

Anyway, disappointing stuff aside, we went to the GAP store for the first time and I fell in love with polka dots regular and colored denim. They were between 50 and 60€ (not too pricey for GAP stuff), but I didn’t buy any because I was too tired to even try them on. I plan to buy a pair of jeans like that during Spring!

& that concludes my Rome shopping trip! As I told you is nothing too much, but the fact that now I have a white foundation to use with the too dark ones makes me the happiest girl in the world! 😉
This slide-show shows you all the products in details: HERE!

Yesterday, not happy enough of all the things I bought the day before, I dared to walk into our italian brand Kiko store. I had a 20% discount to use and it would have expired just yesterday..I simply had to use it, it was calling me for days, haha! 😛
I went quite crazy, I can honestly say I didn’t need any of the stuff I bought, but..well, I decided to call the past weekend as a “shop and don’t think weekend“.
I bought two nail polishes (a lime green and a turquoise) which should give a “mirror” effect, but to me they are better described as “metallic” ones, a nail polish pen remover, a nail polish remover (the one you slide your finger in it and it removes the polish completely thanks to a soaked sponge inside the container – I’ll have to show it to you soon because it’s pure geniality!), two concealers (one in light rose and one in green) and a 10 ml jar where I plan to mix my foundation with the MAC white.
This slide-show shows you all the products: HERE!

& that is all!
How was your weekend? Any recent purchases? Let me know! 🙂

Stay beautiful,


** UPDATE March 7th 2013: I noticed just now that our “Radici” by Lush IT translates in “Roots” (duh!) by Lush international! Sorry for the bad info!

Write on my Shopping-List

February 20, 2013 § 8 Comments

Hello, sweeties!

I am in the middle of my winter exams, as you know. I can gladly announce that I’ve done two of them (still can’t believe it) and that there’s only one to go. But it’s the worst one, so I am fully depressed and scared that I won’t make it. T____T

Anyway, I placed my book order Feb. 2nd and my package arrived this Monday, with a week delay. The waiting was extremely painful, hehe. The books look all shiny and perfect and I picked “The Perks of Being a Wallflower” by Steven Chbosky to read first. Maybe I’ll have time just this evening to start with the first pages. *crosses fingers*

But, let’s cut to the chase.

The real reason I’m writing it’s because, hopefully, if everything goes right (read “if I pass my exam with success“), I am going to Rome the first Saturday of March and I intend to go crazy shopping. LOL
Yes, sometimes you just need that.

I’m going to have a tour at MAC, Sephora and Lush (maybe H&M and something else too). I already have a few things to buy, but I want your help.

MAC must-haves?
At the moment I only own an eyeshadow brush (#213) by MAC (and literally nothing else) and I’m planning to buy the White Face & Body Foundation which I’ve wanted for ages. I have a crush on Barely Study paint pot, so I may get that one too, but..any other good must-have products?

What about Sephora?
I wanted to get the Urban Decay Naked 2 or the Naked Basics palette, but I’m not sure I will. I was think about a nice primer potion by UD, maybe something similar to the color of Bare Study so that I won’t have to get it by MAC (and I’m sure it’ll be sold out as usual, just like every time I go to Rome to buy it! XD). Any other suggestions?

And finally, must have items by Lush?
I have a super long shopping list of Lush products I wrote every time some beauty guru would talk about them, but I also have tons of unopened skin care products, so unless it’s really an awesome product, I’m going to skip it. Anyway, I’m still very open to suggestions!

I trust you’ll fill my comment section and make me go broke! haha
Talk to you soon.

Stay beautiful.


Monthly Us&Downs: JULY 2012

July 31, 2012 § Leave a comment


I can happily announce I’m officially on summer break! YAY!
I’m done with school until September, so stay tuned for new entries! 😉

Here are my July 2012 Ups and Downs!

Urban Decay 24/7 Concealer Pencil (in CIA). Amazing coverage for little pimples scars and red spots. I use it, of course, also as a under-eye concealer and it really does his work! The only “not-so-great” thing about it is the colour matching: my skin has a pink undertone and this concealer is a little bit too yellow-y for me and a little bit too dark too (yeah, you should know I am one of the palest people ever on this world, I guess). Anyway, it does bled so good it still works great on my skin! 😉 It’s a bit pricey, but there’s also a lot of product. One thing I would change is the fact that you need to sharpen it and, as a result, there’s a waste of product. I’ll definitely re-purchase it because it’s the only (I think) concealer that actually suits me the best!
NYC Smooth Skin Pressed Face Powder (in 702A, Naturally Beige). When the drugstore near my place start selling this brand I was the happiest girl on the planet. First off, it’s perfect for my colour skin. Well, maybe it’s a tad too dark, but since it’s a powder it doesn’t show off too dark! I use it to set the concealer or to conceal my under-eye zone and especially to even out my lids! Plus, it really is “smooth” as the name says! Cheap, nice colour, great package (who doesn’t like a mirror next to a powder?), it’s definitely a favourite!
Essence Kajal Pencil (in 04 White). I’ve been looking for a white kajal for a long time. I’ve been using The Jumbo Eye Pencil by NYX in Milk, but I always found it too white and not easy to work with it in the waterline beacuse of the big pencil. So, I’ve picked up this one by Essence and I didn’t regret it! What I really like about it is that it’s very buildable and so I can just pass it lightly on the waterline and have a whit-y-pink-ish colour that brights up the eyes or build it up for a really white waterline. It doesn’t stay as long as the Jumbo Pencil, if I’m correct, but I’ll definitely buy it again. Plus, you can use it in the teardoct or as a highlighter on your brow bone. It works amazingly.
Cherry Culture Lip Balm (in Bubble Gum). I bought some stuff from their awesome website about a year ago and they added this lip balm as a gift. I haven’t run out of it yet because I’m really careful not wasting it! XD It’s an awesome lipstick base (you don’t need to apply too much of it though!) and the lips are really soft after it’s gone away. I can also say it lasts more than any other lip balm I ever tried. And..the smell. I could sniff it forever!
Lush Lip Balm (Lip Service). I think it was the very first item I bought at Lush. It’s a good home-usage lip balm. I generally apply it when I have really chapped lips or before going to bed and it deeply softens them. The bad thing about it is that after it’s almost gone there are some little pieces where it has dried, not good. That’s why I use it only at home or during sleep!
L’Oréal Paris Caresse Lipstick (in 06, Aphrodite Scarlet). My dear God, I’m in love with this lipstick. Its formula, the colour, the payoff, how much (more than 5 hours without eating/drinking) it lasts on. There are lots of cute colours, you definitely need to check it out if you like sheer lipsticks that still leave a nice colour on the lips.
Kiko Super Colour Lipgloss – Active Colours Limited Edition (in 03, Coral Hibiscus). I found myself using this balm just when I’m on a rush but I still want to have a little bit of colour on my lips. It has a glossy finishing and I’m in love with the colour. It doesn’t last more than 2/3 hours, though.
e.l.f. Palette Limited Edition Blush (in ???). I received this palette as a free gift after online-shopping at the e.l.f. website, but I can’t find it anywhere online so I guess it’s discontinued. 😦 I haven’t used the whole palette except for the coral/peachy blush. It works perfectly on my skin tone and I love that it’s very pigmented and totally buildable. If you get to know how it’s called, let me know because I’m gonna buy that blush again!
Lush Vegetal Vaseline (here in Italy it’s called Shpalman). It’s kind of a body butter to use on your dried parts: elbows, heels, knees and it works amazing. I’ve used it as a lip balm too and it’s better than the actual Lush Lip Balm. Really. Plus, I use it on my nose too when it’s a little bit dry/red and it helps a lot. Just a tip: use it before going to sleep because it’s extremely oily! 😉
Water. I never thought water could improve my skin and health like that. It’s been more than a month that I try to drink 1/2 liters of water everyday. It makes you feel better. Down side? I have to go to the bathroom one time every hour. XD
Summer fruit. I can’t express how much I love summer fruit. Peaches, cherries, plums, watermelon, coconut. I wouldn’t eat anything else during the hot season! (except for ice-creams :P)

♥ Exams 😛
♥ Heat. Like really, when is Fall coming???
(I really can’t think of anything else beauty-related! I guess staying at home didn’t let me discover bad products! :P)

& that’s a wrap.

Stay beautiful.



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